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Dr. Kildare (1962)


In the final two thirds of Season 1 and the first third of Season 2, the sensationally popular Dr. Kildare portrayed itself as an educational series with a human touch, trying to balance the science of medicine with the irrationality of human behavior. On the medical side, we are presented with somewhat technical descriptions of botulism and contact tracing in "The Search" (February 1, 1962), a nonjudgmental treatment of alcoholism in "One for the Road" (April 12, 1962), an equally neutral presentation of cosmetic surgery in "The Mask Makers" (October 18, 1962), and a revealing look at aphasia in "Hastings' Farewell" (November 1, 1962). All of these conditions are treated not as sterile laboratory test cases but always connected to real people's lives and the complex effects and decisions treatment sometimes requires. For example, in "The Mask Makers," Kildare's friend Eva Schaller decides to have a nose job because her oversized proboscis has had an unhealthy effect on her self-esteem, but after surgery makes her suddenly beautiful, she distrusts those who care for her and despairs at all the years lost feeling inferior because of her physical appearance, demonstrating that merely addressing cosmetic imperfections does not also heal the psychological trauma buried below. And in "Hastings' Farewell" the wife of a man with aphasia resists yet another treatment approach that Kildare believes is promising because she doesn't think she can face another disappointment like the many she's already endured if the treatment doesn't work.

Besides exploring medical conditions themselves, several episodes examine the many dilemmas faced in a medical career. One of these is the sacrifices and compromises required in a healthcare system that depends on private funding. In "The Administrator" (January 11, 1962) Blair's current administrator Charles Ladovan is so driven to have successful fund-raising campaigns that he neglects his wife, driving her to repeated scandalous episodes that eventually force him to resign and them to relocate. And in "The Glory Hunter" (February 8, 1962), Gillespie's former star pupil Dr. Tony Stewart micromanages everything from his wife's attire for a TV interview to suppressing information about his own medical condition based on how it will effect donations to his poor rural hospital in India. Then there is the decision about whether to pursue a career in research or treating patients. Kildare is clear that he prefers the human touch, but promising intern Dr. Anthony Tredman finds more excitement in discovering cures or rooting out dangers that will affect multitudes in "The Search," even though taking this career path effectively ends his relationship with his girlfriend Dr. Elizabeth Cullus, who wants a more traditional family life rather than his quest for globe-trotting adventure. And within the field of research we see dramatized the ethical dilemma of recognition in "Something of Importance" (May 3, 1962) when researcher Dr. Charles Hodiak manipulates his experimental findings to make it appear he has beaten another doctor in finding a cure for sickle cell anemia rather than admitting the 17 years he has spent on the problem have been wasted.

Then there are the doctors with personal axes to grind that interfere with the performance of their duties. In "The Chemistry of Anger" (April 26, 1962) Dr. Nicholas Keefe is a caustic perfectionist who is brilliant but alienates everyone he encounters, costing him a chance of becoming chief resident at Blair, because he is trying to make up for the misdiagnosis his late father received that led to his death. "Breakdown" (November 8, 1962) centers on brilliant orthopedist Dr. Steven Waller who develops a paranoid fixation that Kildare is out to discredit him and so stages several incidents to lay the blame on Kildare. And "The Cobweb Chain" (November 15, 1962) depicts the enormous pressure felt by and self-sabotage attempted by intern Dr. Chandra Ramid who bears the expectations of his village back in India to return with a medical degree since they have been denied having a doctor assigned to them by the national government.

The financial burden of a medical career is blended with an attempt to flesh out one of the supporting characters in "My Brother, the Doctor" (January 4, 1962), which focuses on Kildare's friend and fellow intern Dr. Simon Agurski whose brother Nathan sacrifices his own career ambitions and delays getting married in order to finance his younger brother's fledgling medical career. This episode also makes the misstep of showing fellow intern Dr. John Kapish deciding to go to work for an insurance company in order to accelerate getting a steady paycheck since he has just gotten married, and yet in subsequent episodes Kapish is still interning at Blair and chasing after attractive females, such as in "The Road to the Heart" (May 17, 1962) when he asks Kildare to take his shift in Admitting because he has a hot date. And "The Dragon" (February 15, 1962) works hard to make previously abrasive nurse Beatrice Fain more sympathetic by showing her backstory of being abandoned by a profligate husband, a morality tale she tries to pass on to young nurse Lori Palmer, whom she sees headed toward the same sad journey.

We also get a bit more background on Kildare himself, though he still remains largely a rather woodenly earnest crusader. After mentioning in a couple of previous episodes that his father is also a doctor, he returns home for a family visit in "An Ancient Office" (December 6, 1962) with Gillespie in tow, ostensibly for some relaxing fishing but inevitably getting drawn into a problematic case involving the influential local coroner. Once Kildare has again bucked conventional opinion, including Gillespie, and been proven right, his mentor correctly deduces that the younger Kildare is slightly disappointed that his own father didn't join him in standing up to the coroner. But in his often stoic way, Kildare never actually says as much or describes how it make him feel. We do see a little personal growth in "The Bronc-Buster" (March 1, 1962), however, when Kildare meets distant cousin Lucky Elcott, a rodeo rider. Kildare does not immediately warm to the folksy, lower-class widower Elcott until he learns that not only does Elcott have a degenerative condition that is threatening his career but that given his itinerant lifestyle his children do not attend a conventional school. Donning his crusader mantle, Kildare intervenes and briefly convinces Elcott to take a job as a diner cook to provide a steadier life for his children, but Elcott is terrible at the job and decides to return to his old ways for however long he can keep them up, at which point Kildare learns that Elcott has been home-schooling his kids and drawing rave reviews from the teachers who send him his lesson plans and textbooks. Kildare realizes that his own snobbishness convinced him that Elcott could not be providing a suitable upbringing for his children, and in the final scene even proudly tells Kapish that his cousin is a cowboy.

But the program goes to its greatest lengths in trying to humanize and win us over in liking Kildare's mentor and Blair's chief of staff Leonard Gillespie. We are introduced to his adult married daughter Evelyn LeFevre in "Oh, My Daughter" (January 25, 1962), who insists on returning home from France to have her father treat her when she starts having recurring attacks that turn out to be due to pregnancy, which she refuses to believe because she saw her own mother die from the after effects of childbirth at her age. (It's worth noting that a disproportionate number of male leading TV characters like Gillespie are widowers.) Gillespie gets to play the valiant hero in "The Witch Doctor" (March 8, 1962) when he threatens to expose and help prosecute a faith healer who endangers one of Kildare's patients by convincing her she does not need life-saving surgery. And again in "Guest Appearance" (October 25, 1962) Gillespie stands up for Kildare when the latter is publicly attacked by brash TV host Ted Galahad who falsely accuses Kildare's inexperience for the death of his son, with Gillespie going on Galahad's program to demonstrate Kildare's devotion to saving lives, including one of Galahad's crew members. And we are shown Gillespie's softer side in "The Bed I've Made" (December 20, 1962) when he goes to great lengths to hire Veronica Johnson as Blair's new Director of Nursing, wines and dines her, and relishes the skirmishes they have over the changes she immediately begins implementing that cause chaos amongst the rest of Blair's staff. We are supposed to be amused that Gillespie seems a little turned on by arguing with her, and when she doesn't share his enthusiasm for conflict and offers her resignation, he storms into a board meeting and rips her resignation letter to shreds. But like Kapish's marriage mentioned earlier, Veronica Johnson is never heard from or about again--she is merely part of a campaign to persuade us that Gillespie is a colorful character.

