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Naked City (1962)

As noted in previous posts about Naked City, the program differentiated itself from other police dramas by focusing on the psychology of what drives a criminal to break the law, as well as highlighting the more cerebral thought processes of a detective like Adam Flint, who tries to understand the motivations in the cases he is examining rather than "just the facts." As the series moved through the latter half of Season 3 and into early Season 4 in 1962, the stories became less about criminal acts and more about human motivation, inching closer to the territory of series like The Eleventh Hour and Dr. Kildare rather than that of 87th Precinct or The Untouchables. Though the year starts out with basic murder investigations in "The Face of the Enemy" (January 3, 1962), "Portrait of a Painter" (January 10, 1962), and "The Contract" (January 24, 1962), the main focus of these episodes is psychological:  1) a World War II army veteran who resorts to battle tactics when his life begins to spiral out of control, 2) a jealous husband who blocks out his wife's murder because he can't reconcile killing the person he loves most, and 3) two men vying for the heart of a young woman, one of them much older than she is but to whom she owes her life, driving her to kill herself when she cannot get them to negotiate a settlement between their competing interests in her. But then we are treated to one of the series' most blunt and unflinching depictions of psychopathic behavior in "A Case Study of Two Savages" (February 7, 1962) in which Arkansas hillbilly runaways Ansel Boake and Ora Mae Youngham cut a swath of brutal murders in New York just because he is trying to buy her an expensive wedding ring that he cannot afford. We don't get a detailed investigation of their pasts that sheds light on their motivations--we only hear from her mother that she was just an average young girl while he came from a family that was poor and mean and from an early age displayed a penchant for violence. We can imagine that he may have been abused and thus felt nothing for anyone who stood between him and his goal, but this is mere speculation not provided by the episode itself. And likewise there is no explanation for why Ora Mae witnesses his brutality and is not the least bit disturbed by it but instead seems to applaud it when he assaults a bartender to steal the money from his cash register. Like many other episodes of Naked City, this story is wrapped by opening and closing narrator comments sarcastically observing how far the human race has progressed from its violent cave-dweller roots while showing the viewer a pair of humans who have not progressed at all.

It's worth noting that these opening and closing narrator bromides are a thinly veiled attempt to elevate Naked City above the level of disposable entertainment to that of academic illustration that one might find in high-brow literature. Another episode attempting this veneer of sophistication is "Idylls of a Running Back" (September 26, 1962) which begins by citing the description of the archetypal warrior king as delineated by Sir James George Frazier in The Golden Bough: A Study in Comparative Religion and then proceeds to apply that description to a modern-day professional football player. The series also sometimes succeeds in transcending commonplace criminal urges such as in "Strike a Statue" (May 16, 1962), which on one level is about a pressure campaign and eventual murder attempt to stop the creation of a sculpture depicting a one-time revered revolutionary leader after he has turned into a tyrant. However, sculptor Kermit Garrison refuses to be bullied because of his belief that art transcends politics, history, and national borders--that it is created for everyone around the world, not just those affected by the actions of its subject. Thus, this episode is really about the uses, abuses, and true purpose of art, not about the attempted crimes of which Flint, Lt. Mike Parker, and Det. Frank Arcaro are mostly just bystanders.

However, the lives of the police force themselves takes center stage in a number of other episodes. Perhaps the best of these from 1962 is "The Rydecker Case" (June 7, 1962) in which Flint arrests a pretty young socialite for driving under the influence of drugs only to find himself on trial when the girl's mother concocts a made-up story that Flint was trying to seduce her daughter in order to hide what really happened and thereby save her daughter's engagement to a stuffy but extremely wealthy businessman. The girl's famous defense attorney Jerry Brayson (which comically rhymes with Perry Mason) comes off as two-faced in accepting the mother's obvious fabrication, turning a blind eye to her bribing a taxi driver to change his story to introduce doubts about Flint's motivation, but also goading the prosecuting attorney (a former student of his) to grow a pair, and privately giving a withering examination of his star witness to ensure that she is telling the truth before he puts her on the witness stand. It isn't clear where his morals lie, other than in building up his own reputation by making sure his triumph will be assured but not too easy. That star witness, however, forces Flint to admit that at one time he did step over the line of propriety as a police officer when he found himself attracted to her and made excuses to keep seeing her for a while, even though he was dating Libby at the time, before finally admitting to himself that it was wrong. Flint's halo has been damaged, and the socialite gets off with a slap on the wrist, but Parker tries to console him with the fact that such collateral damage is just part of a policeman's  job, and Libby, though not thrilled that her fiance had a roving eye, is content that she was the one he stuck with. All of which makes Naked City more realistic in its depiction of policemen than any other series of its time. Also worth mentioning on this topic is the episode "Goodbye Mama, Hello Auntie Maude" (June 20, 1962) because it shows Parker in a slightly unfavorable light as he tries to use his personal connection as an old family friend of spinster Ellen Annis to influence an investigation into her mother's sudden though not totally unexpected death. Though another detective from a different precinct has been assigned to the case, Parker tries to steer him to find nothing suspicious even though it is known that Ellen had a loud argument with her mother about disposition of the family home just before the mother died. We see Parker's personal affection for Ellen compromise his professional integrity, and ultimately it turns out the mother was murdered rather than succumbing naturally to her illness, though Ellen is not the guilty party. Frank Arcaro gets a chance to shine in "Kill Me While' I'm Young So I Can Die Happy!" (October 17, 1962) when he takes a personal interest in retired policewoman Ruth Callan after she tries unsuccessfully to kill herself by jumping off a building. After she is given a suspended sentence by the judge because she has a terminal illness, Arcaro takes her out for a drink and learns that she lost her fiance 25 years ago when he was killed in the line of duty, and now she is facing death having never really lived, having buried herself in her work and a gruff exterior to hide her pain. Arcaro decides to let her finally experience life by taking her to a family party for his nephew's engagement and dancing the night away, then getting a new children's playground named after her to ensure her legacy. In this case, Arcaro's extra-professional interest doesn't influence the outcome of her case but shows a sense of compassion rarely given an opportunity for expression in his day-to-day assignments. Far less effective is the episode "Today the Man Who Kills Ants Is Coming" (March 7, 1962), which depicts the mental breakdown of an officer from the 65th who can't financially support his family on a policeman's salary. The story and acting by John Larch are overwrought in a way that unintentionally recalls the Monty Python skit about the Royal Hospital for Over-Acting.

