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Danger Man (1961)

Before James Bond debuted on the big screen in Dr. No, before The Avengers, before Simon Templar broke on TV as The Saint, and before The Man From U.N.C.L.E. became an American television hit, there was Danger Man, TV's first globe-trotting secret agent. According to the web site, the initial Danger Man series originated when ITV producer Lew Grade was looking to develop a series that would do well in America after finding success with The Adventures of Robin Hood and to a lesser degree The Invisible Man. Writer Ralph Smart, who had worked on The Invisible Man, came up with the idea of a "lone wolf" secret agent who traveled the world handling espionage and related cases. Smart had consulted with James Bond creator Ian Fleming, who had already sold the rights to his character to Eon Productions, so they developed another character named John Drake, who behaved in much the same manner as Bond. Smart then consulted with writer Ian Stuart Black, who added the detail of having Drake be an agent of NATO, and the two agreed to further distance him from Bond by having him be an American. When then-hot theatrical actor Patrick McGoohan was approached about playing Drake, he made several stipulations on accepting the role--most notably that Drake would use a gun only as a last resort, i.e., he did not have a "license to kill," and that he would not only not seduce women on the job but would not even venture to kiss one. But when today's audiences watch the initial series' opening credits in which McGoohan introduces himself as "Drake...John Drake," the connection to Bond is unmistakable.

In the UK, the initial series' 39 episodes aired between September 1960 and January 1962. While states that the first episode to air, "View From the Villa," ran on September 10, 1960, the audio commentary for the Timeless Media Group DVD release says that it aired September 12, 1960. In the U.S. Danger Man was shown on CBS as a replacement for the hastily canceled Wanted Dead or Alive between April 5 and September 13, 1961, a period of 24 weeks. However, it is not entirely clear whether only 24 episodes aired in the States because they were not shown in sequence, and up to two episodes might air the same evening on different channels. For example, in the May 13, 1961 issue of TV Guide, Iowa edition, the episode "The Conspirators" (episode 21) airs May 17 (week 7 since the program's U.S. debut) on the CBS affiliates for Cedar Rapids, Rock Island, and Des Moines at 7:30 p.m., but later that same evening the episode "View From the Villa" (episode 1) airs on the Ottumwa affiliate, which is a shared CBS and NBC station, at 9:30 p.m. In the Carolina/Tennessee region, "View From the Villa" aired one week earlier. This same pattern repeated in September when Ottumwa aired "The Island" (episode 16) one week after it aired in Georgia, while the rest of Iowa saw "The Girl in Pink Pajamas" (episode 6), so perhaps Ottumwa was just one week behind the other markets. In the Chicago region, the program debuted on April 5 with an episode labeled "Handcuffed," according to the TV Guide listing, but it is obviously "Time to Kill" (episode 2), which screen writer Brian Clemens claims in the DVD commentary was actually the pilot. The haphazard sequencing of episodes produced some interesting anomalies, such as the fact that "The Nurse" (episode 37) aired June 28, 1961 in the Rochester, New York area but did not air until January 6, 1962 in the UK. In any case, it's probably safe to say that American audiences did not see the full 39 episodes in 1961, and without a complete collection of TV Guides it is virtually impossible to determine the complete list of episodes they did see.

Thematically, the Season 1 episodes typically begin with some kind of crime or problematic incident occurring in the opening teaser, followed by Drake being summoned by one of several superiors and given his assignment, as on Mission: Impossible but without the anonymous, self-destructing tape recording, usually sending him to an exotic locale. However, this pattern is broken in two episodes that feature Drake trying to take a much needed vacation (much as Perry Mason always seems to have his fishing trips spoiled by some local legal conundrum). In "Vacation" (episode 20), Drake boards a plane for Nice and coincidentally winds up sitting next to Andrew Amory, whom he recognizes as a notorious assassin from a file he reviewed in Washington some time ago. Rather than consulting with his superiors, he decides to trail Amory to see what he is up to, and inserts himself into the assassination that Amory has been hired to carry out. This episode reinforces the notion that Drake is so devoted to his cause that he takes on pro bono work while off the clock. In "Find and Destroy" (episode 35), Drake is about to leave for another much needed vacation in Brazil when his contact John Gordon shows up at his house just as he is leaving for the airport. Gordon has an assignment in Korea that he wants Drake to take, but Drake fends him off by taking a couple of belts of liquor just before Gordon enters the door and then feigns mental instability on top of morning drinking to get Gordon to concur with Drake's doctor's opinion that he needs some time off. However, after beginning his vacation in Rio, Drake one day returns to his hotel room to find Commander Ford and his associates in his hotel room assembling a kayak and other gear for Drake to be dropped on a nearby coastline in search of a lost and very valuable prototype unmanned submarine that the opposition would love to capture and reverse engineer. Drake takes Ford's assignment and, as the title says, finds and destroys the submarine just as it is about to fall into the enemy's hands, then resumes his vacation sunbathing on the beach when he receives a phone call from Gordon. He assumes that Gordon wants him to head straight to Korea, but instead Gordon tells him about a missing sub in his area and asks if he can give those seeking it a hand. Rather than telling him he has already handled it, Drake slyly tells Gordon he will get right on it and should be able to wrap it up in a few days, thereby guaranteeing that the rest of his vacation won't be interrupted.

Another area where Danger Man breaks the stereotypical secret agent formula (before the formula had even hardened) was in its treatment of female characters. We noted above that McGoohan refused to follow the Ian Fleming notion that women were mere toys used by Bond as pleasure devices and by his enemies as bait. Danger Man is notable for the number of women involved in espionage as principal players, not mere supporting accessories. In "Find and Return" (episode 17), Drake is assigned to capture and bring back Vanessa Stewart, who is alleged to have committed treasonous activities in Greece while traveling on a British passport. After discovering that she is being sheltered in the heavily guarded estate of wealthy kingpin Ramfi, Drake infiltrates the compound first posing as a lawyer sent to handle a matter for Ramfi's wife, whom he has coerced to help him by preying on her jealousy over her husband's attention to Stewart, and then gets Stewart to play along by pretending to be the opposition agent sent to escort her to the other side. However, after executing a daring kidnapping operation and spiriting her back to London, Drake shows compassion for Stewart, after she shows remorse for her treachery that resulted in the real opposition agent's death, by burning her British passport rather than handing it over to his superior Hardy, costing himself the 5000-pound bounty he was owed for retrieving it but also reducing Stewart's prison sentence by eliminating one of the charges for which she would have been convicted. While the author of states that Drake has a nearly misogynistic attitude toward women, this episode shows him treating Stewart with respect and empathy.

"Name, Date and Place" (episode 19) finds Drake assigned to investigate and break up a murder-for-hire organization with the twist being that the company's chief assassin is a woman. Though the assassin can be seen as a typical femme fatale, particularly since the head of the organization is a male named Collingwood Nash, the company's chief saleswoman and negotiator is also female, as are the two levels of contacts Drake has to follow to work his way to the top and find Nash. In "The Gallows Tree" (episode 23) Drake is sent to a remote corner of Scotland in search of a well-known spy who was believed to have been killed years ago only to discover that his daughter has taken over his spy operations as a way to get the opposition to leave her still-living father alone. And in "The Contessa" (episode 29) Drake is sent to Italy to break up a drug-smuggling operation that delivers dope to the States but is surprised to find that the ring is run by a wealthy socialite referred to as The Contessa rather than her husband, who it turns out died several years prior. The Contessa explains to Drake that she kept her husband's death a secret because she knew the men lower down in the organization would resist working for a woman, but her rationale for continuing to operate the ring, despite the fact that it contributed to his death when he himself became an addict, is a bit twisted--she says that her husband picked her out of the gutter after a childhood of poverty and treated her like royalty, so she feels obligated to continue living a life of luxury in his honor. The series still has its share of females serving as unwitting accomplices, such as in "The Relaxed Informer" (episode 24) or "The Girl Who Liked G.I.s" (episode 18), or willing accomplices for treacherous men, such as in "The Key" (episode 11) or "The Deputy Coyannis Story" (episode 34), but it is still remarkable for the number of women it shows engaged in criminal activity.

One of the more amusing aspects of the series is watching McGoohan's mannerisms when Drake affects a character that needs to come off as particularly American or seedy, which are sometimes interchangeable. He often assumes a semi-drunk, shambolic way of moving, slovenly dress, and often speaks with his mouth full of food or chewing gum, a stark contrast to his usual smartly dressed, well-mannered cool operator. While Sean Connery's Bond may be able to pull off the fake drunk act, he would never pass for the Ugly American that McGoohan seems to relish impersonating. And while the plots may have grown a little more predictable as the initial series wore on, the final episode "Deadline" (episode 39) is remarkable in that McGoohan is the only white actor in the entire cast for a story that primarily takes place in Africa but whose journey begins in London when Drake is summoned to the home of Sir Aaron Nelson, whom Drake is surprised to learn is black. Several earlier episodes use white European actors with dark-skinned makeup to play a series of Middle Eastern and Indian characters, but "Deadline" provides something one would never see during this era in an American TV production--a cast full of genuine black actors. Danger Man broke new ground on a number of fronts and was clearly ahead of its time. It managed to find its greatest success a few years later in the resurrected version, named Secret Agent when shown in the U.S., after the rest of the world had caught up with what Danger Man had started.