That campaign also included a cover feature story on Gillespie in the June 16, 1962 edition of TV Guide, which emphasizes how Raymond Massey's portrayal of Gillespie has shed his one-note reputation as only being able to play Abraham Lincoln and eclipsed the Lionel Barrymore version of Gillespie in an earlier series of feature films. In the same article, Massey is said to be afraid of coming off as "pretentious," and yet this is exactly the impression that Gillespie gives us most often on Dr. Kildare. Sure, we may see him eagerly go for a carnival hot dog in "The Bronc-Buster" or show compassion for child patients, but whenever Kildare goes to Gillespie with some sort of problem or follows his instincts, Gillespie is quick to criticize his approach and tell him he has much to learn in his medical career, though he is often led to finally admit that Kildare's instincts are usually right. In "Solomon's Choice" (March 29, 1962) Gillespie harshly lambasts Kildare for attempting to solve two problems--one mother's newborn baby dies and another's is unwanted--by trying to set up an adoption. Gillespie accuses Kildare of trying to play boy scout and tells him to stick to medicine, but in the very next episode, "A Very Present Help" (April 5, 1962) Gillespie does exactly the same thing he criticized Kildare for doing when he moves Catholic nun Sister Brigid Marie, who has served at the hospital for 10 years but now needs gall bladder surgery, into the same room with Janet Parker, who is resisting giving authorization for amputation of her cancerous leg, so that the nun can persuade Parker to change her mind. Gillespie's efforts at playing social worker are no more successful than Kildare's as Parker immediately recognizes what's afoot and threatens to kill herself by jumping out the window. Gillespie's hypocrisy is on display again in "A Time to Every Purpose" (December 27, 1962) when Kildare gets testy with eye surgeon Dr. Haldore Mattern for quickly suggesting teenage patient Millie Harper be referred to a psychiatrist rather than trying to coach her into accepting her new false eye, suggesting that Mattern is giving up on his patient. Gillespie actually concurs with Kildare's assessment but later privately chastises him for being disrespectful to Mattern. These instances of Gillespie pretending that something is alright when he does it but wrong when Kildare does it, along with his airy bromides, quotations of Shakespeare, and delivery reminiscent of an old-school stage actor create precisely the impression that Massey said he was trying to avoid.

Still, even though the principals on Kildare come off as wooden and pretentious, the series succeeds in its mission of educating us about the cases and challenges of the medical profession. And many of the guest performances are first rate--Suzanne Pleshette as younger nurse and drug addict Cathy Benjamin and Eileen Heckart as the older nurse and former addict Jenny Freesmith in "The Soul Killer" (November 22, 1962) are both natural in the portrayals even if the plot is rather melodramatic. Arch Johnson as Kildare's cowboy cousin in "The Bronc-Buster" is also effective in his stubbornness yet willing to bend in the interests of his children. And while it is lamentable that the program seems stuck on depicting wives of invalids as being heartless, Beverly Garland in "Hastings' Farewell" and Mary Astor in "Operation: Lazarus" (May 24, 1962) are convincing in their conflicted characterizations of women who have had to watch their husbands descend into debilitating conditions yet still try to maintain some sort of sanity for themselves. If only the producers had imbued the main characters with the same multidimensional personalities, Dr. Kildare might have ranked higher in the annals of great TV dramas.

All five seasons have been released on DVD by WarnerArchives.

The Actors

For the biographies of Richard Chamberlain, Raymond Massey, Ken Berry, Jud Taylor, Eddie Ryder, Jean Inness, and Joan Patrick, see the 1961 post on Dr. Kildare.

James T. Callahan

James Thomas Callahan was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan on October 4, 1930, the youngest of three children of salesman William Callahan and his wife Elenora. He served in the U.S. Army from 1951 to 1953, stationed in West Germany, and returned home to work in the U.S. Post Office while also attending college, where he first developed an interest in acting and was advised by one of his teachers to matriculate to the University of Washington at Seattle. He graduated with a drama degree in the late 1950s and made his TV debut in two episodes of the aviation-themed adventure series Flight in 1958. His first feature film role was an uncredited part in the 1959 war drama Battle of the Coral Sea, and he got his first screen credit in a feature film the following year in the crime drama The Walking Target. Meanwhile, he was logging a series of TV guest spots on shows such as The Californians, Steve Canyon, Dennis the Menace, and Death Valley Days. He scored his first recurring role on The Jim Backus Show as Lou in the series' second episode after playing a different character in the premiere. When this program was canceled after a single season, he resumed his frequent guest spots on series such as Perry Mason, Route 66, and The Untouchables before landing his next recurring role as intern Dr. Yates Atkinson on Dr. Kildare beginning with the episode "Solomon's Choice" in March of 1962. He would appear 8 times as Atkinson, the last coming in early 1964.

But despite an already extensive resume, his career was just getting started. After a few more guest spots on series such as My Favorite Martian and Ben Casey, he was cast as Danny Adams on the George Burns and Connie Stevens sit-com Wendy and Me which ran a single season in 1964-65. This was followed by the role of Lt. Dick O'Connell on the Don Siegel-directed World War II drama Convoy which ran for only 13 episodes in 1965. Steady guest work continued until he received his next recurring role as press secretary George Callison on The Governor & J.J. which ran for 2 seasons in 1969-70. Callahan also scored his biggest feature film role around the same time appearing in the 1970 adaptation of Henry Miller's autobiographical Tropic of Cancer playing opposite Rip Torn. In 1972 he portrayed bandleader Reg Hanley in the Billie Holliday biopic Lady Sings the Blues, a role he later described as his favorite in feature films. The 1970s saw a steady string of TV guest spots on series such as Marcus Welby, M.D., M*A*S*H, Cannon, and The Rockford Files before he was cast as police Sgt. Hal Grady on The Runaways starring a post-Brady Bunch Robert Reed, which ran for 17 episodes in 1978-79. In the 1980s he made multiple appearances on Lou Grant, Benson, Alice, and Knight Rider as well as a supporting role in Farrah Fawcett's highly praised TV movie The Burning Bed before landing his best-known and longest-running TV role as grandfather Walter Powell on Charles in Charge, which ran for a single season on CBS and three more in syndication from 1987-90. In 1994 he married for the first and only time at age 63 to Peggy Cannon while continuing to work right up to the time he contracted esophageal cancer in February 2007.He died from it 6 months later on August 3 at the age of 76.