Circling back to the topic of the decriminalizing of plots in Naked City, the prime example from the 1962 episodes is "The Multiplicity of Herbert Konish" (May 23, 1962), which explores the multiple simultaneous lives of the title character. It's a bit unrealistic that Flint would be involved in this non-case in the first place. The setup is that he gets a complaint about a new street mission from a chronic crank but is impressed at the work being done by its priestly patron Dr. George Ripple. On the premise that he needs to verify if the mission is allowed to provide overnight accommodations for its homeless beneficiaries, Flint discovers there is no Dr. George Ripple, so he tries digging deeper to find out who this person is and whether his alias is a cover-up for something illegal. The investigation leads him to discover that the man is actually Herbert Konish, a brokerage firm accountant, but he is also under other names a poet, ping-pong hustler, and an urban farm owner. He explains that after starting out as an accountant, he eventually wanted to do other things, but not give up accounting, which he still enjoys. Even though his wife has no inkling of his alternate identities, none of his pursuits are illegal, and at the end of the investigation, he is turned loose and allowed to keep doing what he has been doing. The episode, then, is an investigation in search of a nonexistent crime and is actually just the exploration of a quirky character, or psychological profile, if you will. Another such episode is "Memory of a Red Trolley Car" (June 13, 1962) which superficially revolves around Flint & Company searching for a college chemistry professor who has been exposed to a toxic chemical spill, even though there is no antidote, and the only thing that can be done for him is to attempt to lessen his symptoms and to keep him under observation. But the real story of the episode is the professor's attempt to understand his own lifelong courting of danger, including sabotaging his marriage, which springs from a twisted moral standard he learned from his disapproving father. Again, no crime is committed, and it is questionable why the police are involved in hunting for a man who poses no threat to anyone but himself. Likewise there is no crime committed in "King Stanislaus and the Knights of the Round Stable" (December 12, 1962), only the worry that a meat company dock worker and a butcher will harm each other since they are believed to be engaging in an old-world Polish custom of drinking and then fighting to resolve whatever has come between them. In this case, the dock worker accuses the butcher of having an affair with and fathering the child his wife is about to have only because he has a twisted fear that anything good will be taken away from him, prompted by losing his parents in a drowning incident when he was a young boy. The pattern in these last two episodes is the classic childhood trauma resulting in an illogical adult psychosis, all of which belongs on a psychiatrist's couch, not in a police precinct.

Many other episodes, which could be cited ad nauseum, hinge on a relatively minor offense, such as the public disturbance as the result of attempted suicide in "Kill Me While' I'm Young So I Can Die Happy!" mentioned above, or the prank threatening phone calls that lead to half-hearted blackmail in "Make It Fifty Dollars and Love to Nona" (November 14, 1962), as a stepping-off point for a deeper psychological probe. Sometimes those examinations lead to bigger issues, such as the abandonment of the elderly in the latter episode, or the treatment of the physically disfigured in "And by the Sweat of Thy Brow" (October 10, 1962). These are the episodes that give Naked City its well-deserved status as one of the best television dramas of the early 1960s. The fact that the series regulars were policemen became by Season 4 a triviality.

The Actors

For the biographies of Paul Burke, Horace McMahon, Harry Bellaver, and Nancy Malone, see the 1960 post for Naked City. For the biography of Robert Dryden, see the 1961 post for Naked City.

Notable Guest Stars

Season 3, Episode 13, "The Face of the Enemy": Jack Warden (shown on the left, starred in From Here to Eternity, 12 Angry Men, and Run Silent, Run Deep and played Matt Gower on The Asphalt Jungle, Major Simon Butcher on The Wackiest Ship in the Army, Lt. Mike Haines on N.Y.P.D., Morris Buttermaker on The Bad News Bears, and Harry Fox, Sr. on Crazy Like a Fox) plays unemployed World War II veteran Cornelius Daggett. Eileen Fulton (Lisa Hughes on Our Private World and Lisa Miller Grimaldi on As the World Turns) plays his daughter Janie. Kim Hunter (Oscar winner, starred in Stairway to Heaven, A Streetcar Named Desire, Deadline - U.S.A., and Planet of the Apes and played Nola Madison on The Edge of Night and Faye Perth on All My Children) plays his ex-wife Edna. Conrad Fowkes (Paul Davis on A Flame in the Wind, Frank Garner on Dark Shadows, Tim Galloway on One Life to Live, Arthur Adams on Hidden Faces, Paul Britton on The Secret Storm, Dr. Allen Ramsey on Search for Tomorrow, and Don Hughes on As the World Turns) plays Janie's husband John. Sorrell Booke (D.A. Ira Newton on The Guiding Light and Boss Hogg on The Dukes of Hazzard) plays magazine sales manager Mr. Hawk. Sylvia Miles (appeared in Murder, Inc., Midnight Cowboy, and Wall Street and played Jackie Diamond on All My Children) plays a bar patron. Alice Beardsley (the switchboard operator on The Edge of Night and Rose Honnicutt on Search for Tomorrow) plays Hawk's secretary.

Season 3, Episode 14, "Portrait of a Painter": William Shatner (shown on the right, starred in The Brothers Karamazov, Judgment at Nuremberg, Kingdom of the Spiders, and The Kidnapping of the President and played David Koster on For the People, Dr. Carl Noyes on Dr. Kildare, Capt. James T. Kirk on Star Trek, Jeff Cable on Barbary Coast, Sgt. T.J. Hooker on T.J. Hooker, Walter H. Bascom on TekWar, Denny Crane on The Practice and Boston Legal, and Dr. Edison Milford Goodson III on $#*! My Dad Says) plays painter Roger Barmer. Theodore Bikel (starred in Moulin Rouge, The Defiant Ones, A Dog of Flanders, My Fair Lady, and The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! and played Marin Dimitrov on Falcon Crest) plays his psychiatrist Dr. Stanley Wilford. Barry Morse (starred in When We Are Married, Mrs. Fitzherbert, Daughter of Darkness, No Trace, and The Shape of Things to Come, hosted Presenting Barry Morse, and played Lt. Philip Gerard on The Fugitive, Mr. Parminter on The Adventurer, Alec Marlowe on The Zoo Gang, Prof. Victor Bergman on Space: 1999, and President Johnny Cyclops on Whoops Apocalypse) plays an art dealer. Marion Brasch (Terry Britton on The Secret Storm, Eunice Gardner Webster Twinning Martin Wyatt on Search for Tomorrow, Marian Connnally on Bright Promise, and Mrs. Cross on The Edge of Night) plays Barmer's neighbor. Duke Farley (Sgt. Reilly on Car 54, Where Are You?) plays another Wilford patient. Lou Antonio (Barney on The Snoop Sisters, Det. Sgt. Jack Ramsey on Dog and Cat, and Joseph Manucci on Makin' It and directed episodes of The Partridge Family, The Rockford Files, Chicago Hope, and Boston Legal) plays Barmer's wife's former boyfriend Barney. Jim Boles (appeared in The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, The Trouble With Angels, Angel in My Pocket, The Love God?, and The Apple Dumpling Gang and  played Joe on One Man's Family) plays the jail turnkey. Joe Silver (appeared in Shivers, You Light Up My Life, and Deathtrap and played Max Spier on Coronet Blue, Jack Stewart on Fay, and Elliott Silverstein on Ryan's Hope) plays an apartment house resident. Doris Rich (Ma Kettle on The Egg and I) plays another resident. Len Birman (Lt. Dan Palmer on Police Surgeon, Eddie on Generations, and voiced Rocket Robin Hood on Rocket Robin Hood) plays Bellevue physician Dr. Clyde.