The Danger Man theme was written by Edwin Astley, who was profiled in the 1961 post on Whiplash.

The complete series has been released on DVD by Timeless Media Group.

The Actors

Patrick McGoohan

Patrick Joseph McGoohan was born March 19, 1928 in Queens, New York to Irish Catholic immigrants who returned to their home country when Patrick was 6 months old. His father, whom McGoohan described as illiterate but with an amazing memory, a fondness for Shakespeare, and a talent for the violin, tried his hand at farming in the poorest county in Ireland before finally moving the family to Sheffield, England 7 years later. During World War II, Patrick was evacuated to Leicestershire, where he attended Ratcliffe College, excelling in mathematics and boxing as well as playing the lead in a theatrical production of King Lear. He left school at age 16 and went to work in a wire factory before moving on to a bank, which he said made him feel caged. So he next found work as a chicken farmer, but an allergy revived his childhood asthma, and after spending 6 months recovering, he eventually found work as an assistant stage manager for the Sheffield Repertory Company. When actors in the company fell ill, McGoohan was pressed to fill in and eventually became a member of the regular cast, appearing in some 200 productions over the next four years. During this period he met actress Joan Drummond and the couple married in 1951. He made his television debut in a 1954 episode of the American history series You Are There, playing opposite Lorne Greene. By 1955 he had made his way to the West End in London, where he was spotted by Orson Welles during a production of Serious Charge. Welles cast him as Starbuck in his own London production of Moby Dick Rehearsed and would say in a 1969 interview, McGoohan "would now be, I think, one of the big actors of our generation if TV hadn't grabbed him. He can still make it. He was tremendous as Starbuck." That same year he made his feature film debut, appearing in four full-length movies, two of them uncredited. When working as a stand-in for Dirk Bogarde, he was offered a contract with the Rank Organisation, but soon grew to dislike their handling of actors and let the contract lapse after appearing in four feature films in 1957-58. In 1959 he received a London Drama Critics Award for his performance in a production of Henrik Ibsen's Brand. He also found occasional work on various TV programs in the late 1950s, but it was a supporting role in Clifford Odets' "The Big Knife" for ITV Play of the Week that caught the eye of producers Lew Grade and Ralph Smart, who recruited McGoohan to play secret agent John Drake in Danger Man, beginning in 1960.

After the program's initial run of 39 episodes, McGoohan returned to feature films, now as the star rather than a supporting actor, but he turned down the role of James Bond in Dr. No because as a devout Roman Catholic he was opposed to the role's celebration of sex and violence. It was the first of many notable roles he would turn down, including Simon Templar on The Saint, James Bond again in Live and Let Die, Charles Shaughnessy in Ryan's Daughter, Peter Falk's replacement on Columbo, Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and Dumbledore in the Harry Potter movie series. Instead he found what he considered more suitable roles in a pair of Walt Disney 1963 features, The Three Lives of Thomasina and Dr. Syn, Alias The Scarecrow. By 1964 with the secret agent craze in full swing, McGoohan was persuaded to resurrect John Drake in a 1-hour series that aired in the U.S. under the title Secret Agent. But this time McGoohan demanded and was given more creative control. Still, he later said the producers kept wanting to introduce more sex and violence into the series, a la James Bond, but when he felt the series had run its course, he abruptly refused to continue but persuaded Grade to back a new series about a secret agent who resigns and is then kidnapped and transported to a remote "village" that is actually a prison for those who know too much. Created, produced, and sometimes directed and written by McGoohan, The Prisoner ran for only 17 episodes but became a cult classic. He continued to star in intense feature film roles in Ice Station Zebra, The Moonshine War, and Mary, Queen of Scots in the early 1970s. After his production company in England went bankrupt, he and his wife relocated to California, in part to get away from the glare of the British press, as he later remarked that movie stars are a dime a dozen in Hollywood. In 1974 he made the first of four notable guest appearances on Columbo, two of which garnered him the only Emmy awards of his career. He returned to television in a starring role as a grouchy former Army doctor who has moved into private practice in Rafferty in 1977, but the series lasted only 13 episodes, and McGoohan later said it was hamstrung by a committee of producers all of whom thought they were in charge. In his later career, he found steady work back in supporting roles on feature films such as Silver Streak, Escape From Alcatraz, Scanners, and Braveheart. After reprising his role as The Prisoner's Number Six in a 2000 episode of The Simpsons, McGoohan logged his last credit as the voice of Billy Bones in the 2002 Disney animated feature Treasure Planet. He passed away from an undisclosed illness on January 13, 2009 at the age of 80.

Richard Wattis

Richard Cameron Wattis was born in Wednesbury, Staffordshire on February 25, 1912, the oldest of two boys. After attending school, he went to work for the William Sanders & Co. electrical engineering firm where his uncle was managing director, but began dabbling in amateur theatrical productions in Walsall at Her Majesty's Theatre before moving to the Croydon Repertory in 1935. He made his feature film debut three years later in an uncredited part in A Yank at Oxford, which starred Vivien Leigh and Robert Taylor. His fledgling movie career was interrupted by World War II, during which he served in the Royal Army Medical Corps. Returning to civilian life, his career took a few years to get rolling, as he only logged uncredited roles and a pair of TV movies in the latter 1940s. But beginning with The Best Years of Your Life in 1950, Wattis found steady work primarily playing stuffy, officious figures in comedies such as The Lavender Hill Mob, The Importance of Being Earnest, and The Belles of St. Trinians, the first of three St. Trinians comedies in which he would play education official Manton Bassett. He would also show up in minor roles in The Man Who Knew Too Much, Around the World in 80 Days, and The Prince and the Showgirl amongst dozens of other features in the mid-to-late 1950s. His first recurring TV role came playing Peter Jamison in 6 episodes of Dick and the Duchess in 1957-58. At the same time he was playing one of John Drake's many superiors on Danger Man in 1960-61 he appeared as Charles A. Brown in 17 episodes of the Eric Sykes comedy series Sykes and A... He would return to the role for the first three seasons of Sykes' 1970s sit-com Sykes from 1972-74. In between he had dozens more feature film roles in movies such as Come Fly With Me, The V.I.P.s, The Liquidator, Casino Royale, Wonderwall, and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. He had a starring role as P.C. Eddie Edwards in the short-lived 1971 sit-com Coppers End, appeared in 14 episodes as the storyteller on the children's series Jackanory, and had a supporting role in the 1974 Disney serial "Diamonds on Wheels" which appeared on The Magical World of Disney. He died of a heart attack while dining at a Kensington restaurant on February 1, 1975 at the age of 62.