Maxine Stuart

Born Maxine Shlivek in Deal, New Jersey on June 28, 1918, Stuart grew up and attended high school in Lawrence, Long Island, New York where her father Max worked as a lawyer. Stuart said in a 2004 interview that she wanted to be an actress from an early age, constantly reading movie magazines and going to see films in the theater. Her first professional theatrical role came in 1936 in a performance of Personal Appearance at the Federal Theatre on Long Island, part of the WPA program run by her best friend's father. She was already performing under the stage name Maxine Stuart at this time, though by 2004 she could not remember why she chose the name Stuart. She made her Broadway debut in Western Waters the following year, and her days pursuing a theatrical career were documented in friend Helen Hanff's acclaimed memoirs 84, Charing Cross Road and Underfoot in Show Business. She recalled appearing in one of the first TV dramas titled The Faker but her first credited roles were a short version of Sorry, Wrong Number and a NBC Television Theatre presentation of "Mr. and Mrs. North" in 1946. In the early 1950s she made multiple appearances on live anthology programs such as Lux Video Theatre, Goodyear Playhouse, and The Philco Television Playhouse before landing her first recurring role on Follow Your Heart in 1953, an adaptation of a popular radio serial. In 1955 she had a recurring role on the sit-com Norby as the title character's neighbor Maureen, one of the first sit-coms to be filmed and broadcast in color because it was sponsored by Kodak. In 1956-57 she played Grace O'Keefe on the soap opera The Edge of Night and finally broke into feature films, though via an uncredited part, in 1959's Career. The latter 1950s and early 1960s featured a series of guest appearances, none more famous than her role as the bandaged surgery patient in the 1960 episode "Eye of the Beholder" on The Twilight Zone. In her 2004 interview Stuart points out the irony that she was replaced by Donna Douglas when the patient's bandages are removed because she wasn't considered pretty enough to provide the contrast in a society where the horribly ugly are considered normal. In 1962 she was cast as neighbor Ruth Burton in the sit-com Room for One More, which overlapped with her first appearances as Nurse Mary Ayres on Dr. Kildare. She played the part 5 times on Kildare in addition to appearing in two other nurse roles on the program in 1963. Around the same time she also had her first notable supporting role in a feature film playing landlady Dottie in 1962's The Days of Wine and Roses.

In 1964 she had supporting roles in Kitten With a Whip and Dear Heart as well as her next recurring TV role playing Richard Crenna's secretary B.J. Clawson on Slattery's People, but Stuart says she was replaced after the first season because she was again considered not attractive enough. She returned to her soap opera roots playing Martha Coleman on The Young Marrieds in 1965, followed by the role of Mrs. Hewitt on Peyton Place from 1964-68, and Mrs. Dawson on General Hospital in 1968. TV work slowed down somewhat thereafter, though she managed feature film appearances in Winning, The Lost Man, and Suppose They Gave a War and Nobody Came. In the early 1970s several years after divorcing second husband and actor Frank Maxwell, Stuart says she fell on hard times and talked her way into a job on the staff of the TV series Cannon, which she also ended up guest starring on twice. She also appeared on The Partridge Family, The Streets of San Francisco, and The Bob Newhart Show in the mid-1970s along with a string of TV movies, but returned to a recurring role on the 1976-77 adaptation of Executive Suite playing Marge Newberry. However, the program was doomed to poor ratings after being scheduled opposite ABC's Monday Night Football and then The Rockford Files. She married a third time to actor David Shaw in 1974. She then had a regular role as Amanda Earp on the short-lived Chad Everett vehicle The Rousters in 1983-84 and received her lone Emmy nomination playing piano teacher Mrs. Carples on a 1989 episode of The Wonder Years. The recognition for that performance probably helped her land a supporting role on John Ritter's Hearts Afire playing the character Velma Davis in 1993-94, a return to soap operas as Margaret Anderson on The Young and the Restless from 1993-96 which won her the award Newcomer of the Year from Soap Opera Digest, and the role of Eleanor Rutledge on The Pursuit of Happiness in 1995. She played the character Harriet Owens three times on Chicago Hope in 1996-97 and spun off the role of Mrs. Gunther from an episode of Murder One that was expanded into the miniseries Murder One: Diary of a Serial Killer. She continued working occasionally in the late 1990s and early 2000s with her last credit coming in a 2003 episode of Judging Amy. She passed away from natural causes on June 6, 2013 at the age of 94.

Notable Guest Stars

Season 1, Episode 15, "My Brother, the Doctor": Herschel Bernardi  (shown on the left, see the biography section for the 1960 post on Peter Gunn) plays Dr. Agurski's brother Nathan. Mary LaRoche (appeared in Run Silent, Run Deep, Gidget, Bye Bye Birdie, and The Swinger and played Barbara Scott on Karen) plays Nathan's fiance Judy. Penny Santon (Madame Fatime in Don't Call Me Charlie, Madam Delacort on Roll Out, Mama Rosa Novelli on Matt Houston, Muriel Lacey on Cagney and Lacey, and Teresa Giordano on Life Goes On) plays the Agurskis' mother. Dan Sheridan (see the biography section for the 1960 post on Lawman) place the police captain at the hotel explosion. Francis de Sales (Lt. Bill Weigand on Mr. & Mrs. North, Ralph Dobson on The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet, Sheriff Maddox on Two Faces West, and Rusty Lincoln on Days of Our Lives) plays the fire chief. Harvey Korman (played various characters on The Carol Burnett Show, the voice of The Great Gazoo on The Flintstones, Harvey A. Kavanuagh on The Harvey Korman Show, Leo Green on Leo & Liz in Beverly Hills, and Reginald J. Tarkington on The Nutt House) plays Dr. B.R. Liebman in the pediatric ward. Laurence Haddon (Ed McCullough on Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, the foreign editor on Lou Grant, Dr. Mitch Ackerman on Knots Landing, Franklin Horner on Dallas) plays intern supervisor Dr. Galmeir.

Season 1, Episode 16, "The Administrator": Joseph Cotten (shown on the far right, starred in Citizen Kane, The Magnificent Ambersons, The Third Man, Niagara, and From the Earth to the Moon and hosted The Joseph Cotten Show: On Trial) plays Blair administrator Charles Ladovan. Dorothy Malone (shown on the near right, starred in Scared Stiff, Pushover, Young at Heart, Artists and Models, Written on the Wind, Man of a Thousand Faces, Too Much, Too Soon, and Basic Instinct and played Constance Mackenzie Carson on Peyton Place) plays his wife Rena. Edgar Buchanan (Uncle Joe Carson on The Beverly Hillbillies, Green Acres, and Petticoat Junction, Red Connors on Hopalong Cassidy, Judge Roy Bean on Judge Roy Bean, Doc Burrage on The Rifleman, and J.J. Jackson on Cade's County) plays Blair board president Stephen Devitt. Stafford Repp (Chief O'Hara on Batman) plays Blair stores manager Eddie Boykin. Garry Walberg (Police Sgt. Sullivan on Johnny Staccato, Sgt. Edward Goddard on Peyton Place, Speed on The Odd Couple, and Lt. Frank Monahan on Quincy M.E.) plays a photographer.

Season 1, Episode 17, "Oh, My Daughter": Dina Merrill (shown on the left, daughter of investment icon E.F. Hutton, starred in Desk Set, Operation Petticoat, BUtterfield 8, The Sundowners, The Courtship of Eddie's Father, and The Player and played Calamity Jan on Batman and Estelle Modrian on Hot Pursuit) plays Gillespie's daughter Evelyn LeFevre. Michael Evans (appeared in Bye Bye Birdie, Riot on Sunset Strip, and The Love-Ins and played Col. Douglas Austin on The Young and the Restless) plays her husband Charles. Alan Hewitt (starred in That Touch of Mink, Days of Wine and Roses, The Misadventures of Merlin Jones, and The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes and played Det. Bill Brennan on My Favorite Martian) plays internist Dr. Ivan Erickson. Victor Jory (starred in Madame Du Barry, A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Gone With the Wind, and The Miracle Worker and played Lt. Howard Finucane on Manhunt) plays psychiatrist Dr. Oscar Whelan.