Season 3, Episode 15, "The Night the Saints Lost Their Halos": Jo Van Fleet (Oscar winner, starred in East of Eden, I'll Cry Tomorrow, Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, Cool Hand Luke, and I Love You, Alice B. Toklas) plays Jewish neighborhood dentist Dr. Anna Chaloupka. George Voskovec (appeared in The Iron Mistress, 12 Angry Men, BUtterfield 8, and The Boston Strangler and played Petar Skagska on Skag and Fritz Brenner on Nero Wolfe) plays druggist Jack Selkin. Peter Fonda (shown on the left, starred in The Wild Angels, The Trip, Easy Rider, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, Futureworld, and The Cannonball Run) plays his son Joey. Martin Sheen (starred in Catch-22, Apocalypse Now, Gandhi, The Dead Zone, Firestarter, Wall Street, and The Departed and played Jack Davis on As the World Turns, Roy Sanders on The Edge of Night, Josiah Bartlet on The West Wing, Martin Goodson on Anger Management, and Robert on Grace and Frankie) plays Joey's friend Phillip Kosnik. Eli Mintz (Uncle David on The Goldbergs and the Locksmith on All My Children) plays night watchman Harry Varick.

Season 3, Episode 16, "The Contract": James Shigeta (appeared in The Crimson Kimono, Flower Drum Song, and Paradise, Hawaiian Style and played Dr. Osaka on Medical Center) plays restaurant worker James Kam. Abraham Sofaer (starred in Christopher Columbus, Quo Vadis, and Elephant Walk) plays elderly Chinese businessman Long Twong. Khigh Dhiegh (shown on the right, played Wo Fat on Hawaii Five-O) plays head of Chinese community extra-judicial Association Mr. Wong. Chao Li Chi (Chao-Li Chi on Falcon Crest) plays a curio shop owner.

Season 3, Episode 17, "One of the Most Important Men in the Whole World": Richard Conte (appeared in A Walk in the Sun, 13 Rue Madeleine, Call Northside 777, Ocean's 11, and Lady in Cement and played Jeff Ryder on The Four Just Men) plays gangster Phil Clifford. Myron McCormick (shown on the left, starred in No Time for Sergeants and The Hustler) plays school teacher Christian Marlow. Anne Seymour (appeared in All the King's Men, The Gift of Love, The Subterraneans, and Fitzwilly and played Lucia Garrett on Empire and Beatrice Hewitt on General Hospital) plays Clifford's sister-in-law Mrs. Beatrice Shaw. Jennifer Billingsley (starred in Lady in a Cage, C.C. and Company, and White Lightning and played Polly Prentiss on General Hospital) plays showgirl "Helen." Doris Roberts (Theresa Falco on Angie, Loretta on Maggie, Mildred Krebs on Remington Steele, Doris Greenblatt on The Boys, Angie Pedalbee on Dream On, and Marie Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond) plays school teacher Miss Tresant. Barnard Hughes (appeared in Hamlet, Midnight Cowboy, TRON, and The Lost Boys and played Dr. Bruce Banning on Guiding Light, Wilfred Hollister on The Secret Storm, Mr. Barton on As the World Turns, Dr. Joe Bogert on Doc, Max Merlin on Mr. Merlin, Francis Cavanaugh on The Cavanaughs, and Buzz Richman on Blossom) plays the custody trial judge. Eugene Roche (Frank Flynn on The Corner Bar, Jimmy Hughes on Good Time Harry, E. Ronald Mallou on Soap, Bill Parker on Webster, Luther H. Gillis on Magnum, P.I., Pat Callahan on Lenny, I.F. Woolstein on Julie, and Eric, Jr. on Dave's World) plays Assistant D.A. Smith.

Season 3, Episode 18, "A Case Study of Two Savages": Rip Torn (shown on the near right, starred in King of Kings, Sweet Bird of Youth, Tropic of Cancer, and The Cincinnati Kid and played Arthur on The Larry Sanders Show and Don Geiss on 30 Rock) plays Arkansas hillbilly Ansel Boake. Tuesday Weld (shown on the far right, see the biography section for the 1960 post on The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis) plays his girlfriend Ora Mae Youngham. Audra Lindley (Laura Tompkins on From These Roots, Barbara Barnett on The Edge of Night, Sue Knowles on Search for Tomorrow, Elizabeth Matthews on Another World, Amy Fitzgerald on Bridget Loves Bernie, Lillian on Fay, and Helen Roper on Three's Company and The Ropers) plays her mother Grace. John Gibson (Ethelbert on Crime Photographer, the chaplain on The Phil Silvers Show, and Joe Pollock on The Edge of Night) plays jewelry store clerk Mr. Ellis. Tom Simcox (Wade Collins on General Hospital and Walt Robinson on Code R) plays gun store clerk Fred. Ben Yaffee (Mr. Hansen on The Doctors) plays Arcaro shooting eyewitness. Charles Dierkop (appeared in The Pawnbroker, Gunn, and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid  and played Royster on Police Woman and Rocko on Days of Our Lives) plays a tow-truck driver.

Season 3, Episode 19, "Let Me Die Before I Wake": Jack Klugman (shown on the left, starred in 12 Angry Men, Days of Wine and Roses, and I Could Go on Singing and played Alan Harris on Harris Against the World, Oscar Madison on The Odd Couple, Dr. Quincy, M.E. on Quincy, M.E., and Henry Willows on You Again?) plays moving business co-owner Joe Calageras. Joanne Linville (Amy Sinclair on The Guiding Light) plays his wife Rosie. Michael Constantine (appeared in The Last Mile, The Hustler, The Reivers, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding and played Jack Ellenhorn on Hey, Landlord, Principal Seymour Kaufman on Room 222, Judge Matthew Sirota on Sirota's Court, and Gus on My Big Fat Greek Life) plays his brother Vito. James Farentino (Neil Darrell on The Bold Ones: The Lawyers, Jefferson Keyes on Cool Million, Dr. Nick Toscannni on  Dynasty, Frank Chaney on Blue Thunder, Frank DeMarco on Mary, and Sam McGuire on Julie) plays his other brother Ben. Paul Stevens (appeared in Exodus, The Mask, Advise & Consent, and Battle for the Planet of the Apes and played Dr. Paul Fuller on The Nurses and Brian Bancroft on Another World) plays Rosie's lover Nick Carvine. Louis Guss (Uncle Bennie on The Man in the Family) plays florist Angie. Sorrell Booke (see "The Face of the Enemy" above) plays a private detective. Charles White (Alex Caldwell on Love of Life) plays a priest.