Notable Guest Stars

Season 1, Episode 1, "View From the Villa": Barbara Shelley (starred in Blood of the Vampire, The Shadow of the Cat, Death Trap, and Dracula: Prince of Darkness and played Queen Flavia on Rupert of Hentzau and Elaine Smythe on Oil Strike North) plays fashion designer Scarlatti. Philip Latham (RSO Barnett on Emergency-Ward 10, Luke, the story-teller on Paul of Tarsus, Mr. Bastable on The Treasure Seekers, Oliver Backhouse on Harpers West One, Willy Izard on Mogul, Arthur Bourne on The Cedar Tree, Col. Hugh Gwillim on The Fourth Arm, and Mr. Raphael on Leaving) plays banker Frank Delroy. Delphi Lawrence (appeared in Murder on Approval, Blind Spot, and The Man Who Could Cheat Death and played Gloria on The Mulberry Accelerator) plays his wife Stella. John Lee (shown on the left, played Peter Seaforth in Adventures of the Sea Hawk, Officer Jim Howarth on The Net, Alydon on Doctor Who, Richard Mason on Marked Personal, Lt. Cmdr. Kiley on Warship, Christopher Bridgewater on Wilde Alliance, Andrew Reynolds on Prisoner: Cell Block H, Philip Stewart on Return to Eden, Reverend Critchett on Saturdee, and Leonard Mangel on Neighbours) plays her friend Tony Mayne. Colin Douglas (Sir James Fitzwilliam on The Gordon Honour, Leon on Huntingtower, Job Anderson on Treasure Island, Hugh on The Black Arrow, Bennet Killigrew on The Rebel Heiress, Archie Briggson on Emergency-Ward 10, Roger Bailiff on Three Golden Nobles, Col. Rushwick on Gamble for a Throne, Bonehead on Bonehead, Oswald Partridge on Children of the New Forest, Andrew Lane on Quick Before They Catch Us, Edwin Ashton on A Family at War, Ted Philips on Headmaster, Donald Bruce on Doctor Who, Donald Gray on Nanny, and Mr. Wardle on The Pickwick Papers) plays his henchman Mego. Court Benson (Mr. Willis on Young Mr. Bobbin and Willard on The Doctors) plays Delroy's employer Finch. Marie Burke (Mrs. Edelman on Magnolia Street) plays Scarlatti's housekeeper Anna. Raymond Young (Russell Dane on Compact) plays a marine officer.
Season 1, Episode 2, "Time to Kill": Sarah Lawson (shown on the right, played Sarah Pilgrim on The Trollenberg Terror, Ann Braithwaite on The Odd Man, Myra Gargan on Legend of Death, and Sarah Marshall on Within These Walls) plays school teacher Lisa Orin. Derren Nesbitt (appeared in Kill or Cure, The Blue Max, and Where Eagles Dare and played Campbell Goffin on Emergency-Ward 10, Tegana on Doctor Who, Det. Chief Insp. Jordan on Special Branch, and Judge Arnold Francis on The Courtroom) plays assassin Hans Vogeler. Lionel Murton (The Chief on O.S.S., Jack on The Dickie Henderson Show, Harry Cornell on Compact, and Col. Irving on Yanks Go Home) plays NATO agent Col. Keller. Carl Jaffe (Mr. Rimmer on Strictly Personal, Mr. Emmanuel on Magnolia Street, and Kassell on The Big Spender) plays assassination victim Prof. Barkoff. Louise Collins (Nancy Wallace on Moment of Truth) plays partygoer Sally Raymond. Edward Hardwicke (Capt. Pat Grant on Colditz, Arthur on My Old Man, Donald Sanders on Tycoon, Henry Bagthorpe on The Bagthorpe Saga, Sir Hector Rose on Strangers and Brothers, and Dr. Watson on The Return of Sherlock Holmes and The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes) plays a border guard. Harvey Hall (John Brooke on Good Wives and Jo's Boys, Herr Bauer on The Long Way Home, Bill Paley on Parbottle Speaking, the narrator on Look and Read, and John Marsh on Hardy Heating Compant Ltd) plays another border guard. Anthony Jacobs (Isaac Boxtel on The Black Tulip, the hotel manager on The Pen of My Aunt, Mustapha Manalik on Parbottle Speaking, and Prince Bolkonsky on War & Peace) plays a waiter at the Paris cafe.
Season 1, Episode 3, "Josetta": Julia Arnall (starred in Tears for Simon, Triple Deception, The Man Without a Body, The Trunk, and Carry On Regardless) plays blind pianist Josetta Ingres. Kenneth Haigh (shown on the left, appeared in Saint Joan, Cleopatra, and Robin and Marian and played Joe Lampton on Man at the Top) plays Army assassin Lt. Juan Cortes. Campbell Singer (John Unthank on Private Investigator and Henry Burroughs on The Newcomers) plays police inspector Col. Segur. Claire Gordon (appeared in And Women Shall Weep, Wild for Kicks, Ticket to Paradise, and Konga) plays Army wife Sandra Olot. 
Season 1, Episode 4, "The Blue Veil": Ferdy Mayne (shown on the right, appeared in Our Man in Havana, The Fearless Vampire Killers, Where Eagles Dare, The Magic Christian, and Barry Lyndon and played Mr. Saunders on Emergency-Ward 10, Vladek Gora on Quest of Eagles, and Count Dracula on Frankenstein's Aunt) plays Arabian ruler The Moukta. Lisa Gastoni (appeared in The Truth About Women, Prescription for Murder, Wrong Number, Passport to China, and The Wild, Wild Planet and played Dorothy Berridge on The Odd Man and Zia Clo Clo on Sposami) plays performer Clare Nichols. Laurence Naismith (appeared in Lust for Life, Village of the Damned, The World of Suzie Wong, Camelot, and Diamonds Are Forever and played Judge Fulton on The Persuaders! and Father Harris on Oh, Father!) plays British con man Spooner. Joseph Cuby (appeared in The Barbarians, Wonderful Life, and To Sir, With Love and played Erik Stahl on Formula for Danger and Abu Singh on Frontier Drums) plays young hustler Hassan. Peter Thornton (PC Burton on Dixon of Dock Green) plays a helicopter pilot.
Season 1, Episode 5, "The Lovers": Ewen Solon (Mul-keep-mo on The Cabin in the Clearing, Det. Insp. Fenner on A Mask for Alexis, Sgt. Lucas on Maigret, Caesar Smith on The Revenue Man, Starkey Moore on Dead Men Running, and Hugh Lacking on Section 7) plays Baravian President Pablo Gomez. Maxine Audley (shown on the left, appeared in The Barretts of Wimpole Street, Dunkirk, The Vikings, Our Man in Havana, and The Trials of Oscar Wilde and played Queen Elizabeth I on Kenilworth, Marion Whittaker on The Voodoo Factor, Miss Havisham on Great Expectations, and Eileen Gregory on Morgan's Boy) plays his wife Maria. Michael Ripper (appeared in Oliver Twist, The Belles of St. Trinian's, and Seaside Swingers and played Burke on Freewheelers, Cedric on Sir Yellow, Mr. Shepherd on Worzel Gummidge, Thomas on Butterflies, and Drones Porter on Jeeves and Wooster) plays their secretary Miguel Torres. Martin Miller (appeared in Exodus, The V.I.P.s, and Children of the Damned) plays bomb-maker Stavros. Carl Bernard (Milton on Big Guns, Alfred Lammle on Our Mutual Friend, and Ferguson on Pretenders) plays Baravian exile Leonido.