Season 1, Episode 18, "The Search": Jeremy Slate (starred in The Sons of Katie Elder, The Devil's Brigade, and True Grit and played Larry Lahr on The Aquanauts and Chuck Wilson on One Life to Live) plays ambitious resident Dr. Anthony Tredman. Pippa Scott (shown on the right, see the biography section for the 1960 post on Mr. Lucky) plays his girlfriend Dr. Elizabeth Cullus. George Mathews (appeared in Pat and Mike, Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, and Heller in Pink Tights and played Chick Rogers on Glynis) plays medical investigator Dr. Willard Ryson. Vito Scotti (Jose on The Deputy, Capt. Gaspar Fomento on The Flying Nun, Gino on To Rome With Love, and Mr. Velasquez on Barefoot in the Park) plays Italian grocer Mr. Matthieau. Olive Dunbar (Mrs. Pfeiffer on My Three Sons, Ruth Jensen on My World and Welcome To It, and Bertha Bottomly on Big John, Little John) plays a child patient's mother. Nelson Olmsted (Captain Masters, MD on The Phil Silvers Show) plays the child's physician Dr. John Shea. Renata Vanni (appeared in Pay or Die!, A Patch of Blue, and Fatso and played Rose Brentano on That Girl) plays stricken piano teacher's neighbor Anna. Justin Smith (appeared in The Jazz Singer, Wild on the Beach, and The Candidate) plays a lab technician. Clark Howat (Dr. John Petrie on The Adventures of Dr. Fu Manchu and the police dispatcher on Harbor Command) plays a news reporter.

Season 1, Episode 19, "The Glory Hunter": Alfred Ryder (shown on the left, appeared in T-Men, Hamlet(1964), Hotel, and True Grit) plays renowned New Delhi-based humanitarian Dr. Tony Stewart. Miriam Colon (Dr. Santos on The Edge of Night, Maria Delgado on One Life to Live, Lydia Flores on All My Children, and Cam's Grandma on How to Make It in America) plays his wife and nurse Rani. Martin Balsam (starred in 12 Angry Men, Psycho, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and Catch-22 and later played Dr. Milton Orliff on Dr. Kildare and Murray Klein on Archie Bunker's Place) plays skeptical reporter Ned Lacey. Arte Johnson (a regular performer on Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In who played Bascomb Bleacher, Jr. on Sally, Cpl. Lefkowitz on Don't Call Me Charlie, and Clive Richlin on Glitter) plays news reporter Bud Fowler. Connie Sawyer (appeared in A Hole in the Head, Ada, Dumb and Dumber, and Lovesick) plays reporter Gladys. Olan Soule (Aristotle "Tut" Jones on Captain Midnight, Ray Pinker on Dragnet (1952-59), Cal on Stagecoach West, the Hotel Carlton desk clerk on Have Gun-- Will Travel, and Fred Springer on Arnie and voiced Batman on The All-New Super Friends Hour, Challenge of the Superfriends, The World's Greatest SuperFriends, and Super Friends) plays a radio reporter. Cliff Norton (appeared in McHale's Navy Joins the Air Force, The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, and The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! and played Boss on It's About Time and Isaac Meyer on General Hospital) plays photographer Joe Gatson. Max Showalter (appeared in Niagra, The Music Man, Dangerous Crossing, Indestructible Man, The Monster That Challenged the World, and How to Murder Your Wife and played Gus Clyde on The Stockard Channing Show) plays TV talk show host Ben Ballard. Gregory Gaye (appeared in Dodsworth, Tovarich, Ninotchka, and Creature With the Atom Brain and played The Ruler on Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe and Andre the Maitre D' on The Roaring 20's) plays neurologist Dr. Eric Kreitzer.

Season 1, Episode 20, "The Dragon": Scott Marlowe (Nick Koslo on Executive Suite, Eric Brady on Days of Our Lives, and Michael Burke on Valley of the Dolls) plays unethical resident Dr. Eddie Moore. Margaret O'Brien (shown on the right, Academy Award-winning child actress who starred in Madame Curie, Jane Eyre, Meet Me in St. Louis, Little Women, Her First Romance, and Heller in Pink Tights) plays young nurse Lori Palmer. Jack Albertson (starred in Days of Wine and Roses, Kissin' Cousins, The Flim-Flam Man, and Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and played Lt. Harry Evans on The Thin Man, Walter Burton on Room for One More, Lt. Cmdr. Virgil Stoner on Ensign O'Toole, Paul Fenton on Mister Ed, and Ed Brown on Chico and the Man) plays Nurse Fain's estranged husband Cary. Elizabeth Perry (Katy Elliott on Morning Star) plays Lori's colleague Nurse Betty Alcott.

Season 1, Episode 21, "The Stepping Stone": Joseph Schildkraut (shown on the left, Oscar winner, starred in Orphans of the Storm, The King of Kings, Viva Villa!, Cleopatra (1934), The Life of Emile Zola, The Shop Around the Corner, and The Diary of Anne Frank) plays ground-breaking research scientist Dr. Maxwell Keller. Roger Perry (James Harrigan, Jr. on Harrigan and Son, Det. Sgt. Dan Kirby on Arrest and Trial, Charles Parker on The Facts of Life, and John Costello on Falcon Crest) plays pathologist Dr. Art Bedlow. Eduardo Ciannelli (see the biography section for the 1960 post on Johnny Staccato) plays hospital patient Angelo Delvecchio. Dorothy Konrad (Mrs. Trilling on The Last Resort) plays Keller's landlady Mrs. Talmadge. Charles Seel (Otis the Bartender on Tombstone Territory, Mr. Krinkie on Dennis the Menace, and Tom Pride on The Road West) plays a medical supply store customer.

Season 1, Episode 22, "The Bronc-Buster": Arch Johnson (shown on the right, starred in Somebody Up There Likes Me, G.I. Blues, and The Cheyenne Social Club and played Gus Honochek on The Asphalt Jungle and Cmdr. Wivenhoe on Camp Runamuck) plays rodeo rider Lucky Elcott. Bill Mumy (Will Robinson on Lost in Space, Weaver on Sunshine, and Lennier on Babylon 5) plays his son Jeffrey. Rickey Kelman (Randy Towne on The Dennis O'Keefe Show and Tommy MacRoberts on Our Man Higgins) plays his son Buddy. Jennie Lynn (Jennie Baker on Love and Marriage) plays his daughter Arinelle.  Hope Summers (see the biography section for the 1961 post on The Andy Griffith Show) plays their trailer park neighbor Madge. Harry Harvey (Sheriff Tom Blodgett on The Roy Rogers Show, Mayor George Dixon on Man Without a Gun, and Houghton Stott on It's a Man's World) plays her husband Eddie. Laurence Haddon (see "My Brother, the Doctor" above) returns as Dr. Galmeir. Jimmie Horan (Trooper Hogan on F Troop) plays a hot dog vendor.