Season 3, Episode 20, "To Walk Like a Lion": Orson Bean (starred in How to Be Very, Very Popular, Anatomy of a Murder, and Lola and played Loren Bray on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Bill Gamble, Sr. on Normal, Ohio, and Roy Bender on Desperate Housewives) plays bookkeeper Arnold Platt. Vaughn Taylor (starred in Jailhouse Rock, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Psycho, and In Cold Blood and played Ernest P. Duckweather on Johnny Jupiter) plays his boss J. Milton Turpin. Barbara Barrie (shown on the right, played Ginny Crandall on Love of Life, Norma Brodnik on Diana, Elizabeth Miller on Barney Miller, Evelyn Stoller on Breaking Away, Ellen Hobbes on Tucker's Witch, Elizabeth Potter on Reggie, Aunt Margo on Double Trouble, and Helen Keane on Suddenly Susan) plays Arnold's girlfriend Rosalind Faber. Mae Questel (the voice of Betty Boop in dozens of shorts, voiced Olive Oyl, Swee'Pea, and Sea Hag in dozens of Popeye shorts and the Popeye the Sailor series) plays her mother Annette. Sally Gracie (Pat Steel on The Nurses, Martha Allen on The Doctors, and Ina Hopkins on One Life to Live) plays Arnold's co-worker Brenda. Karen Steele (starred in Marty, Westbound, and The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond) plays airline stewardess Grace Harvey. Carolyn Groves (Betsy Brown on The Edge of Night) plays one of her roommates.

Season 3, Episode 21, "Today the Man Who Kills Ants Is Coming": John Larch (shown on the left, starred in The Wrecking Crew, Play Misty for Me, and Dirty Harry and played Deputy District Attorney Jerry Miller on Arrest and Trial, Gerald Wilson on Dynasty, and Arlen & Atticus Ward on Dallas) plays police officer John Clinton. Geraldine Fitzgerald (starred in Wuthering Heights, Dark Victory, Three Strangers, The Pawnbroker, and Arthur and played Helen Eldridge on Our Private World and Violet Jordan on The Best of Everything) plays his wife Lillian. Roger C. Carmel (Roger Buell on The Mothers-in-Law) plays private investigator Lowell F. Newton. Ed Crowley (appeared in Bananas, Serpico, and Network and played Dr. Wolfe on Ryan's Hope) plays a druggist. Godfrey Cambridge (starred in Watermelon Man, Cotton Comes to Harlem, and The President's Analyst) plays police Det. Carlisle. James Greene (Uncle Moodri on Alien Nation, Davey McQuinn on The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd, Harry on Men Behaving Badly, and Councilman Fielding Milton on Parks and Recreation) plays a handcuffed prisoner.

Season 3, Episode 22, "A Run for the Money": Keenan Wynn (starred in Annie Get Your Gun, Royal Wedding, Angels in the Outfield, The Absent-Minded Professor, Son of Flubber, Dr. Strangelove, The Great Race, and Point Blank and played Kodiak on Troubleshooters, Williard "Digger" Barnes on Dallas, Carl Sarnac on Call to Glory, and Butch on The Last Precinct) plays hit man Bodram Borgata. Eli Wallach (shown on the right, starred in The Magnificent Seven, The Misfits, How the West Was Won, and The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly and played Vincent Danzig on Our Family Honor and Mr. Freeze on Batman) plays dice player Georgie. Lois Nettleton (Sue Kramer on Accidental Family, Joanne St. John on In the Heat of the Night, and Evelyn on Crossing Jordan) plays Georgie's fiance Sara. Lou Criscuolo (Danny Micelli on The Edge of Night, Maggio on Popi, and Milt D'Angelo on Stockard Channing and Friends) plays informant Picklebarrel. Frank Marth (Ben Fraser, Jr. on From These Roots, Lt. Phil Parker on The Young and the Restless, and  General Worth on The Dirty Dozen) plays a craps player on the pier with a foot stool.

Season 3, Episode 23, "The One Marked Hot Gives Cold": Robert Duvall (shown on the right, starred in To Kill a Mockingbird, Bullitt, True Grit, MASH, The Godfather, The Godfather -- Part II, The Eagle Has Landed, and Apocalypse Now and played Augustus McRae on Lonesome Dove) plays former orphan L. Francis Childe. Edward Andrews (appeared in The Harder They Fall, Elmer Gantry, The Absent-Minded Professor, Son of Flubber, Advise and Consent, and The Glass Bottom Boat and played Cmdr. Rogers Adrian on Broadside and Col. Fairburn on The Doris Day Show) plays his estranged father William Childe. Doris Rich (see "Portrait of a Painter" above) plays William's wife Sarah Bell. Madeleine Sherwood (Ma Thatcher on The Doctors, Reverend Mother Superior Lydia Placido on The Flying Nun, Betty Eiler on Guiding Light, Carmen on The Secret Storm, and Bridget Leander on One Life to Live) plays Francis' neighbor Mrs. Wilson. Laurie Heineman (Mary Jackson on As the World Turns and Sharlene Frame on Another World) plays Francis' 12-year-old friend Aggie Padgett. Stuart Damon (Craig Stirling on The Champions, , Cpl. Vince Rossi on Yanks Go Home, Dr. Alan Quartermaine on General Hospital and Port Charles, and Governor Jim Ford on Days of Our Lives) plays Navy Intelligence Lt. J.G. Marks.

Season 3, Episode 24, "Without Stick or Sword": William Shatner (see "Portrait of a Painter" above) plays Burmese sailor Maung Tun. Martin Balsam (shown on the left, starred in 12 Angry Men, Psycho, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Catch-22, and The Taking of Pelham One Two Three and played Dr. Milton Orliff on Dr. Kildare and Murray Klein on Archie Bunker's Place) plays retired sea captain Russel Barris. Ted Beniades (Det. Richie on N.Y.P.D. and Wayne Hillman on The Andros Targets) plays his former first mate Emery Fohlinger.

Season 3, Episode 25, "Lament for a Dead Indian": Neville Brand (starred in D.O.A., The Mob, Stalag 17, Riot in Cell Block 11, and The Three Outlaws and played Al Capone on The Untouchables and Reese Bennett on Laredo) plays Native American ex-con Joe Brothers. Peter Falk (shown on the right, starred in Robin and the 7 Hoods, Murder by Death, and The Cheap Detective and played Daniel O'Brien on The Trials of O'Brien and Columbo on Columbo) plays mobster Frankie O'Hearn. George Mathews (appeared in Pat and Mike, The Man With the Golden Arm, and Gunfight at the O.K. Corral and played Chick Rogers on Glynis) plays bartender Jim Mulroy. Leonardo Cimino (Alexei Vartova on Ryan's Hope) plays violin player Alberto Russo. Louise Sorel (Barbara Robinson on The Don Rickles Show, Elaine Holstein on Ladies' Man, Augusta Lockridge on Santa Barbara, Donatella Stewart on Port Charles, Judge Kay Campobello on All My Children, Dort on Passions, Emily Tanneerer on Beacon Hill, and Vivian Alamain on Days of Our Lives) plays a party guest. Bonnie Jones (Lt. Barbara Bannerman on M*A*S*H) plays an airline stewardess.