Season 1, Episode 6, "The Girl in the Pink Pajamas": Angela Browne (shown on the right, played Helen Winters on Ghost Squad, Mary Somers on The Dark Island, Sgt. Yolanda Perkins on Court Martial, Mrs. Cuthbert on Kizzy, and Margaret Randell on Breakaway) plays amnesiac nurse Anna Wilson. Robert Cawdron (Rico on The Count of Monte Cristo, Det. Supt. Tallerton on Golden Girl, PC Hugh on The Massingham Affair, Stuart L
ong on 199 Park Lane, Det. Insp. Cherry on Dixon of Dock Green, Sgt. Leduc on The Saint, and Uncle Bert Quigley on From a Bird's Eye View) plays Moldavian President Varnold. Alan Tilvern (Det. Sgt. MacBride on The Odd Man, Rufus Cargill on The Six Proud Walkers, and Nicholas Warleggan on Poldark) plays his security chief Maj. Minos. John Crawford (appeared in Zombies of the Stratosphere, John Paul Jones, Exodus, and The Americanization of Emily and played Chief Parks on Police Woman and Sheriff Ep Bridges on The Waltons) plays American brain surgeon Dr. Keller. Robert Raglan (Det. Sgt. Wyatt on Patrol Car, Inspector Wyatt on The Adventures of the Big Man, Partridge on Charge!, the Superintendent on Dixon of Dock Green, and the Colonel on Dad's Army) plays Moldavian surgeon Dr. Stanifors. Richard Warner (Perks the Porter on The Railway Children, Orlick on Great Expectations, Mr. Fisher on Walter and Connie Reporting, the storyteller on Tom Grattan's War, Justice Waddington on Crown Court, and Barry Goodson on Miracles Take Longer) plays the Murine hospital director. Colette Wilde (Mrs. Bryan on Emergency-Ward 10 and Claire Linton on Curtain of Fear) plays a farmer's wife. Frederick Schiller (Josef on The Dancing Bear) plays a country doctor. Harvey Hall (see "Time to Kill" above) plays Minos' associate Capt. Franz. Richard Marner (George Kovacs on Mackenzie and Col. Kurt von Strohm on 'Allo 'Allo!) plays the anesthetist.
Season 1, Episode 7, "Position of Trust": Donald Pleasence (shown on the left, starred in Look Back in Anger, Dr. Crippen, The Great Escape, Fantastic Voyage, You Only Live Twice, THX 1138, The Eagle Has Landed, and 5 of the first 6 Halloween films and played Det. Insp. Harry Yates on The Scarf) plays Ministry of Health clerk Capt. Aldrich. Irene Prador (Madame Melmotte on The Way We Live Now and Mrs. Lemesnki on Dear John) plays his wife. Lois Maxwell (appeared in That Hagen Girl, Aida, and Lolita and played Miss Moneypenny in 14 James Bond films) plays NATO agent Sandi Lewis. John Phillips (Col. Zapt on Rupert of Hentzau, Elzevir Block on Smuggler's Bay, Professor Bell on Alexander Graham Bell, Lt.-Col. Whitley on Frontier, Maitre Lacan on Crime of Passion, Jack Frazer on The Onedin Line, and Det. Chief Supt. Robins on Z Cars) plays Drake's old friend Paul. Martin Benson (appeared in The King and I, Exodus, Cleopatra, A Shot in the Dark, Goldfinger, and The Omen and played Duke de Medici on Sword of Freedom) plays Aldrich's superior Minister Fawzi. Derek Godfrey (Derek Tarrant on Front Page Story and Capt. Edward Holt on Warship) plays a casino manager. Derrick Shawn (Paul Sterne  on Here Lies Miss Sabry and Bryn Morriston on United!) plays Fawzi's assistant Aly.
Season 1, Episode 8, "The Lonely Chair": Sam Wanamaker (appeared in Taras Bulba, The Spy Who Came in From the Cold, Private Benjamin, and Baby Boom and played Simon Berrenger on Berrenger's and Fritz Curtis on Baby Boom) plays brilliant scientist Patrick Laurence. Hazel Court (starred in Devil Girl From Mars, The Curse of Frankenstein, The Raven, and The Masque of the Red Death and played Jane Starrett on Dick and the Duchess, Liz Woodruff on 12 O'Clock High, and Norma Hobart on Dr. Kildare) plays his estranged wife Noelle. Liz Lanchbury (presenter on Studio E) plays his daughter Sally. Jack Melford (Mr. Tibbett on Dear Dotty, Det. Sgt. Miller on Educated Evans, Mr. Quelch on Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School, and Dr. Rospin on Emergency-Ward 10) plays Laurence's valet Caldwell. Clifford Earl (Sgt. Prothero on Orlando and Bruce Jenkins on Third Time Lucky) plays Laurence's porter. Alexander Archdale (Holland on Deadline Midnight, Dr. Wallace on Hunter, and Claude Strauss on Number 96) plays Laurence employee Fordyce. Patrick Troughton (shown on the right, played Alan Breck on Kidnapped, Charles Wogan on Clementina, Sir Andrew Ffoulkes on The Scarlet Pimpernel, Gideon Sarne on Precious Bane, Larry Champion on The Royalty, Roger Trevanion on The Rebel Heiress, Capt. Luke Settle on The Splendid Spur, Paul on Paul of Tarsus, Eddie Goldsmith on Compact, Skoder on The Midnight Men, Ratsey on Smuggler's Bay, Dr. Manette on A Tale of Two Cities, Harry Porter on A Family at War, Nasca on The Feathered Serpent, Xavier on Bognor, Mr. Jessop on Nanny, J.P. Schofield on Foxy Lady, the second Doctor Who on Doctor Who, Perce on The Two of Us, and Arthur on Knights of God) plays kidnapper Brenner. Howard Pays (Bill Norton on Sixpenny Corner and Det. Con. Wilson on Outbreak of Murder) plays his henchman Holst.
Season 1, Episode 9, "The Sanctuary": Barry Keegan (Chauncey Montgomery on Glencannon and Jim Mount on Coronation Street) plays IRA rebel Michael Liamond. Kieron Moore (shown on the left, starred in Mine Own Executioner, Anna Karenina, Darby O'Gill and the Little People, The Main Attraction, and Invasion of the Triffids and played Mike Hammond on Vendetta and Hugh Ryan on Ryan International) plays his future employer Robert Crawford. Wendy Williams (Lady Lizzie Eustace on The Eustace Diamonds, Frances Graham on Knight Errant Limited, and Hon Alice Gaunt on The Regiment) plays Crawford's wife Kathy. John Rae (Angus McDrew on Potts and the Phantom Piper) plays the Crawford's butler Neil. Shay Gorman (Norman Williams on The Manageress) plays Liamond's old partner Tim Brannigan.
Season 1, Episode 10, "An Affair of State": Dorothy White (Janey Steele on Z Cars, Doreen Osborne on A Game of Murder, Eileen Baraclough on Sam, and Dorothy Kemp on Flesh and Blood) plays missing American's girlfriend Raquel Vargas. John le Mesurier (shown on the near right, appeared in I'm All Right Jack, The Moon-Spinners, The Pink Panther, and The Italian Job and played Dr. Forrest on The Railway Children, Mr. Mulberry on Happy Holidays, Col. Maynard on George and the Dragon, Lord Bleasham on  A Class by Himself, and Sgt. Arthur Wilson on Dad's Army) plays San Pablo finance minister Alvarado. Allan Gifford (appeared in The Mouse That Roared, Town Without Pity, and 2001: A Space Odyssey and played Col. Hoggart on The Airbase, Sen. Gordon Whitney on The Edge of Night, and Lloyd Munro on Crossroads) plays the American ambassador to San Pablo. Patrick Wymark (shown on the far right, appeared in Children of the Damned, Operation Crossbow, and Where Eagles Dare and played Lawless on The Black Arrow, John Wilder on The Plane Makers, and Sir John Wilder on The Power Game) plays San Pablo chief of police Ortiz. Warren Mitchell (Kegworthy on Big Guns, Prof. Pan Malcov on Colonel Trumper's Private War, Sir William Mainwaring-Brown on Men of Affairs, and Alf Garnett on Till Death Do Us Part, Til Death, In Sickness and in Health, and The Thoughts of Chairman Alf) plays missing American's work colleague Jose Santiago. Fenella Fielding (played the loudspeaker announcer on The Prisoner, The Vixen on Uncle Jack and Operation Green, Uncle Jack and the Loch Noch Monster, Uncle Jack and the Dark Side of the Moon, and Uncle Jack and Cleopatra's Mummy, and was the voice of Mother on Conditions) plays a casino hostess. Victor Baring (M. Aristide Beaumarie on Whack-o!) plays an airport official.
Season 1, Episode 11, "The Key": Robert Flemyng (shown on the left, appeared in The Man Who Never Was, Funny Face, and The Quiller Memorandum and played Anthony Freeman on Family Solicitor, Edmund Bruce on Compact, and Nigel Latimore on Crown Court) plays undercover American agent Harry Logan. Charles Carson (Mr. Thompson, Sr. on The Thompson Family, Capt. Ball on Glencannon, and Broussel on The Further Adventures of the Musketeers) plays the American ambassador to Austria. Charles Gray (appeared in You Only Live Twice, Diamonds Are Forever, and The Seven-Per-Cent Solution and played Lord Seacroft on The Upper Crust and Sir Ranald Hearnley on Madson) plays Eastern European spy Alexis Buller. Charles Lloyd Pack (Mr. Cork on Wideawake, Rev. Spoonforth on The Larkins, Adolphus Longestaffe on The Way We Live Now, and Prof. Marks on Strange Report) plays the Vienna police superintendant. Peter Swanwick (the Supervisor on The Prisoner) plays American agent Joe. Martin Sterndale (Bromly on Starr and Company) plays a Viennese detective.