Season 1, Episode 23, "The Witch Doctor": Pat Hingle (appeared in On the Waterfront, Splendor in the Grass, Hang 'Em High, Norma Rae, Sudden Impact, Batman(1989), Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman & Robin, and Talledega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby and played Dr. Chapman on Gunsmoke and Chief Paulton on Stone) plays faith healer Lloyd Jason. Joan Hackett (shown on the left, see the biography section for the 1961 post on The Defenders) plays subdural hematoma victim Karen Welby. Don Dubbins (appeared in The Caine Mutiny, Tribute to a Bad Man, From the Earth to the Moon, and The Prize and played William Kennerly, Jr. on Peyton Place) plays Karen's fiance Roy Tyler. Lew Gallo (Major Joseph Cobb on 12 O'Clock High and directed multiple episodes of That Girl, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, Love American Style, Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, and The New Mike Hammer) plays resident Dr. Ned Rand. Meg Wyllie (Mary Elizabeth Kissell on The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters, Doris Roach and Lila Morgan Tolliver Quartermaine on General Hospital, and Aunt Lolly Stemple on Mad About You) plays one of Jason's "patients" Mrs. Taylor. Burt Mustin (see the biography section for the 1961 post on Leave It to Beaver) plays another of Jason's "patients."

Season 1, Episode 24, "The Roaring Boy-O": Dan O'Herlihy (shown on the right, played "Doc" Sardius McPheeters on The Travels of Jamie McPheeters, "Boss" Will Varner #2 on The Long, Hot Summer, Lt. Col. Max Dodd on Colditz, The Director on A Man Called Sloane, and Andrew Packard on Twin Peaks) plays alcoholic Irish poet John Patrick McHenry. Fay Spain (starred in Dragstrip Girl, Al Capone, and The Gentle Rain) plays his girlfriend Sally Winters. Jimmy Cross (Jessie Flouge on How to Marry a Millionaire) plays a bartender.

Season 1, Episode 25, "Solomon's Choice": Barbara Baxley (starred in Countdown, Nashville, Norma Rae, and The Exorcist III) plays former nurse Kitty Scola. William Schallert (shown on the left, see the biography section for the 1960 post on The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis) plays her husband Tom. Collin Wilcox Paxton (starred in To Kill a Mockingbird, Catch-22, and Jaws 2 and played Swannie O'Teale on Christy) plays new mother Winona Pine. Corey Allen (appeared in Rebel Without a Cause, Sweet Bird of Youth, and The Chapman Report and went on to direct multiple episodes of Dr. Kildare, Police Woman, Dallas, Hunter, and Star Trek: The Next Generation) plays her husband Jerome. Milt Kogan (Officer Kogan on Barney Miller and Irv on General Hospital) plays obstetrician Dr. Theodore Regan. Tyler McVey (Maj. Norgrath on Men Into Space) plays obstetrician Dr. William Ellis.

Season 1, Episode 26, "A Very Present Help": Glynis Johns (shown on the right, starred in The Sundowners, The Chapman Report, and Mary Poppins and played Glynis Granville on Glynis, Lady Penelope Peasoup on Batman, and Trudie Pepper on Coming of Age) plays hospital nun Sister Brigid Marie. Pat Crowley (Joan Nash on Please Don't Eat the Daisies, Georgia Cameron on Joe Forrester, Emily Fallmont on Dynasty, and Natalie DeWitt on The Bold and the Beautiful) plays cancer patient Janet Parker. William Leslie (appeared in The Long Gray Line, Hellcats of the Navy, Up Periscope, and Mutiny in Outer Space and was the narrator on The Prosecutors: In Pursuit of Justice) plays her husband Dick. Lew Gallo (see "The Witch Doctor" above) returns as resident Dr. Ned Rand. Russell Thorson (Det. Lt. Otto Lindstrom on The Detectives and William Kennerly on Peyton Place) plays hospital priest Father Ryan. James Maloney (Jim on 21 Beacon Street) plays alcoholic husband Paddy Delaney. Nora Marlowe (Martha Commager on Law of the Plainsman, Sara Andrews on The Governor and J.J., and Mrs. Flossie Brimmer on The Waltons) plays his injured and alcoholic wife Mamie. Darlene Gillespie (Corky Brady on Corky and White Shadow) plays Sister Brigid Marie's understudy Sister Mary Elizabeth. Jeannine Riley (appeared in Strike Me Deadly, The Big Mouth, and Electra Glide in Blue and played Billie Jo Bradley on Petticoat Junction, Lulu McQueen on Dusty's Trail, and was a regular on Hee Haw) plays aspiring nurse Gloria Carroll.

Season 1, Episode 27, "One for the Road": Lee Marvin (shown on the left, starred in The Big Heat, Bad Day at Black Rock, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Cat Ballou, The Dirty Dozen, and Paint Your Wagon and played Det. Lt. Frank Ballinger on M Squad) plays former alcoholic Dr. Paul Probeck. Paul Carr (Bill Horton on Days of Our Lives, Casey Clark on Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Dr. Paul Summers on The Doctors, Ted Prince on Dallas, and Martin Gentry on The Young and the Restless) plays anonymous alcoholic patient Vincent Ryder, aka John Doe. William Mims (see the biography section for the 1960 post on The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp) plays former executive Arthur Henderson. Cliff Osmond (appeared in The Raiders, Kiss Me, Stupid, The Fortune Cookie, and The Front Page) plays steelworker Robert Slade. Charles Aidman (narrator on the 1985-87 version of The Twilight Zone) plays alcoholic patient James Grady.

Season 1, Episode 28, "The Horn of Plenty": Lloyd Bochner (Chief Inspector Neil Campbell on Hong Kong and Cecil Colby on Dynasty) plays physician to the wealthy Dr. Harry Nelson. Julie Adams (shown on the right, starred in The Creature From the Black Lagoon and played Martha Howard on The Jimmy Stewart Show, Ann Rorchek on Code Red, and Eve Simpson on Murder, She Wrote) plays his wife Ginny. Philip Bourneuf (appeared in Joan of Arc, Chamber of Horrors, and Pete 'n' Tillie and later played Dr. Wickens on Dr. Kildare) plays Nelson's wealthy patient George Prentiss. Raymond Bailey (see the biography section for the 1961 post on The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis) plays Nelson's party guest Dr. Jerry Wagner. Steven Geray (appeared in Phantom of the Opera (1943), Spellbound, Gilda, All About Eve, and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and played Dr. Herman ver Hagen on The Danny Thomas Show) plays fearful patient Frank Chernak.

Season 1, Episode 29, "Chemistry of Anger": Rip Torn (starred in King of Kings, Sweet Bird of Youth, Tropic of Cancer, and The Cincinnati Kid and played Arthur on The Larry Sanders Show and Don Geiss on 30 Rock) plays abrasive resident Dr. Nicholas Keefe. Richard Benjamin (shown on the left, starred in Goodbye, Columbus, Catch-22, Portnoy's Complaint, and Westworld and played Dick Hollister on He & She and Adam Quark on Quark) plays intern Dr. Adam Barstow. Elizabeth MacRae (Lou-Ann Poovie on Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C., Meg Bentley on General Hospital, Phyllis Anderson and Barbara Randolph on Days of Our Lives, and Jozie on Search for Tomorrow) plays Nurse Carrie Palmer. Bert Remsen (Detective Lawrence on Peyton Place, Mr. Pell on Gibbsville, Mario on It's a Living, and Jack Crager on Dynasty) plays Keefe's best friend Dr. Tom Belmanno. Joyce Van Patten (appeared in I Love You, Alice B. Toklas!, Mame, The Bad News Bears, St. Elmo's Fire, and The Falcon and the Snowman and played Janice Turner Hughes on As the World Turns, Clara Kershaw on Young Dr. Malone, Claudia Gramus on The Good Guys, Iris Chapman on The Mary Tyler Moore Hour, Helen Marsh on All My Children, and Maureen Slattery on Unhappily Ever After) plays Belmanno's wife Julie. Doris Kemper (Zelda Harper on Westinghouse Playhouse) plays patient's wife Mattie Collins.