Season 3, Episode 26, "The Sweetly Smiling Face of Truth": Nina Foch (starred in The Return of the Vampire, The Cry of the Werewolf, An American in Paris, The Ten Commandments, and Spartacus and played Madeline on Bull) plays Broadway actress Kitty Lamson. Patrick O'Neal (see the biography section for the 1960 post on Diagnosis: Unknown) plays married actor Roy Pressfield. Shirl Conway (Liz Thorpe on The Doctors and the Nurses) plays his wife Emma. Lincoln Kilpatrick (shown on the left, played Joe Bond on Love of Life, Lt. Michael Hoyt on Matt Houston, and Reverend Tyrone Deal on Frank's Place) plays their chauffeur Cappy Fleers. Lonny Chapman (appeared in East of Eden, Baby Doll, The Birds, and The Rievers and played Frank Malloy on For the People) plays Assistant D.A. Chuck Smith. Mel Ruick (Dr. Barton Crane on City Hospital and Paul Kennedy on First Love) plays Pressfield's lawyer. Joseph Sullivan (Reverend Blakeley on The Doctors) plays Kitty's publicity agent.

Season 3, Episode 27, "...And if Any Are Frozen, Warm Them": Nehemiah Persoff (starred in The Wrong Man, Al Capone, and Some Like It Hot) plays Romanian immigrant Berco Romanu. Ludwig Donath (appeared in The Strange Death of Adolph Hitler, Gilda, The Jolson Story, and Torn Curtain) plays his friend Stefan. Louis Zorich (Detective Oliver Jones on Ryan's Hope, Inspector Haniotis on As the World Turns, Jules Berger on Brooklyn Bridge, and Burt Buchman on Mad About You) plays his friend Sam. Akim Tamiroff (starred in The Lives of a Bengal Lancer, The Way of All Flesh, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Touch of Evil, and Ocean's 11) plays banker Demetru Lapesku. Lilia Skala (shown on the right, appeared in Call Me Madam, Lilies of the Field, Ship of Fools, and Flashdance and played Mrs. Dunbar on The Brighter Day, Madame Garstel on Valiant Lady, Magda Leshinsky on Search for Tomorrow, Mrs. Hoffman on Guiding Light, and Rose Welinski on As the World Turns) plays his sister Valeria. Bibi Osterwald (Sophie Steinberg on Bridget Loves Bernie) plays a bartender. Al Lewis (see the biography section for the 1961 post on Car 54, Where Are You?) plays building owner Mr. Tanner.

Season 3, Episode 28, "Strike a Statue": George C. Scott (shown on the left, Oscar winner, starred in Anatomy of a Murder, The Hustler, Dr. Strangelove, and Patton and played Neil Brock on East Side/West Side, President Samuel Arthur Tresch on Mr. President, and Joe Trapchek on Traps) plays sculptor Kermit Garrison. Lois Smith (appeared in East of Eden, Five Easy Pieces, Fatal Attraction, Fried Green Tomatoes, Twister, and Minority Report and played Mrs. Bendarik on Love of Life, Eleanor Conrad on The Doctors, Mrs. Oates on The Edge of Night, Aunt Betsy Cramer on One Life to Live, Ruth on Ruth & Erica, Adele Stackhouse on True Blood, and Jeanne Anne McCullough on The Son) plays his wife Dawn. Paul Richards (appeared in Playgirl and Beneath the Planet of the Apes and played Louis Kassoff on The Lawless Years and Dr. McKinley Thompson on Breaking Point) plays revolutionary Joseph Irona. Dana Elcar (appeared in Fail Safe, The Boston Strangler, The Maltese Bippy, and The Nude Bomb and played D.A. Andrew Murray on The Edge of Night, Dr. Zack Fuller on The Doctors and the Nurses, Sheriff George Patterson on Dark Shadows, Lt. Shiller on Baretta, Col. Thomas A. Lard on Black Sheep Squadron, and Peter Thornton on MacGyver) plays bookstore owner Varney. James Patterson (appeared in Lilith, In the Heat of the Night, and Silent Night, Bloody Night) plays circular distributor Carver. Hank Garrett (see the biography section for the 1961 post on Car 54, Where Are You?) plays a picketer.

Season 3, Episode 29, "The Multiplicity of Herbert Konish": David Wayne (shown on the right, starred in Adam's Rib, M, How to Marry a Millionaire, The Three Faces of Eve, and The Andromeda Strain and played Preston Norby on Norby, The Mad Hatter on Batman, Charles Dutton on The Good Life, Inspector Richard Queen on Ellery Queen, and Doctor Amos Weatherby on House Calls) plays accountant Herbert Konish. Jean Stapleton (starred in Damn Yankees, Bells Are Ringing, and Up the Down Staircase and played Edith Bunker on All in the Family and Archie Bunker's Place and Jasmine Sweibel on Bagdad Cafe) plays his wife Marilyn. Nancy Marchand (Irene Kimbalt and Therese Lamonte on Another World, Mary Lassiter on Beacon Hill, Mrs. Pynchon on Lou Grant, and Livia Soprano on The Sopranos) plays single mother and painter Esther Lindall. William LeMassena (Ambrose Bingham on As the World Turns) plays Konish's boss Mr. Hanley. Jane Hoffman (Molly Sherwood on The Edge of Night) plays chronic complainer Mrs. Hagerson.

Season 3, Episode 30, "The King of Venus Will Take Care of You": Michael McGreevey (shown on the left, see the biography section for the 1960 post on Riverboat) plays 12-year-old free spirit Mickey McDavoran. Jack Warden (see "The Face of the Enemy" above) plays fugitive Steve Lollo. Barbara Baxley (starred in Countdown, Nashville, Norma Rae, and The Exorcist III and played L.W. Carruthers in All That Glitters) plays Mickey's mother Kathy. Epy Baca (Jose on The Doctors) plays superintendant Rodriguez.

Season 3, Episode 31, "The Rydecker Case": Kathryn Hays (shown on the right, played Elizabeth Reynolds on The Road West, Leslie Jackson Bauer Norris Bauer on Guiding Light, and Kim Hughes on As the World Turns) plays young socialite Beth Rydecker. Curtis Taylor (Bill Henderson on General Hospital) plays her wealthy fiance Paul Pireaux. Martin Gabel (starred in The Thief, Marnie, and Lady in Cement) plays her defense attorney Jerry Brayson. Michael Tolan (Dr. Alan Tazinski on The Doctors and the Nurses, Jordan Boyle on The Bold Ones: The Senator, and Dan Whitfield on The Mary Tyler Moore Show) plays prosecuting attorney Ricardo Gardio. Peter Turgeon (Mr. Arnold on General Hospital, Dr. Woodward on Dark Shadows, and Dr. Emmet Scott on Guiding Light) plays Rydecker family attorney Kongdon. Carol Eve Rossen (Anna Kassoff on The Lawless Years) plays defense witness Nancy Hooper. Paul Stevens (see "Let Me Die Before I Wake" above) plays the trial judge.