Season 1, Episode 12, "The Sisters": Mai Zetterling (shown on the right, starred in Torment, Music in Darkness, Frieda, The Devil Inside, and The Man Who Finally Died, played Phylis Finley on My Wife and I) plays defecting scientist Nadia Sandor. Barbara Murray (Lucy Bath on The Widow of Bath, Dr. Anna Hastings on The Escape of R.D.7, Pamela Wilder on The Plane Makers, Mrs. Hauksbee on The Indian Tales of Rudyard Kipling, Lady Pamela Wilder on The Power Game, Deidre Baldock on Never a Cross Word, Kay Sherwin on His and Hers, and Lydia on The Bretts) plays a woman claiming to be her sister Gerda. Sydney Tafler (Charlie Davenport on Citizen James and Joe Green on Alexander the Greatest) plays double agent Mikhail Radek. Anthony Dawson (appeared in Dial M for Murder, Midnight Lace, The Devil Inside, Dr. No, and Thunderball) plays a British security official. Martin Wyldeck (Sir William on Ivanhoe, Wainwright on Nick of the River, Jenkin on The Little Ship, Augustus Bent on Swizzlewick, and Osmund Bates on Compact) plays Slavosk prison official Nagor. Toni Gilpin (Terry on Object Z Returns) plays a party girl.
Season 1, Episode 13, "The Prisoner": William Sylvester (starred in What Every Woman Wants, The Devil Inside, and 2001: A Space Odyssey and played George Carey on The Schirmer Inheritance and Mr. Simmons on Emergency-Ward 10) plays political prisoner James Carpenter and classical pianist Oscar Schumak. June Thorburn (starred in Tom Thumb, The 3 Worlds of Gulliver, and Design for Loving and played Vicky on The Four Just Men) plays his wife Sue. William Lucas (shown on the left, starred in Sons and Lovers, The Professionals, and The Break and played Reg Dorking on Portrait of Alison, David Graham on The Strange World of Planet X, Charlton Bradbury on The Crime of the Century, Jim Pereira on The Royalty, Jonathan Briggs on Champion Road, Det. Insp. Mitchell on The Days of Vengeance, Charles Shand on Curtain of Fear, Dr. James Gordon on The Adventures of Black Beauty and The New Adventures of Black Beauty, George Hayward on The Spoils of War, and Dennis Maxwell on Coronation Street) plays the Calabas Chief of Police Vasco. Michael Peake (Conrad de Monferrat on Richard the Lionheart) plays Calabas President Juarez.
Season 1, Episode 14, "The Traitor": Ronald Howard (shown on the right, played Sherlock Holmes on Sherlock Holmes, Stephen Britten on Mary Britten, M.D., Wing Commander Hayes on Cowboy in Africa, and Dr. John Dartington on The Lotus Eaters) plays mountain-top recluse Noel Goddard. Barbara Shelley (see "View From the Villa" above) plays his wife Louise. George A. Cooper (appeared in Hell Is a City, The Brain, and Tom Jones and played William Piggott on Coronation Street, Clerk of the Court on Crime of Passion, Stan on Son of the Bride, Geoffrey Fisher on Billy Liar, and Mr. Griffiths on Grange Hill) plays traitorous courier Blatta. Jack Watling (Ken Martin on Crime on Our Hands, Don Henderson on The Plane Makers and The Power Game, Professor Travers on Doctor Who, Hugh Robertson on The Newcomers, Doc Saxon on The Pathfinders, Arthur Bourne on The Cedar Tree, Dr. Roland Carmichael on Doctors' Daughters, and Matthew Dennison on Andy Robson) plays British auto mechanic Rollo Watters. Derek Sydney (Capt. Rodrigo on Sword of Freedom and Kardar Khan on Frontier Drums) plays Goddard's servant Panah. Warren Mitchell (see "An Affair of State" above) plays Drake's Indian contact Banarji.
Season 1, Episode 15, "Colonel Rodriguez": Ronald Allen (Ian Harmon on Compact, Mark Wilson on United!, Ralph Cornish on Doctor Who, David Hunter on Crossroads, and Lloyd Bradfield on Generations) plays New York press correspondent Walter Bernard. Honor Blackman (shown on the left, starred in Jason and the Argonauts, Goldfinger, and Shalako and played Iris Cope on Probation Officer, Nicole on The Four Just Men, Catherine Gale on The Avengers, Veronica Barton on Never the Twain, Laura West on The Upper Hand, and Rula Romanoff on Coronation Street) plays his wife Joan. Noel Willman (appeared in Beau Brummel, The Man Who Knew Too Much, Doctor Zhivago, and The Odessa File and played Aramis on The Man in the Iron Mask) plays Montique Chief of Police Col. Rodriguez. Campbell Singer (see "Josetta" above) plays Drake's old friend Gen. Abeijon. Maxine Audley (see "The Lovers" above) plays nightclub singer Martine. Cyril Shaps (played various characters on Supercar, Giovanni Bertuccio on The Count of Monte Cristo, Rabbi Levy on Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width, Jacques on Freewheelers, Grandpapa Merz on A Legacy, and Solly on Private Schulz) plays incriminating evidence peddler Pietro.
Season 1, Episode 16, "The Island": Ann Firbank (shown on the right, played Amy Robsart on Kenilworth, Mary Nesbitt on Emergency-Ward 10, Caroline Petrakos on 199 Park Lane, Pat Milton-Seeger on The Doctors, Alice Collinson on The Nearly Man, Sarah Gibson on Crown Court, and Sarah Brassington on Flesh and Blood) plays airline owner's daughter Bobbi Palmer. Allan Cuthbertson (appeared in Room at the Top, The Guns of Navarone, and Captain Nemo and the Underwater City and played Mr. Baxter on Emergency-Ward 10, Ronald Hawtrey on Orlando, and Tarquin on Terry and June) plays notorious assassin Mr. Wilson. Peter Stephens (John Henderson on United! and Mr. Bailey on Mr. Digby Darling) plays his partner Casseius Jones. Michael Ripper (see "The Lovers" above) plays desert island hermit Kane. Richard Thorp (Dr. John Rennie on Emergency-Ward 10 and Call Oxbridge 2000, Geoffrey Cartland on The Cedar Tree, and Alan Turner on Emmerdale) plays Drake's security assistant Bobby. Ronan O'Casey (Albert on The Trollenberg Terror, Jeff Rogers on The Larkins, The Chief on The New Forest Rustlers, and Bishop on Santa Barbara) plays an airline pilot. Nyree Dawn Porter (Hermione on The Liars, Irene Forsyte on The Forsyte Saga, Deirdre Baldock on Never a Cross Word, and Contessa Caroline di Contini on The Protectors) plays stewardess Miss Johns.
Season 1, Episode 17, "Find and Return": Moira Lister (shown on the left, starred in Files From Scotland Yard, The Limping Man, and The Yellow Rolls-Royce and played Janet Pugh on The Whitehall Worrier and Jacqui Villiers on The Very Merry Widow and The Very Merry Widow and How) plays wanted British traitor Vanessa Stewart. Donald Pleasence (see "Position of Trust" above) plays Drake's Greek contact Nikolides. Paul Stassino (appeared in The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone, The Moon-Spinners, Thunderball, and Where the Spies Are) plays wealthy estate owner Ramfi. Zena Marshall (starred in Blind Man's Bluff, The Bermuda Affair, and Dr. No) plays his wife. Warren Mitchell (see "An Affair of State" above) plays long-time Drake antagonist Stashig. Frank Thornton (Commander Fairweather on HMS Paradise, John Ross on Emergency-Ward 10, Commander L on Jane, Capt. Peacock on Are You Being Served? and Are You Being Served? Again!, and Truly on Last of the Summer Wine) plays a police captain searching Stewart's apartment.
Season 1, Episode 18, "The Girl Who Liked G.I.s": Anna Gaylor (shown on the right, starred in Elephant Gun, Life Upside Down, and The Killing Game and played Martine on The Anodin Family, Madeleine on Salon No. 8, and Mme. Mazart on Pause-cafĂ©) plays Munich party girl Vicki Lotsbeyer. Antony Bushell (appeared in Five Star Final, Vanity Fair, The Scarlet Pimpernel, The Return of the Scarlet Pimpernel, and A Night to Remember) plays her father. Graydon Gould (Capt. Wilson on Pathfinders to Venus, Mike Mercury on Supercar, and George Keeley on The Forest Rangers) plays her date Sgt. Peter Ross. Nigel Green (starred in Jason and the Argonauts, Zulu, and The Ipcress File and played Fertog the Bear on William Tell and John Hawkins on The Queen's Traitor) plays Munich policeman Col. Heinrich Wetzel. Paul Maxwell (Steve Tanner on Coronation Street, Sam Webber on The Lotus Eaters, Hellman on The Aphrodite Inheritance and was the voice of Col. Steve Zodiac on Fireball XL5) plays U.S. Army investigator Col. Doyle. 