Season 1, Episode 30, "Something of Importance": George Voskovec (appeared in The Iron Mistress, 12 Angry Men, BUtterfield 8, and The Boston Strangler and played Petar Skagska on Skag and Fritz Brenner on Nero Wolfe) plays sickle cell anemia researcher Dr. Charles Hodiak. Adrienne Marden (Mary Breckenridge on The Waltons) plays his wife Michele. Jack Donner (Alfred the butler on General Hospital and Walter on The Guest Book) plays competing researcher Dr. John Shea. Ivan Dixon (shown on the right, starred in A Raisin in the Sun, Nothing But a Man, and A Patch of Blue and played Sgt. James Kinchloe on Hogan's Heroes) plays intern Dr. Arthur Staples. Frances Foster (appeared in Take a Giant Step, Clockers, and Crooklyn and played Grace Trainor on One Life to Live, Anne Share on The Secret Storm, and Miriam George on Ryan's Hope) plays sickle cell anemia patient Dr. Barbara James. Ed Prentiss (the narrator on Trackdown and Carl Jensen on The Virginian) plays Gillespie colleague Dr. Quentin Mason.

Season 1, Episode 31, "A Distant Thunder": Dean Jagger (shown on the left, starred in Brigham Young, Twelve O'Clock High, White Christmas, Bad Day at Black Rock, and Elmer Gantry and played Albert Vane on Mr. Novak) plays war hero Lt. Gen. John Sparrow. Michael Constantine (appeared in The Last Mile, The Hustler, The Reivers, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding and played Jack Ellenhorn on Hey, Landlord, Principal Seymour Kaufman on Room 222, Judge Matthew Sirota on Sirota's Court, and Gus on My Big Fat Greek Life) plays psychiatrist Dr. Ernest Miller. Alexander Lockwood (Judge Owen Baker on Sam Benedict) plays terminal patient Harold Lee.

Season 1, Episode 32, "The Road to the Heart": Rory O'Brien (Danny Morley on The Farmer's Daughter) plays 5-year-old poison victim Tad Thornley. Joanne Linville (shown on the right, played Amy Sinclair on The Guiding Light) plays his overprotective mother Elizabeth. Dorothy Neumann (Miss Mittleman on Hank) plays their landlady Mrs. Cassidy. Ed Prentiss (see "Something of Importance" above) plays ear specialist Dr. Quentin Mason. John Dennis (Dutch Schultz on The Lawless Years) plays a police sergeant. Madge Blake (see the biography section for the 1960 post on The Real McCoys) plays pediatrics head Nurse Helen Phipps.

Season 1, Episode 33, "Operation: Lazarus": Bert Freed (appeared in The Atomic City, The Cobweb, and Paths of Glory and played Rufe Ryker on Shane) plays psychiatric researcher Dr. Donald White. Sidney Blackmer (starred in Kismet (1930), Little Caesar, The Count of Monte Cristo, Heidi (1937), High Society, and Rosemary's Baby and played Dr. Morgan Granger on Ben Casey) plays former osteopathic surgeon Dr. Carleton Lantzinge. Mary Astor (shown on the left, starred in Beau Brummel, Don Juan, The Great Lie, The Maltese Falcon, and Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte) plays his wife Martha. Steve Franken (see the biography section for the 1960 post on The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis) plays psychiatric patient Freddie Binns. Joan Tompkins (Trudy Wagner on Sam Benedict, Mrs. Brahms on Occasional Wife, and Lorraine Miller on My Three Sons) plays psychiatric patient Emma Miller. Lauren Gilbert (appeared in X-15, The Unsinkable Molly Brown, and The Fortune Cookie and played John Olcott on Fairmeadows, U.S.A., Tom Craythorne on Love of Life, Harry Lane on The Edge of Night, and Harry Noll on Hazel) plays Martha's gentleman friend Adam Ross.

Season 2, Episode 1, "Gravida One": Patricia Barry (shown on the right, played Kate Harris on Harris Against the World, Lydia McGuire later on Dr. Kildare, Adelaide Horton Williams on Days of Our Lives, Peg English on All My Children, and Sally Gleason on Guiding Light) plays maternity patient Doris Manning. Stanley Adams (Lt. Morse on Not for Hire and Gurrah on The Lawless Years) plays obstetrics supervisor Dr. Alexander Shoates. Patience Cleveland (Dottie Sandford on General Hospital and Mrs. Messina on That's Life) plays his favorite nurse Jackie Barnett. Otto Kruger (appeared in Treasure Island, Dracula's Daughter, Saboteur, Murder, My Sweet, and High Noon) plays Blair Hospital financial backer Louis Conrad. Robert Brubacker (Deputy Ed Blake on U.S. Marshal and Floyd on Gunsmoke) plays his physician Dr. John Connor. Brenda Scott (married and divorced actor Andrew Prine three times, now married to producer Dean Hargrove, played Midge Pride on The Road West and Dr. Gina Dante Lansing on General Hospital) plays inexperienced nurse Francine Bell. Ruth McDevitt (appeared in The Parent Trap, The Birds, Dear Heart, The Love God?, and Change of Habit and played Mom Peepers on Mister Peepers, Mrs. McMurtrie on The Doctors, Grandma Effie Hanks on Pistols 'n' Petticoats, and Emily Cowles on Kolchak: The Night Stalker) plays senior nurse Adele Fromm. Stanja Lowe (Mrs. Thomas on Peyton Place) plays Conrad's attending nurse Patricia Knox.

Season 2, Episode 2, "The Burning Sky": Robert Redford (shown on the left, starred in Barefoot in the Park, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Sting, and All the President's Men) plays medical student Mark Hadley. Carroll O'Connor (starred in A Fever in the Blood, Cleopatra, Point Blank, Kelly's Heroes, and Return to Me and played Archie Bunker on All in the Family and Archie Bunker's Place, Sheriff William Gillespie on In the Heat of the Night, Jacob Gordon on Party of Five, and Gus Stemple on Mad About You) plays fire rescue supervisor Roy Drummond. Harvey Korman (see "My Brother, the Doctor" above) plays resident Dr. B.R. Liebman. Eddy Waller (see the biography section for the 1961 post on Laramie) plays retired physician Dr. Millard Eakins. Richard Bakalyan (starred in The Delicate Delinquent, The Cool and the Crazy, Juvenile Jungle, Hot Car Girl, Paratroop Command, and The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes) plays injured fire rescue worker Yount. Stephen Joyce (Bubba Wadsworth on Texas, Admiral Walter Strichen on Wiseguy, and George Connor on All My Children) plays injured fire rescue worker Jack Willis. David Sheiner (Norman Brodnik on Diana) plays cowardly camper Arthur Norris.