Season 3, Episode 32, "Memory of a Red Trolley Car": Barry Morse (shown on the left, see "Portrait of a Painter" above) plays college chemistry Professor Ernest Johns. Beatrice Straight (starred in Patterns, Network, Endless Love, and Poltergeist and played Vinnie Phillips on Love of Life, Mrs. Hacker on Beacon Hill, and Louisa Beauchamp on King's Crossing) plays his wife Ann. Joseph Macauley (Ben Fraser on From These Roots) plays his boss Professor Enright. Gladys Cooper (three-time Oscar nominee, appeared in Rebecca, Kitty Foyle, Now, Voyager, The Song of Bernadette, and My Fair Lady and played Margaret St. Clair on The Rogues and Harriet Vey on The Doctors) plays Johns' mother. Peg Murray (Miss Stewart on The Doctors and the Nurses, Ethel Conklin on Me & Mrs. C., and Olga Swenson on All My Children) plays stripper Risay. Joseph Campanella (Dr. Ted Steffen on The Doctors and the Nurses, Brian Darrell on The Bold Ones: The Lawyers, Lew Wickersham on Mannix, Ed Cooper on One Day at a Time, Hutch Corrigan on The Colbys, Harper Deveraux on Days of Our Lives, Joe on That's Life, Judge Joseph Camp on The Practice, and Jonathan Young on The Bold and the Beautiful) plays campus physician Dr. Rutland. Frank Schofield (Craig Reynolds on A Flame in the Wind, Bill Malloy on Dark Shadows, Arthur Rysdale on The Secret Storm, and Philip Matson on Somerset) plays police psychiatrist Dr. Branson. Stuart Germain (Mr. Sims on Search for Tomorrow) plays a nursing home attendant.

Season 3, Episode 33, "Goodbye Mama, Hello Auntie Maud": Salome Jens (starred in Angel Baby, Seconds, and Harry's War and played Mae Olinski on Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, Claudia Chadway on Falcon Crest, Martha Kent on Super Boy, Joan Campbell on Melrose Place, and the Female Shapeshifter on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) plays 30-year-old spinster Ellen Annis. Dorothy Blackburn (Nurse Brown and Dorothy Sanders on The Doctors, Sarah Briskin on Somerset, and Alma Miller on As the World Turns) plays her dying mother. James Coburn (starred in The Magnificent Seven, Charade, Our Man Flint, and In Like Flint and played Jeff Durain on Klondike and Gregg Miles on Acapulco) plays family chauffeur Harry Brind. Carroll O'Connor (shown on the right, starred in A Fever in the Blood, Cleopatra, Point Blank, Kelly's Heroes, and Return to Me and played Archie Bunker on All in the Family and Archie Bunker's Place, Sheriff William Gillespie on In the Heat of the Night, Jacob Gordon on Party of Five, and Gus Stemple on Mad About You) plays family butler Owen Oliver. Sam Gray (Mr. Fisher on The Doctors, Jacob Weber on One Life to Live, and Judge deCourcy on Ryan's Hope) plays police detective Lt. Johnny Berson. Irene Dailey (Liz Matthews on Another World) plays Ellen's Aunt Maud. House Jameson (host of Inner Sanctum and played Sam Aldrich on The Aldrich Family, Dr. Bert Gregory on Another World, and Nathan Bunker on The Doctors) plays family lawyer Mr. Benford. Frank Tweddell (Pa Kettle on The Egg and I) plays a bank manager.

Season 4, Episode 1, "Hold for Gloria Christmas": Burgess Meredith (starred in Of Mice and Men, Mine Own Executioner, Advise & Consent, and The Cardinal and played Martin Woodridge on Mr. Novak, The Penguin on Batman, V.C.R. Cameron on Search, the narrator on Korg: 70,000 B.C., and Dr. Willard Adams on Gloria) plays alcoholic poet Duncan Kleist. Herschel Bernardi (see the biography section for the 1960 post on Peter Gunn) plays bar owner Stanley Dorkner. Eileen Heckart (appeared in Somebody Up There Likes Me, Bus Stop, The Bad Seed, and Butterflies Are Free and played The Boss Angel on Out of the Blue, Amy Decker on Trauma Center, Jeanine on Partners in Crime, Emma Block on Annie Maguire, Emma Buchanan on The 5 Mrs. Buchanans, and Frances Wyler on Murder One) plays Dorkner's "caretaker" Mildred Pepper. Sanford Meisner (legendary acting teacher, appeared in The Story on Page One, Tender Is the Night, and Mikey and Nicky) plays successful writer Kip Harris. Alan Alda (shown on the left, starred in Paper Lion, Same Time, Next Year, California Suite, and The Four Seasons and played Capt. Benjamin Franklin Pierce on M*A*S*H, Dr. Gabriel Lawrence on ER, Senator Arnold Vinick on The West Wing, Dr. Atticus Sherman on The Big C, Alan Fitch on The Blacklist, Uncle Pete on Horace and Pete, and Dr. Arthur Amiot on Ray Donovan) plays a young poet in Dorkner's bar. Barbara Dana (Phyllis on Sesame Street) plays young woman Beverly pursued by Kleist. John Lasell (Dr. Peter Guthrie on Dark Shadows) plays Beverly's date Sheldon. Henderson Forsythe (played the House Detective on Hotel Cosmopolitan, Martin Sprode on The Edge of Night, Jim Benson on From These Roots, Dr. David Stewart on As the World Turns, Barnett Lutz on Eisenhower & Lutz, and Grandpa Jack Garrett on Nearly Departed) plays alcoholic treatment center physician Dr. Hennickson. Gene Rupert (Dr. Pagano on Ryan's Hope) plays his intern. Jessica Walter (Julie Murano on Love of Life,, Phyllis Koster on For the People, Amy Prentiss on Amy Prentiss, Ava Marshall on Bare Essence, Claudia Bradford on Three's a Crowd, Melanie Townsend McIntyre on Trapper John, M.D., Connie Lo Verde on Aaron's Way, Eleanor Armitage on One Life to Live, Celia Calloway on Oh Baby, Tabitha Wilson on 90210, Henrietta on Gravity, Elaine Robbins on Retired at 35, Maggie on Jennifer Falls, Lucille Bluth on Arrested Development, and voiced Lady Diabolyn on Wildfire, Fran Sinclair on Dinosaurs, and Mallory Archer on Archer) plays another of Dorkner's bar patrons. Lou Gilbert (appeared in Viva Zapata!, Requiem for a Heavyweight, and The Great White Hope) plays a blind news dealer.

Season 4, Episode 2, "Idylls of a Running Back": Aldo Ray (starred in Pat and Mike, We're No Angels, The Naked and the Dead, God's Little Acre, and The Green Berets) plays professional football running back Elvin Rhodes. Nancy Wickwire (Lila Taylor Kelly on Guiding Light, Claire Cassen on As the World Turns, Liz Matthews on Another World, and Phyllis Anderson on Days of Our Lives) plays his wife Norma. Sandy Dennis (shown on the right, starred in Splendor in the Grass, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Up the Down Staircase, The Fox, and The Four Seasons and played Alice Holden on Guiding Light) plays his alleged mistress Eleanor Ann Hubber. Joe Silver (see "Portrait of a Painter" above) plays Assistant D.A. Ketton. William Daniels (appeared in Two for the Road, The Graduate, Oh, God!, and Reds and played Carter Nash/Capt. Nice on Captain Nice, Lt. Cmdr. Kenneth Kitteridge on The Nancy Walker Show, the voice of K.I.T.T. on Knight Rider, Dr. Mark Craig on St. Elsewhere, George Feeny on Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World, and Dr. Craig Thomas on Grey's Anatomy) plays Eleanor's former boyfriend Harry Culverin. Philip Sterling (Rafe Carter on Somerset and Another World, Dr. Winston Croft on The Doctors, Michael Brimm on City of Angels, Reverend George Booth on As the World Turns, Dr. Simon Weiss on St. Elsewhere, and Judge Truman Ventnor on Sisters) plays police stenographer Officer Schulberg. Coley Wallace (professional boxer who appeared in The Joe Louis Story, Carib Gold, and Raging Bull) plays Rhodes' teammate Pixie Gates.