Season 1, Episode 19, "Name, Date and Place": Cyril Raymond (starred in Disraeli, Wuthering Heights (1920), The Ghost Train, and The Shadow) plays assassination bureau kingpin Collingwood Nash. Kathleen Byron (appeared in Tom Brown's Schooldays (1951), Young Bess, The Elephant Man, Les Miserables, and Saving Private Ryan and played Margaret de la Roux on Emergency-Ward 10, Mrs. Proudpiece on Who Is Sylvia?, and Martha Finch on Together) plays his wife Deirdre. Patricia Marmont (shown on the left, played Mrs. Brown on William) plays his negotiator Rosemary. Susan Travers (Janet Malone on The Bellcrest Story and Arlette on Van Der Valk) plays his chief assassin Nita. Jean Marsh (starred in Unearthly Stranger, The Changeling, and Willow and played Sylvia Parrish on The Informer, Rose on Upstairs, Downstairs, Roz Keith on Nine to Five, Rosie Tindall on No Strings, Sarah Kingdom on Doctor Who, and Mrs. Croker on The Ghost Hunter) plays Drake's Soho intermediary Kim Russell. Delena Kidd (Rosalind Foster on The Doctors and Sarah Cunningham on Together) plays gambling addict Franky.
Season 1, Episode 20, "Vacation": Hugh McDermott (starred in The Seventh Veil, No Orchids for Miss Blandish, Lilli Marlene, and Devil Girl From Mars and played Dwight Cooper on The Flying Swan) plays assassin Andrew Amory. Barrie Ingham (Joe Hine on Hine, Bobby Stobart on Funny Man, and Leopold Bronski on Days of Our Lives) plays Amory's contact Georges. Esmond Knight (starred in The Blue Squadron, Crime Unlimited, Hamlet, and The Red Shoes and played Wackford Squeers, Sr. on Nicholas Nickleby, Silas Wegg on Our Mutual Friend, Dennis the Hangman on Barnaby Rudge, Prof. Ernest Reinhart on A for Andromeda, and Col. Vyner on The Midnight Men) plays wealthy estate owner Arthur Baron. Jacqueline Ellis (Miss Larks on The Rat Catchers) plays his niece Veronica. Lawrence Davison (Major Taylor on Spearhead) plays his secretary Gautier. Richard Clarke (shown on the right, played Harold Apthorpe on Compact, Duane Stewart on The Edge of Night, and Dave Davis on The Doctors) plays Veronica's boyfriend Ricki Clement.
Season 1, Episode 21, "The Conspirators": Hugh Moxey (Rev. Stevens on A Question of Guilt) plays former British diplomat Sir Arthur Lindsay. Patricia Driscoll (shown on the left, appeared in Charley Moon, The Child and the Killer, and The Wackiest Ship in the Army and played Katherine Walters on The Other Man, Maid Marian on The Adventures of Robin Hood, and Connie on Second Time Around) plays his wife Judith. Ian Ellis (Tubby Taylor on Adventure Weekly) plays his son Kip. Terence Longdon (appeared in Carry On Sergeant, Carry On Nurse, Ben-Hur, Carry On Constable, and Carry On Regardless and played Garry Halliday on Garry Halliday, Freddy Waters on Emergency-Ward 10, Bob Orpenshaw on The Bellcrest Story, and Wilf Stockwell on Coronation Street) plays conspirator Saunders. Percy Herbert (appeared in The Bridge on the River Kwai, The Guns of Navarone, Mutiny on the Bounty, and One Million Years B.C. and played Mr. Whittaker on The Worker and Angus MacGregor on Cimarron Strip) plays a remote island innkeeper. Alfred Burke (Frank Marker on Public Eye, Oberst Richter on Enemy at the Door, Mr. Blandy on A Question of Guilt, and Mr. Critchlow on Sophia and Constance) plays castle guard Craven. Neil McCarthy (appeared in The Devil Inside, Where Eagles Dare, and Clash of the Titans and played Hugh on Barnaby Rudge, Cobley on Barbara in Black, Joe Gargery on Great Expectations, Sam Woodyard on Catweazle, Dan Ogle on The Hole in the Wall, Crouch on Freewheelers, Alec Potter on A Little Bit of Wisdom, Barnham on Doctor Who, and Enoch Tully on Emmerdale) plays the island ferry skipper.
Season 1, Episode 22, "The Honeymooners": Ronald Allen (see "Colonel Rodriguez" above) plays newlywed Ted Baker. Sally Bazely (shown on the right, played Georgie Thompson on Father, Dear Father and Helen Chapman on Herriet's Back in Town) plays his wife Joan. Lee Montague (appeared in Moulin Rouge (1952), How I Won the War, and Brother Sun, Sister Moon and played Harry Trumbull on Feet First and Tom Sprake on Seconds Out) plays Banton Minister of Justice Chung Sun. Anthony Chinn (Chino on The Protectors) plays confused hotel guest Mitchu. Michael Peake (see "The Prisoner" above) plays the Banton president. Ric Young (China on The Chinese Puzzle, Tin Tin on Room Service, and Dr. Zhang Lee on Alias) plays a police lieutenant.
Season 1, Episode 23, "The Gallows Tree": Ewan Roberts (appeared in The Crimson Pirate, Curse of the Demon, and Invasion of the Triffids and played Inspector Ames on Colonel March of Scotland Yard, Mr. Bentley on Emergency-Ward 10, and Parkinson on Bognor) plays farm equipment salesman Craig. Wendy Craig (shown on the left, appeared in The Mind Benders, The Servant, The Nanny, and I'll Never Forget What's'isname and played Jennifer Corner on Not in Front of the Children, Sally Harrison/Redway on And Mother Makes Three and ...And Mother Makes Five, Barbara Gray/Tavener on Nanny, Ria Parkinson on Butterflies, Laura Kingsley on Laura and Disorder, Annie on Brighton Belles, Aunt Juley on The Forsyte Saga, Marion on Reggie Perrin, Matron on The Royal, Maisie on Emmerdale, and Miss Bat on The Worst Witch) plays innkeeper Jean Laing. Paul Rogers (appeared in Beau Brummell, Our Man in Havana, The Trials of Oscar Wilde, and A Midsummer Night's Dream and played Vincent Whitaker on Barriers and Hector on Connie) plays her father. Finlay Currie (starred in Great Expectations, Treasure Island, People Will Talk, and Ben-Hur) plays fisherman Jock. Raymond Huntley (Det. Insp. Austin on Operation Diplomat, Det. Insp. Kenton on A Time of Day, John Chester on Barnaby Rudge, Uncle Charles on Uncle Charles, Emanuel Holroyd on That's Your Funeral, Sir Geoffrey Dillon on Upstairs, Downstairs, Henry Parish on The Square Leopard, and Justice Downes on Crown Court) plays Drake's boss Clements. Andrew Crawford (Dr. Duncan Craig on The Broken Horseshoe, Mr. Ambler on Our Mister Ambler, and Phillip Anderton on United!) plays Drake's Scottish contact MacKenzie. John Glyn-Jones (Kendall Grimes on Brothers in Law, Daniel Jessup on Weavers Green, John Draycott on Emergency-Ward 10, McClusky on Freewheelers, and Harry Jameson on Emmerdale) plays poacher Hamish.
Season 1, Episode 24, "The Relaxed Informer": Moira Redmond (shown on the right, appeared in Nightmare, A Shot in the Dark, and The Winter's Tale and played Dee Smith on Jango and Lady Constance on Strathblair) plays translator Ruth Mitchell. Brian Rawlinson (Gaff Guernsay on The Buccaneers,Mr. Proctor on Whack-O!,  Danny Jessel on Honey Lane, Joe Makinson on Coronation Street, Robert Onedin on The Onedin Line, and Arthur Holden on The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady) plays courier Frederick. Stanley Van Beers (Chauvelin on The Scarlet Pimpernel) plays puppet seller Benedict. Duncan Lamont (Victor Carroon on The Quartermass Experiment, Det. Insp. Ford on The Other Man, David MacMorris on The Texan, and Station Sgt. Cooper on Dixon of Dock Green) plays health cult leader Joseph Brenner. Pauline Letts (Daphne Curtis on The Doctors, Sybil Banner on The Outsider, and Tony's mum on On the Up) plays his wife Greta. Paul Maxwell (see "The Girl Who Liked G.I.s" above) returns as intelligence officer Col. Doyle. Tom Gill (Mr. Pettigrew on Hotel Imperial) plays checkpoint commander Capt. Brandt.
Season 1, Episode 25, "The Brothers": Ronald Fraser (appeared in The V.I.P.s, The Flight of the Phoenix, The Killing of Sister George, and Absolute Beginners and played Basil Allenby-Johnson on The Misfit, Insp. Spooner on Spooner's Patch, Dr. Reginald Biddy on The Practice, and Harold Chambers on Life Without George) plays elusive criminal Giuseppe Morelli. Derren Nesbitt (see "Time to Kill" above) plays his brother Hugo. Lisa Gastoni (shown on the left, see "The Blue Veil" above) plays their jailed associate Lita Rossi. John Woodvine (Aramis on The Further Adventures of the Musketeers, Det. Insp. Witty on Z Cars, Bloody Delilah on The Dustbinmen, Chief Supt. John Kingdom on New Scotland Yard, Master West 468 on The Tripods, Prior Mordrin on Knights of God. M. Snotts on Runaway Bay, Bobo Sr. on Finney, Old Man Smith on Distant Shores, Norman Stamp on The Bill¸ Joe Jacobs on Emmerdale, Alan Hoyle on Coronation Street, Arthur on Hepburn, and Archbishop of York on The Crown) plays the Morellis' lookout Luigi. George Colouris (appeared in Watch on the Rhine, The Master Race, and Arabesque and played Harcourt Brown on Pathfinder to Mars and Pathfinder to Venus) plays the Sicilian Police Commissioner.