Season 2, Episode 3, "The Visitors": Abraham Sofaer (starred in Christopher Columbus, Quo Vadis, and Elephant Walk) plays visiting Middle Eastern ruler Shahzi Saund. John Cassavetes (shown on the right, see the biography section for the 1960 post on Johnny Staccato) plays his son Makin. Theodore Bikel (starred in Moulin Rouge, The Defiant Ones, A Dog of Flanders, My Fair Lady, and The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! and played Marin Dimitrov on Falcon Crest) plays Russian-trained neurosurgeon Dr. Mahmel Homotka. David Lewis (Senator Ames on The Farmer's Daughter, Warden Crichton on Batman, and Edward L. Quartermaine on General Hospital) plays neurosurgeon Dr. Robert Coneely. John Anderson (see the biography section for the 1960 post on The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp) plays veteran amputee Vernon Hackett. Patricia Huston (Addy Olson on Days of Our Lives and Hilda Brunschwager on L.A. Law) plays his wife Marie. Gina Gillespie (Tess on Law of the Plainsman and Mimi Scott on Karen) plays a young girl charity patient. William Tannen (Deputy Hal Norton on The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp) plays a reporter.

Season 2, Episode 4, "The Mask Makers": Carolyn Jones (shown on the left, appeared in House of Wax, The Big Heat, The Seven Year Itch, The Tender Trap, The Man Who Knew Too Much, and How the West Was Won and played Morticia Addams on The Addams Family, Marsha, Queen of Diamonds on Batman, and Myrna Clegg on Capitol) plays Kildare's friend Evy Schaller. Mike Kellin (appeared in At War With the Army, The Wackiest Ship in the Army, The Boston Strangler, and Midnight Express and played C.P.O. Willie Miller on The Wackiest Ship in the Army) plays intern Dr. Larry Phelen. Peter Miller (Lt. Stoddard on General Hospital) plays party guest Alfred. Warren J. Kemmerling (Judge Rense on How the West Was Won) plays plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Hutchens. Reba Waters (Francesca on Peck's Bad Girl) plays Sally Barton, a young patient of Hutchens'.

Season 2, Episode 5, "Guest Appearance": Jack Carter (legendary stand-up comedian, appeared in The Horizontal Lieutenant, The Happy Hooker Goes to Washington, and History of the World: Part 1, and played Glenn Wallace on Santa Barbara and Stan on Shameless) plays TV variety show host Ted Galahad. Georgann Johnson (shown on the right, played Marge Bellows on Mister Peepers, Katherine McKay on Our Family Honor, Dr. Waverly on The Colbys, Senator Janet Getzloff on Wiseguy, Charlotte O'Neill on The Trials of Rosie O'Neill, and Elizabeth Quinn on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman) plays his assistant Debby Lawton. Bernard Kates (Lalley on The Asphalt Jungle) plays the TV director. S. John Launer (Marshall Houts on The Court of Last Resort and the judge 33 times on Perry Mason) plays hospital administrator Paul. Paul Genge (Lt. Burns on 87th Precinct) plays hospital board member Walt. Bert Remsen (see "The Chemistry of Anger" above) returns as resident Dr. Tom Belmanno. Jesslyn Fax (appeared in Rear Window, The Music Man, The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, and The Love God? and played Angela Devon on Our Miss Brooks, Emma the fan club VP on The Jack Benny Program, and Wilma Fritter on Many Happy Returns) plays a complaining Blair patient.

Season 2, Episode 6, "Hastings' Farewell": Harry Guardino (starred in Houseboat, Pork Chop Hill, The Five Pennies, Hell Is for Heroes, Madigan, Dirty Harry, and The Enforcer and played Danny Taylor on The Reporter, Monty Nash on Monty Nash, and Hamilton Burger on The New Perry Mason) plays aphasia victim Gerald Hastings. Beverly Garland (shown on the left, played Casey Jones on Decoy, Ellis Collins on The Bing Crosby Show, Barbara Harper Douglas on My Three Sons, Dorothy "Dotty" West on Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Ellen Lane on Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, and Ginger on 7th Heaven) plays his wife Susan. Betty Bronson (starred in Peter Pan (1924), Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ, and Lover Come Back (1931)) plays aphasia rehabilitator Wilma McHenry.

Season 2, Episode 7, "Breakdown": Larry Parks (husband of Betty Garrett, starred in The Deerslayer, The Al Jolson Story, Down to Earth, and Love Is Better Than Ever) plays orthopedist Dr. Steven Waller. Inga Swenson (shown on the right, appeared in Advise & Consent, The Miracle Worker, and The Betsy and played Ingrid Swenson on Soap, Gretchen Wilomena Kraus on Benson, and Connie Stratford on Doctor Doctor) plays his wife Paula. Ellen Corby (Henrietta Porter on Trackdown and Esther Walton on The Waltons) plays his patient Ainsley Hallie. Norma Connolly (Lena Karr Gilroy on The Young Marrieds, Mrs. Yost on The Edge of Night, and Ruby Anderson on General Hospital) plays therapist Miss Nielsen. Norman Alden (Lucius Grundy on Not for Hire, Johnny Ringo on The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp, Captain Horton on Rango, Tom Williams on My Three Sons, Coach Leroy Fedders on Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, Al Cassidy on Fay, and Frank Heflin on Electra Woman and Dyna Girl and voiced Aquaman on Super Friends and The All-New Super Friends Hour and Hank McSummers on Devlin) plays psychiatry intern Bernie.

Season 2, Episode 8, "The Cobweb Chain": Steven Hill (shown on the left, appeared in The Slender Thread, Yentl, Legal Eagles, Brighton Beach Memoirs, and The Firm and played Daniel Briggs on Mission: Impossible and D.A. Adam Schiff on Law & Order) plays Indian intern Dr. Chandra Ramid. Miriam Colon (see "The Glory Hunter" above) plays Indian sociologist Pila. Naomi Stevens (Juanita on The Doris Day Show, Mama Rossini on My Three Sons, Sister Teresa on The Flying Nun, Rose Montefusco on The Montefuscos, and Sgt. Bella Archer on Vega$) plays unhappy patient Mrs. Gitlin. Joey Faye (Myer in Mack and Myer for Hire) plays a cab driver.

Season 2, Episode 9, "The Soul Killer": Eileen Heckart (appeared in Somebody Up There Likes Me, Bus Stop, The Bad Seed, and Butterflies Are Free and played The Boss Angel on Out of the Blue, Amy Decker on Trauma Center, Jeanine on Partners in Crime, Emma Block on Annie Maguire, Emma Buchanan on The 5 Mrs. Buchanans, and Frances Wyler on Murder One) plays veteran nurse and former addict Jenny Freesmith. Suzanne Pleshette (shown on the right, starred in The Geisha Boy, The Birds, A Rage to Live, The Ugly Dachshund, Nevada Smith, and Support Your Local Gunfighter and played Emily Hartley on The Bob Newhart Show, Maggie Briggs on Suzanne Pleshette Is Maggie Briggs¸ Christine Broderick on Nightingales, Jackie Hansen on The Boys Are Back, and Claire Arnold on Good Morning Miami) plays young nurse and addict Cathy Benjamin. Bill Bixby (Charles Raymond on The Joey Bishop Show, Tim O'Hara on My Favorite Martian, Tom Corbett on The Courtship of Eddie's Father, Anthony Blake on The Magician, Dr. David Banner on The Incredible Hulk, and Matt Cassidy on Goodnight, Beantown) plays resident Dr. John Grant. Barbara Parkins (starred in Valley of the Dolls, The Mephisto Waltz, and Puppet on a Chain and played Betty Anderson Harrington on Peyton Place) plays his wife Annie. Cheerio Meredith (Emma Brand on The Andy Griffith Show and Lovey Hackett on One Happy Family) plays landlady Mrs. Simpson. Alan Reed, Jr. (son of Alan Reed) plays emergency room physician Dr. Charles Kessler. Ellen Atterbury (wife of Malcolm Atterbury) plays morphine theft discoverer Nurse Adams.