Season 4, Episode 3, "Daughter Am I in My Father's House": Dan Duryea (shown on the left, starred in The Little Foxes, The Pride of the Yankees, Scarlet Street, and Winchester '73 and played China Smith on China Smith and The New Adventures of China Smith and Eddie Jacks on Peyton Place) plays former World War II veteran Clyde Royd. Barbara Harris (appeared in A Thousand Clowns, Plaza Suite, Nashville, Family Plot, Freaky Friday, and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and played Susan Faraday on Days of Our Lives) plays his daughter Helga. Marco St. John (Joey Kimball on Search for Tomorrow, Tom Wilshire on Suit Up, and Dr. Roger McAlary on Treme) plays heckler Dom Capado. Frank Campanella (appeared in The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight, Heaven Can Wait (1978), The Flamingo Kid, and Dick Tracy and played Mook the Moon Man on Captain Video and His Video Rangers and Paczka on Skag) plays Dom's father. Vincent Baggetta (Father Frank DeMarco on Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, Eddie Capra on The Eddie Capra Mysteries, and Lou Pellegrino on Chicago Story) plays a parking lot attendant. Charles Dierkop (see "A Case Study of Two Savages" above) plays a young man Clyde beats up.

Season 4, Episode 4, "And by the Sweat of Thy Brow": Richard Jordan (shown on the right, appeared in Valdez Is Coming, Rooster Cogburn, Logan's Run, Dune (1984), and The Hunt for Red October and played Harley Gage on The Equalizer) plays 19-year-old milk money thief Jonah. Barbara Barrie (see "To Walk Like a Lion" above) plays laundry worker Sarah Hinson. David Clarke (Abel Bingley on The Waltons and Tiso Novotny on Ryan's Hope) plays a purse snatcher. Maurice Brenner (Pvt. Irving Fleischman on The Phil Silvers Show) plays a milkman.

Season 4, Episode 5, "Kill Me While I'm Young So I Can Die Happy": Maureen Stapleton (shown on the left, Oscar, Tony, and Emmy winner, starred in Lonelyhearts, Bye Bye Birdie, Airport, Interiors, and Reds) plays retired police woman Ruth Callan. Jan Miner (appeared in The Swimmer, Lenny, and Mermaids and played Marge Dreyfuss on Paul Sand in Friends and Lovers) plays her apartment building supervisor. House Jameson (see "Goodbye Mama, Hello Auntie Maud" above) plays the judge in her criminal trial. Franklin Cover (Tom Willis on The Jeffersons) plays a construction iron worker.

Season 4, Episode 6, "Five Cranks for Winter ... Ten Cranks for Spring": Robert Duvall (see "The One Marked Hot Gives Cold" above) plays washed-up boxer Johnny Meigs. Shirley Knight (shown on the right, starred in Ice Palace, The Dark at the Top of the Stairs, Sweet Bird of Youth, Dutchman, and As Good as It Gets and played Mrs. Newcomb on Buckskin, Estelle Winters on Maggie Winters, and Phyllis Van De Kamp on Desperate Housewives) plays his wife Kathy. Herschel Bernardi (see "Hold for Gloria Christmas" above) plays Meigs' boxing manager Gus Slate. Ludwig Donath (see "...And if Any Are Frozen, Warm Them!" above) plays his fight doctor Randall Benton. Stefan Gierasch (Doc Bernstein on Nichols and Joshua Collins on Dark Shadows (1991)) plays opposing boxing manager Weller. Sid Raymond (the voice of Baby Huey in numerous cartoon shorts and on The Baby Huey Show) plays a bartender. Richard Roat (Dr. Jerry Chandler on The Doctors, Leonard Cooper on Generations, and Conrad Hutton and Professor Henry Moore on Days of Our Lives) plays hospital physician Dr. Lee Harper.

Season 4, Episode 7, "Go Fight City Hall": George Rose (shown on the left, appeared in Track the Man Down, A Night to Remember, Hawaii, and The Pirates of Penzance and played Dr. Ira Bloomfield on The Secret Storm and Arthur Hacker on Beacon Hill) plays subway token taker George Lanyard McGraff. Sally Gracie (see "To Walk Like a Lion" above) plays his daughter-in-law Leona. Joseph Buloff (appeared in Somebody Up There Likes Me, Silk Stockings, and Reds and played Mr. Basmany on Two Girls Named Smith) plays room service waiter Pomeyer Happs. Lou Criscuolo (see "A Run for the Money" above) plays a vending company van driver. Carmine Caridi (appeared in The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight, The Godfather, Part II, The Cheap Detective, The In-Laws, and The Godfather, Part III and played Dan Valenti on Phyllis, Angelo Martelli on Fame, and Det. Vince Gotelli on NYPD Blue) plays his assistant. Joseph Lyon (Dave Feldman on Ryan's Hope) plays the Cafe Lyon bartender.

Season 4, Episode 8, "Torment Him Much and Hold Him Long": Robert Duvall (see "The One Marked Hot Gives Cold" above) plays ex-con bartender Barney Sonners. Barbara Loden (wife of Elia Kazan, starred in Wild River, Splendor in the Grass, and Wanda) plays his wife Penny. Jesse White (shown on the right, appeared in Harvey, Bedtime for Bonzo, The Bad Seed, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad,Mad World, and The Reluctant Astronaut and played Mickey Calhoun on Private Secretary, Jesse Leeds on Make Room for Daddy, and Oscar Pudney on The Ann Sothern Show) plays his boss Harold Slate. Sandy Baron (Charles Hookstratten on Hey, Landlord and Jack Klompus on Seinfeld) plays gang leader Charley Breggs. Alfred Ryder (appeared in T-Men, Hamlet (1964), Hotel, and True Grit) plays toymaker Link Toland. Murray Matheson (Felix Mulholland on Banacek) plays Toland's attorney Harold Lowenson. Dan Morgan (Riggs on Dark Shadows) plays Sonners' apartment building manager Mr. Handen.