Season 1, Episode 26, "The Journey Ends Halfway": Paul Daneman (shown on the right, played Kester Woodseaves on Precious Bane, John Rokesmith on Our Mutual Friend, Wallace St. John Smith on Corrigan Blake, Henry Corner on Not in Front of the Children, Ronald Baldock on Never a Cross Word, Cmdr. Rayn on Spy Trap, and Mervyn Sloan on G.B.H.) plays refugee smuggler Dr. Bakalter. Burt Kwouk (shown on the right, appeared in Goldfinger and You Only Live Twice, played Cato Fong in 7 Pink Panther films, and played Chin on The Sentimental Agent, Mr. Yamauchi on Tenko, Mr. Hong on Honest, and Entwistle on Last of the Summer Wine) plays hotel clerk Tai. Willoughby Goddard (E. Robertson Caldwell on The Dancing Bear, Gessler on William Tell, Sir Geoffrey Norton on The Man in Room 17, Lord Charley on Charley's Grants, and Sir Jason Toovey on The Mind of Mr. J.G. Reeder) plays Drake's Mankow contact McFadden. Martin Boddey (Station Officer Blazer on Fire Crackers and Mr. Bannister on The Newcomers) plays a masseur. Anthony Chinn (see "The Honeymooners" above) plays the refugee boat captain.
Season 1, Episode 27, "Bury the Dead": Robert Shaw (shown on the far left, starred in A Man for All Seasons, The Sting, The Taking of Pelham One Two Three, Jaws, and Black Sunday and played Capt. Dan Tempest on The Buccaneers) plays NATO secret agent Tony Costello. Beverly Garland (shown on the near left, played Casey Jones on Decoy, Ellis Collins on The Bing Crosby Show, Barbara Harper Douglas on My Three Sons, Dorothy "Dotty" West on Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Ellen Lane on Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, and Ginger on 7th Heaven) plays his girlfriend Jo Harris. Dermot Walsh (starred in Third Time Lucky, Undercover Agent, and It Takes a Thief and played Dexter on Duty Bound and Richard the Lionheart on Richard the Lionheart) plays fish exporter Hugh Delano. Paul Stassino (see "Find and Return" above) plays a Sicilian police captain. Patrick Troughton (see "The Lonely Chair" above) plays thug Bartello. George Murcell (Prof. Rudolph Popkiss on Supercar and Greaves on 1990) plays his partner Bruno.
Season 1, Episode 28, "Sabotage": Maggie Fitzgibbon (shown on the right, played Vivienne Cooper on The Newcomers and Adelaide on Manhunt) plays airline owner Peta Jason. Lyn Ashley (former wife of Eric Idle, played Valerie Peters on Compact) plays her receptionist Anna. Alex Scott (appeared in Ricochet, The Blue Max, and The Abominable Dr. Phibes and played Bradley Headstone on Our Mutual Friend and Jacques St. Martin on The Sword in the Web) plays airline pilot Benson. Yvonne Romain (wife of Leslie Bricusse, appeared in Return to Sender, The Swinger, and Double Trouble) plays stewardess Giselle Simon. Oliver Burt (Father on The Story of the Treasure Seekers, Prof. Spenser on Potts and the Phantom Piper, and Xanthos on The Riddle of the Red Wolf) plays journalist B.W. Meisner.
Season 1, Episode 29, "The Contessa": Hazel Court (see "The Lonely Chair" above) plays socialite Contessa Francesca Scarafini. Irene Prador (see "Position of Trust" above) plays her maid Maria. Dudley Foster (Mr. Fielding on The Newcomers, Humphrey Hastings on A Hundred Years of Humphrey Hastings, Foster on If It Moves, File It, Det. Insp. Dunn on Z Cars, and Insp. Hook on It's Murder But Is It Art) plays drug courier Giorgio. Jackie Collins (shown on the near left, best-selling author, sister of Joan Collins) plays his girlfriend Lucia. Jennifer Jayne (appeared in The Black Widow, The Crawling Eye, Roommates, On the Beat, The Liquidator, and They Came From Beyond Space and played Hedda Tell on William Tell, Ann Somers on The Vise, and Madeleine on The Further Adventures of the Musketeers) plays landlord Rosa. Terence Cooper (shown on the far left, played Costelleaux on The Buccaneers, Gil Dawson on Number 96, Wallace Carter on Gather Your Dreams, Sir Charles Pemberton on Children of Fire Mountain, Det. Sgt. Doug Mortimer on Mortimer's Patch, and Vincetti on Bony) plays a pub singer. Lionel Murton (see "Time to Kill" above) returns as Drake's boss Col. Keller. Edward Cast (Rocky on Starr and Company and Det. Sgt. Edwards on A Mask for Alexis) plays drug courier Angelo Rossi. Bill Nagy (Gregg Flint on Coronation Street) plays bartender Mario. Ralph Truman (appeared in Henry V, Quo Vadis, The Man Who Knew Too Much, and El Cid) plays government Minister Giacondo. Edward Malin (Tucker on The Escape of R.D. 7, Oldest Brother on Oh Brother!, and Walter Tattersall on Nearest and Dearest) plays an old man Drake cons into trying to sell a dog.
Season 1, Episode 30, "The Leak": Zena Marshall (shown on the right, see "Find and Return" above) plays physician Dr. Leclair. Marne Maitland (appeared in Bhowani Junction, I'm All Right Jack, Cleopatra, and Trail of the Pink Panther) plays Middle Eastern land owner Sheikh Ahmed. Anthony Dawson (see "The Sisters" above) plays nuclear power company president Martin. Bernard Archard (Councillor Pyke on Mary Britten, M.D., Lt. Col. Oreste Pinto on Spy-Catcher, Gen. Plaski on The Midnight Men, Intendant Heatherstone on The Children of the New Forest, Maitre Dubois on Crime of Passion, The Editor on Lytton's Diary, and Leonard Kempinski on Emmerdale) plays his chief technologist Dr. Bryant. Lawrence Davidson (see "Vacation" above) plays Martin's secretary Finch. Walter Gotell (Col. Schmidt on Potts in Parovia, Chief Constable Cullen on Softly Softly: Task Force, and Sir Michael Gunther on County Hall) plays government representative Col. Perar. Patsy Smart (Mrs. Yardley on Emergency-Ward 10, Mary Grange on The Newcomers, Mrs. Burton on Spy Trap, Roberts on Upstairs/Downstairs, May Beswick on The Practice, and Miss Dingle on Terry and June) plays housekeeper Mrs. Parkes. Joseph Cuby (see "The Blue Veil" above) plays old man's friend Sadi. Eric Pohlmann (appeared in Mogambo, Gentlemen Marry Brunettes, and Lust for Life) plays baker Moham. William Dexter (Sir Robert Nailer on The Big Pull, John Maxwell on Emerald Soup, Paul Sabin on 199 Park Lane, Maj. Riarkos on The Spies, Cardinal Mazarin on The Further Adventures of the Musketeers, and Det. Supt. Oakley on Z Cars) plays the Sheikh's secretary. Barry Shawzin (Cordera on Biggles) plays thug Salah.
Season 1, Episode 31, "The Trap": Jeanne Moody (shown on the left, played Olga Yevchenko on Freewheelers) plays American embassy employee Elizabeth Warren. Noel Travarthan (Supt. Johnson on Riviera Police, Bob Wild on The Rovers, Dr. Edward Allen on Chopper Squad, Jeff Archer on The Restless Years, Uncle Clarry on Under the Mountain, Gerard Kent on Carson's Law, Malcolm Clarke on Neighbours, Tony Williams on Rafferty's Rules, and Doug Briggs on A Country Practice) plays her fiance Gino Barelli. Louise Collins (see "Time to Kill" above) plays Elizabeth's roommate Liz Parrish. Marie Burke (see "View From the Villa" above) plays Gino's mother Carla. Alan Gifford (see "An Affair of State" above) plays Drake's boss Col. Whitmore. Georgina Cookson (Mrs. Mallowe on The Indian Tales of Rudyard Kipling) plays Elizabeth's boarding house manager Miss Bishop. John Bonney (Stephen Elkin on Gamble for a Throne, Bob Piper on Contrabandits, Hal Mason on Sons and Daughters, and Martin Bradley on Home and Away) plays fake undertaker Stashig.
Season 1, Episode 32, "The Actor": Rupert Davies (shown on the right, played Capt. Flint on The Adventures of Ben Gunn, Alphonso on Sailor of Fortune, Insp. Duff on The New Adventures of Charlie Chan, Insp. Arthur Shillings on The Third Man, Chief Insp. Maigret on Maigret and Detective, Prof. Ian McClaine on Joe 90, Baker on The Man Outside, Count Rostov on War & Peace, and Dr. Jack Morrison on Marked Personal) plays NATO agent Col. Graves. Burt Kwouk (see "The Journey Ends Halfway" above) plays Hong Kong radio engineer Chen Tung. Gary Cockrell (appeared in Tarzan the Magnificent, Lolita, and The Americanization of Emily and was the choreographer on Gadzooks! It's All Happening and The Sandie Shaw Supplement) plays radio actor Al Jason. Patsy Rowlands (Bonnie on Gert and Daisy, Georgina Deverel on The Massingham Affair, Rosemary Webley on Inside George Webley, Miss Twitty on Tottering Towers, Peggy Finch on General Hospital, Sgt. Bryant on Follow That Dog, Betty Lewis on Bless This House, Susan on The Squirrels, Kitty Naylor on The Nesbitts Are Coming, Netta Kinvig on Kinvig, Sister Alice Meredith on Hallelujah!, Lily Setback on The Setbacks, and Miss Millament on The Cazalets) plays radio actor Mrs. Harkness. Ric Young (see "The Honeymooners" above) plays producer Mr. Toy. Andy Ho (Ah Syn on It Ain't Half Hot Mum) plays Chinese spy Gen. Chu-Yee.