Season 2, Episode 10, "An Ancient Office": Ed Begley, Sr. (starred in Sorry, Wrong Number, The Great Gatsby (1949), Deadline U.S.A., The Turning Point, 12 Angry Men, Sweet Bird of Youth, and Hang 'Em High and played Mr. Koppel on Leave It to Larry) plays Kildare's hometown coroner Henry Harris. Peggy Wood (starred in Almost a Husband, Handy Andy, Magnificent Doll, and The Sound of Music and played Mama Hansen on Mama) plays his wife Katie. Henderson Forsythe (shown on the left, played the House Detective on Hotel Cosmopolitan, Martin Sprode on The Edge of Night, Jim Benson on From These Roots, Dr. David Stewart on As the World Turns, Barnett Lutz on Eisenhower & Lutz, and Grandpa Jack Garrett on Nearly Departed) plays Kildare's father Stephen. Irene Hervey (appeared in Destry Rides Again, Cactus Flower, and Play Misty for Me and played Irene Forsythe on The Young Marrieds and Aunt Meg on Honey West) plays Kildare's mother Martha. Richard Davalos (appeared in East of Eden, I Died a Thousand Times, Cool Hand Luke, and Kelly's Heroes and played Cpl. Jeff Canfield on The Americans) plays Kildare's boyhood friend Gordon Hall. Joan Freeman (appeared in Come September, Panic in Year Zero!, Roustabout, The Reluctant Astronaut, and Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter and played Elma Gahrigner/Emma Gahringer in Bus Stop, Dr. Sue Lambert on Lassie, and Barbara Robinson on Code R) plays Hall's wife Ellen. Bill Quinn (see the biography section for the 1961 post on The Rifleman) plays city records clerk Mr. O'Connor.

Season 2, Episode 11, "The Legacy": Mario Alcalde (Yellow Hawk on The Texan and Chuck Atwell on Peyton Place) plays car accident burn victim Luis Nieves. Olympia Dukakis (shown on the right, starred in Made for Each Other, Moonstruck, and the Look Who's Talking franchise and played Dr. Barbara Moreno on Search for Tomorrow, Marge Barnett on Center of the Universe, Alex Mandalakis on Sex & Violence, Novalea on Forgive Me, and Anna Madrigal on Tales of the City) plays his wife Anna. Charles Macaulay (appeared in Head, Blacula, Airport '77, Raise the Titanic, Splash, and 6 Perry Mason TV movies and played Elliot Kincaid #2 on Days of Our Lives) plays driver of the other car in the accident Jameson Black. Ed Asner (appeared in The Satan Bug, The Slender Thread, The Venetian Affair, El Dorado, Change of Habit, They Call Me Mr. Tibbs!, JFK, and Up! and played Lou Grant on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Rhoda, and Lou Grant, Sam Waltman on Off the Rack, Principal Joe Danzig on The Bronx Zoo, Walter Kovacs on The Trials of Rosie O'Neill, George Lahti on Hearts Afire, Gil Jones on Thunder Alley, Carl Dobson on The Closer, Art Barnett on Center of the Universe, Wilson White on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Patrick on The Line, Hank Greziak on Working Class, and Dr. Wasserman on Michael: Tuesdays and Thursdays) plays insurance company lawyer John Fossman. Henry Beckman (Commander Paul Richards on Flash Gordon, Mulligan on I'm Dickens, He's Fenster, George Anderson on Peyton Place, Colonel Harrigan on McHale's Navy, Capt. Roland Frances Clancey on Here Come the Brides, Pat Harwell on Funny Face, Harry Mark on Bronk, and Alf Scully on Check It Out) plays briefcase salesman Sam Allen. Linda Bennett (popular singer who recorded for RCA and Mercury) plays Nurses Activities Committee chairperson Sally Kyle. Dayton Lummis (Marshal Andy Morrison on Law of the Plainsman) plays the trial judge.

Season 2, Episode 12, "The Bed I've Made": Claire Trevor (shown on the left, starred in Stagecoach, Murder, My Sweet, Raw Deal, Key Largo, Marjorie Morningstar, and How to Murder Your Wife) plays new Director of Nursing Veronica Johnson. Dan Tobin (Terrance Clay on Perry Mason) plays Blair PR manager Jonesy. Hayden Rorke (starred in Father's Little Dividend, When Worlds Collide, and Pillow Talk and played Steve on Mr. Adams and Eve, Col. Farnsworth on No Time for Sergeants, Dr. Alfred Bellows on I Dream of Jeannie, and later played Bishop on Dr. Kildare) plays Gillespie advisor Dr. Whalen. Harriet E. MacGibbon (Margaret Drysdale on The Beverly Hillbillies) plays Gillespie's favorite nurse Miss O'Connor. Grace Albertson (second wife of Frank Albertson, played Ethel Robinson on Our Private World) plays her replacement Miss Rider. Madge Blake (see "The Road to the Heart" above) returns as nursing supervisor Miss Phipps. Robert Warwick (starred in Alias Jimmy Valentine, The Supreme Sacrifice, The Heart of a Hero, and Against All Flags) plays complaining Blair physician Dr. Bromley. Grandon Rhodes (Mr. Vanderlip on The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show, Dr. Stevens on Lassie, Dr. J.P. Martin on Bonanza, and the judge 16 times on Perry Mason) plays complaining Blair physician Dr. Evans. Jackie Joseph (wife of Ken Berry, starred in Little Shop of Horrors, Who's Minding the Mint?, The Cheyenne Social Club, and Gremlins, played Jackie Parker on The Doris Day Show, and voiced Melody on Josie and the Pussycats and Josie and the Pussy Cats in Outer Space and Sandy on Dinky Dog) plays inexperienced nurse Miss Ellie Carol.

Season 2, Episode 13, "A Time to Every Purpose": Judee Morton (appeared in Zotz! and The Slime People and played Dr. Smithson on General Hospital) plays 15-year-old car accident victim Millie Harper. Betty Field (shown on the right, starred in Of Mice and Men, Victory, The Great Gatsby (1949), Picnic, Bus Stop, Birdman of Alcatraz, and Coogan's Bluff) plays her overprotective mother. Richard Eyer (starred in Ma and Pa Kettle at Home, The Invisible Boy, and Johnny Rocco and played Bobby Peterson on My Friend Irma and Davey Kane on Stagecoach West) plays Millie's boyfriend Bob Eckert. Murray Hamilton (appeared in No Time for Sergeants, Anatomy of a Murder, and The Hustler and played Steve Baker on Love and Marriage  and Capt. Rutherford T. Grant on B.J. and the Bear) plays eye surgeon Haldore Mattern. Sherry O'Neil (Sarabelle Jordan on The Young Marrieds) plays night nurse Miss Cody. Sheila Bromley (Janet Tobin on I Married Joan and Ethel Weiss on Hank) plays nurse Mrs. Foster.