Season 4, Episode 9, "Make It Fifty Dollars and Add Love to Nona": Luther Adler (appeared in House of Strangers, M (1951), D.O.A., and Absence of Malice) plays former cigar stand owner Mr. Kovar. Alex Cord (Jack Kiley on W.E.B., Mike Holland on Cassie & Co., and Michael Coldsmith Briggs III on Airwolf) plays his son Nicholas. Roxanne Arlen (former wife of Red Buttons, appeared in Hot Rod Girl, Bachelor Flat, and Gypsy) plays Nicholas' wife Nona. Ed Begley, Sr. (shown on the left, starred in Sorry, Wrong Number, The Great Gatsby (1949), Deadline U.S.A., The Turning Point, 12 Angry Men, Sweet Bird of Youth, and Hang 'Em High and played Mr. Koppel on Leave It to Larry) plays former Chicago police officer Jimmy Fenton. William Lanteau (appeared in Li'l Abner, The Honeymoon Machine, Sex and the Single Girl, and Hotel and played Seth Duncan on The Ghost and Mrs. Muir and Chester Wanamaker on Newhart) plays retirement home manager Mr. Chiles. Betty Kean (Amy Tucker on Leave It to Larry) plays one of Kovar's threat victims Mrs. Kelvin.

Season 4, Episode 10, "A Horse Has a Big Head, Let Him Worry": Diahann Carroll (shown on the right, recording artist who starred in Porgy and Bess, Paris Blues, Hurry Sundown, and Claudine and played Julia Baker on Julia, Dominique Deveraux on Dynasty and The Colbys, Marion Gilbert on A Different World, Ida Grayson on Lonseome Dove: The Series, Jane Burke on Grey's Anatomy, and June Ellington on White Collar) plays visually impaired students teacher Ruby Jay. John Megna (appeared in To Kill a Mockingbird, Smokey and the Bandit II, and The Cannonball Run) plays one of her students Harold Denton. Graham Jarvis (appeared in Alice's Restaurant, The Out of Towners, Cold Turkey, and Mr. Mom and played Charles Eiler on Guiding Light, Charlie Haggers on Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, Fernwood Tonight, and Forever Fernwood, Jack Felspar on Making the Grade, Bob Dyrenforth on Fame, and Charles Jackson on 7th Heaven) plays Harold's father. Audra Lindley (see "A Case Study of Two Savages" above) plays Harold's mother. Sorrell Booke (see "The Face of the Enemy" above) plays the school principal Mr. Leventhal. Luke Halpin (starred in Flipper, Flipper's New Adventure, and Island of the Lost and played Sandy Ricks on Flipper) plays a bully. Lou Gilbert (see "Hold for Gloria Christmas" above) plays assault suspect Mr. Green. Tommy Norden (Bud Ricks on Flipper and Dr. Gary Walton on Search for Tomorrow) plays one of Ruby Jay's pupils.

Season 4, Episode 11, "Dust Devil on a Quiet Street": Robert Walker, Jr. (starred in The Ceremony, Ensign Pulver, Easy Rider, and Young Billy Young) plays acting student Neil McCaw. Richard Basehart (shown on the left, starred in The House on Telegraph Hill, Titanic (1953), La Strada, Moby Dick, Hitler, and The Satan Bug, played Admiral Harriman Nelson on Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, and was the narrator on Knight Rider) plays acting teacher Lester Bergson. Barbara Barrie (see "To Walk Like a Lion" above) plays his assistant Marcia Kormack. Peter Helm (younger brother of actress Anne Helm) plays McCaw's roommate Ken Elson. Philip Sterling (see "Idylls of a Running Back" above) plays an unemployment office clerk. Sylvia Davis (Lillian on The Edge of Night) plays an accident witness. Martin Sheen (see "The Night the Saints Lost Their Halos" above) plays a diner counterman. Stephen Brooks (Special Agent Jim Rhodes on The F.B.I., Dr. Greg Pettit on The Interns, and Joshua Fallon on Days of Our Lives) plays acting student Mr. Blacksteel.

Season 4, Episode 12, "The Virtues of Madame Douvay": Claude Dauphin (appeared in April in Paris, The Quiet American, Grand Prix, Two for the Road, and Barbarella and played Inspector Bolbec on Paris Precinct and Albert Malican on Malican pere et fils) plays French restaurant owner Ogier Douvay. Denise Darcel (shown on the right, appeared in Tarzan and the Slave Girl, Westward the Women, Dangerous When Wet, and 7 Women From Hell) plays his wife Madeleine. Nico Minardos (appeared in Desert Sands, Istanbul, Holiday for Lovers, and Cannon for Cordoba) plays Algerian assassin Moktir. George S. Irving (Charles Sweetzer on The Dumplings and Forrest Turner on Ryan's Hope, was the narrator on Underdog, and voiced Running Board on Go Go Gophers) plays a butcher.

Season 4, Episode 13, "King Stanislaus and the Knights of the Round Stable": John Larch (see "Today the Man Who Kills Ants Is Coming" above) plays meat company dock worker Steve Werminski. Joanna Merlin (shown on the left, appeared in All That Jazz, Fame, The Killing Fields, and Mystic Pizza and played Judge Brauer on All My Children and Judge Lena Petrovsky on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit) plays his wife Gloria. Jack Klugman (see "Let Me Die Before I Wake" above) plays butcher Pete Kammik. Boris Tumarin (Dr. Raymond Geller on The Doctors) plays Kammik's boss. Anita Dangler (Madame Maia Montebello on General Hospital) plays the daughter of a confused woman.

Season 4, Episode 14, "Spectre of the Rose Street Gang": Jack Warden (see "The Face of the Enemy" above) plays odd-job worker Sam Langan. Bethel Leslie (shown on the right, appeared in 15 episodes of The Richard Boone Show and played Dr. Maggie Powers on The Doctors, Claudia Conner on All My Children, and Ethel Crawford on One Life to Live) plays his wife Amy. Carroll O'Connor (see "Goodbye Mama, Hello Auntie Maude" above) plays junk dealer Tony Corran. Roger C. Carmel (see "Today the Man Who Kills Ants Is Coming" above) plays importer/exporter Alfred Gurdine. Joseph Sullivan (see "The Sweetly Smiling Face of Truth" above) plays restaurant owner Arthur Flake. Patricia Wheel (Christine Baker on A Woman to Remember and Elinore Crane on The Doctors) plays Corran's wife Eleanor.

Season 4, Episode 15, "Don't Knock It Till You've Tried It": Walter Matthau (shown on the left, starred in A Face in the Crowd, Charade, The Fortune Cookie, The Odd Couple, Hello, Dolly!, The Front Page, The Sunshine Boys, The Bad News Bears, and Grumpy Old Men and played Lex Rogers on Tallahassee 7000) plays psychiatrist Dr. Max Lewine. Joan Copeland (Maggie Porter and Kay Logan on Love of Life, Andrea Whiting on Search for Tomorrow, Monica Courtland on How to Survive a Marriage, and Judge Rebecca Stein on Law & Order) plays his wife Beverly. Dorothy Sands (Reggie Ellis on The Road of Life) plays his mother. Sally Gracie (see "To Walk Like a Lion" above) plays Las Vegas dancer Bixie. Pat Englund (daughter of actress Mabel Albertson, niece of actor Jack Albertson, and sister of producer George Englund) plays her friend Meredith. Lou Criscuolo (see "A Run for the Money" above) plays horse-race bettor Tyrone. Cynthia Belgrave (Sadie Gray on One Life to Live and Mrs. Williams on Ryan's Hope) plays Lewine's office cleaning lady. Eugene Roche (see "One of the Most Important Men in the Whole World" above) plays one of Lewine's patients.



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