Season 1, Episode 33, "The Hired Assassin": Judy Carne (shown on the left, played Heather Finch on Fair Exchange, Julie Willis on Love on a Rooftop, and was a regular performer on Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In) plays nightclub singer Juanita. Alan Wheatley (appeared in Brighton Rock, The Pickwick Papers, and The Shadow of the Cat and played Prince Rohat on The Midnight Men and Alex Ramsey on Mystery Hall) plays saboteur Alexis. Cyril Shaps (see "Colonel Rodriguez" above) plays his accomplice Luis. Norman Florence (Tony Marchesi on Compact) plays fellow accomplice Eduardo. Harry Lockhart (husband of fashion designer Jean Muir) plays failed saboteur Pietro. Wensley Pithey (Det. Chief Insp. Charlesworth on Mister Charlesworth, Big Guns, Charlesworth at Large, and Charlesworth, Barrington Blizard on Playbox, Robert Churchill on Call the Gun Expert, Det. Supt. Eden on Special Branch, and Wilfred Perkins on Coronation Street) plays Drake's government contact Senor Lazar.
Season 1, Episode 34, "The Deputy Coyannis Story": John Phillips (shown on the right, see "Position of Trust" above) plays south European Peasant Party chief Deputy Coyannis. Stuart Hutchison (Walter Raleigh on Kenilworth, Thomas on The Secret Garden, and John Zebedee on Paul of Tarsus) plays his son Marco. Peter Welch (Gunner Clarke on Emergency-Ward 10, Rogers on Orlando, and Det. Supt. Clark on Spy Trap) plays his top minister Salcito. Charles Gray (see "The Key" above) plays his chief nemesis, Interior Minister Zameda. Heather Chasen (Helen Baker on The World of Tim Frazer, Caroline Kerr on The Newcomers, Isabel Neal on Marked Personal, Aunt Rachel on Young Sherlock: The Mystery of the Manor House, Madge Bennett on Family Affairs, and Lydia Simmonds on EastEnders) plays his wife Lorain. Leonard Sachs (Sir Julius Berlin on Coronation Street) plays Zameda's finance minister. Bartlett Mullins (Mr. Clough on The Likely Lads, Mr. Filling on Adventure Weekly, and Wilf on House of Caradus) plays finance clerk Acardi. Robert Raglan (see "The Girl in Pink Pajamas" above) plays Coyannis associate Storch.
Season 1, Episode 35, "Find and Destroy": Peter Sallis (shown on the left, played Cady on The Widow of Bath, William Hogarth on Amelia, Mad Willy on The Chem. Lab. Mystery, Wheatfield on The Capone Investment, Mr. Gudgin on The Ghosts of Motley Hall, Arthur Simister on Leave It to Charlie, Mr. Clegg on First of the Summer Wine and Last of the Summer Wine, and voiced Rat on The Wind in the Willows and Oh! Mr. Toad and Wallace on all the Wallace and Grommet shorts, feature film, TV shorts, and video games) plays Drake's boss John Gordon. Helen Horton (Miss Fortune Emmerson on The Wide, Wide World and Mrs. Van Diemen on Hurricane) plays Drake's secretary Helen. Ronald Leigh-Hunt (appeared in The Liquidator, Le Mans, and Baxter! and played King Arthur on The Adventures of Sir Lancelot, Francis Herries on The Herries Chronicle, Gerald DeSoutter on The Doctors, Colonel Buchan on Freewheelers, Dr. Robert Thorne on General Hospital, Asst. Chief Constable Harrison on Z Cars, and The Bishop on Emmerdale) plays Drake's Brazilian contact Comdr. Ford. Alex Mango (appeared in Captain Horation Hornblower, R.N., The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, and The 3 Worlds of Gulliver and played Van Brugh on The Buccaneers) plays plantation owner Enrico. Nadja Regin (appeared in From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, and Downfall and played Zuhra on Parbottle Speaking) plays his daughter Melina. Peter Arne (appeared in Tarzan and the Lost Safari, Scent of Mystery, and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and played Richard Kendal on Joyous Errand, Copic on The Mask of Janus and The Spies, and Kevin Warrander on Triangle) plays enemy leader Maj. Hassler. Richard Clarke (see "Vacation" above) plays his gunman Fedor. 
Season 1, Episode 36, "Under the Lake": Christopher Rhodes (shown on the right, played Capt. Rudiger Maltzan on Gravelhanger) plays counterfeit money courier Gen. Gunther Von Klaus. Moira Redmond (see "The Relaxed Informer" above) plays his daughter Mitzi. Roger Delgado (Athos on The Three Musketeers, Speidel on Huntingtower, Don Jose on Queen's Champion, Mendoza on Sir Francis Drake, M. Fouquot on The Man in the Iron Mask, and The Master on Doctor Who) plays hotel owner Von Golling. Walter Gotell (see "The Leak" above) plays the hotel receptionist. Hermione Baddeley (appeared in Tom Brown's Schooldays, The Pickwick Papers, The Belles of St. Trinian's, Mary Poppins, and The Happiest Millionaire and played Grace Dutton on The Good Life and Nell Naugatuck on Maude) plays hotel guest Mrs. Grahame. Norman Florence (see "The Hired Assassin" above) plays a hotel attendant. Andrew Downie (Dr. Murray on 24-Hour Call) plays a hotel porter. Reginald Jessup (Det. Supt. Lemaitre on Gideon C.I.D. and Archie Minter on The Newcomers) plays the cable car attendant. Lionel Murton (see "Time to Kill" above) returns as Drake's boss Col. Keller.
Season 1, Episode 37, "The Nurse": Eileen Moore (first wife of actor George Cole, appeared in Mr. Denning Drives North, The Green Man, and Cry Wolf) plays royal baby's nurse Mary MacPherson. Robert Ayres (Stephen Inch on The Inch Man and Walter Allen on The Cheaters) plays American consul Waldo Hamilton. Heather Chasen (see "The Deputy Coyannis Story" above) plays his wife Helen. Harold Kasket (appeared in The Mouse That Roared, Arabesque, Trail of the Pink Panther, and Curse of the Pink Panther and played Dr. Dietrich Sterne on General Hospital) plays Middle Eastern local ruler The Moukta. Jack MacGowran (shown on the left, appeared in The Quiet Man, Darby O'Gill and the Little People, Tom Jones, The Fearless Vampire Killers, Wonderwall, Start the Revolution Without Me, and The Exorcist and played Sean on Sailor of Fortune) plays his secretary Laurence Prior. Maxwell Shaw (Uriah Heep on David Copperfield) plays rebel official Maj. Ghazi. David Oxley (appeared in The Fighting Pimpernel, The Hound of the Baskervilles, and House of the Living Dead) plays rebel escort Ahmed. Harry Lockhart (see "The Hired Assassin" above) plays rebel gunman Idris. Eric Pohlmann (see "The Leak" above) plays an innkeeper. Andrew Faulds (commentator on Garry Halliday, narrator on On Trial, and played Ian Souter on The Protectors, Rob Roy on Rob Roy, and James Loudon on Huntingtower) plays government army commander Gen. Khan.
Season 1, Episode 38, "The Dead Man Walks": Marla Landi (shown on the right, starred in First Man Into Space, The Hound of the Baskervilles(1959), The Pirates of Blood River, and The Murder Game) plays daughter of dead pathogen researcher Sita Shapadi. Joanna Dunham (Arlette on Van der Valk, Sylvia Harper on The Outsider, and Petty Officer Joan Bottomley on Then Churchill Said to Me) plays her maid Nawi. Julia Arnall (see "Josetta" above) plays her friend Natalie Smith. Richard Pearson (Fred Potter on The Royalty, Nicodemus Boffin on Our Mutual Friend, Det. Sgt. West on Vengeance, Malcolm Parkes on Freddie and Max, Dr. Piggott on Love Hurts, Harry King on My Good Friend, and voiced Mole on The Wind and the Willows and Oh! Mr. Toad) plays Natalie's husband Keith. Bryan Coleman (Geoffrey Windsor on My Friend Charles, Alistair Goodman on The Scarf, Lord Henry Norton on The Duchess of Duke Street, Mr. Brownlow on The Further Adventures of Oliver Twist, and Henry Austin on September Song) plays pathogen researcher Prof. Hanbury. William Dexter (see "The Leak" above) plays Sita's servant Azad. Michael Ripper (see "The Lovers" above) plays Drake's Indian contact Rangit Pal. Zia Mohyeddin (appeared in Lawrence of Arabia, Behold a Pale Horse, Khartoum, and Deadlier Than the Male and played Dr. Hamavid de Silva on The Hidden Truth) plays forger Wasing. 
Season 1, Episode 39, "Deadline": William Marshall (shown on the left, starred in The Boston Strangler, Zig Zag, Blacula, and Scream Blacula Scream and played Judge Marcus Black on Rosetti and Ryan and King of Cartoons on Pee Wee's Playhouse) plays African insurrectionist Saul Khano. Barbara Chilcott (appeared in Stop Me Before I Kill!, The Trap, and Lies My Father Told Me) plays his wife Mai. Edric Connor (appeared in Cry, the Beloved Country, Moby Dick, The Vikings, and 4 for Texas) plays his top lieutenant Thompson. Christopher Carlos (appeared in Tarzan the Magnificent, Foxhole in Cairo, and Tarzan's Three Challenges) plays Mai's uncle Ajali. Lionel Ngakane (Uncle on Golden Hill)) plays Bassland government agent Moses Amadu. Earl Cameron (appeared in Sapphire, Tarzan the Magnificent, Guns at Batasi, and Thunderball) plays his associate Prof. Moma.