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Route 66 (1962)


Route 66 co-creator and chief screenwriter Sterling Silliphant could have described 1962 as the best of times and worst of times, given his fondness for literary allusion (see, for example, "Where Is Chick Lorimer, Where Has She Gone?"). Co-star George Maharis received an Emmy nomination that year for best actor in a dramatic series, and the series enjoyed its greatest ratings success, placing 27th in the Nielsen ratings for 1962-63, but ironically this was exactly the same time the series was falling apart due to the illness and eventual departure of Maharis early in Season 3. While Maharis has contended consistently in interviews up to today that his reason for leaving the show was for health reasons, producer Herbert B. Leonard and Silliphant have maintained that the illness was used as a way to get out of his contract to pursue feature film and music opportunities. No one disputes that Maharis contracted hepatitis as result of working on the program. Karen Funk Blocher interviewed Maharis in 1986 for a planned book about Route 66 that she never wound up finishing but has published excerpts from that interview on her web site Maharis traced his infection to the 1962 episode "Even Stones Have Eyes" (March 30, 1962) filmed in Austin and Kerrville, Texas in which Maharis' Buz Murdock rescues his blind instructor played by Barbara Barrie when she runs off and slips into a river. Filmed in the winter at night, Maharis had to dive into 17-degree water to pull Barrie's character to safety. He wound up getting a cold and the company sent a doctor to give him a shot of vitamin B12, only Maharis wound up contracting hepatitis from the needle. The hepatitis along with the grueling Route 66 filming schedule, which Maharis said included working 16- and 17-hour days, landed Maharis in the hospital by late March 1962. What happened next is where the stories diverge.

Leonard was under pressure to finish out the filming of Season 2 as well as get the first couple of episodes filmed for the beginning of Season 3, so, according to documents published years later by Rick Dailey on his web site, he tried to combine Maharis' post-hospital recovery time with his contract-mandated vacation, a play objected to by Maharis and his agent Mimi Weber's attorney Gene Yusem. Eventually Maharis was released from the hospital on May 2, 1962, and Leonard planned to have him back working by June 4. Given his recent hospitalization and his doctor's recommendation for rest, Maharis told Leonard and company that he needed a less grueling schedule to avoid a relapse. However, at the same time he was in the midst of releasing his first vocal LP George Maharis Sings! for Epic Records, was making plans for recording a second album and entertaining feature film opportunities, and even scheduled an appearance on The Tonight Show while he was supposed to be recuperating in New York. Leonard and company took this contradiction as a sign that Maharis was trying to enhance his extra-Route 66 career at the series' expense and using his recent illness as an excuse to do so. Blocher adds that Leonard also probably distrusted Maharis after learning that he was homosexual after he had been hired to play a very hunky heterosexual character, and while Maharis has disavowed reports of any friction between him and co-star Martin Milner, he has also made numerous comments in interviews indicating that he was hurt when he never heard from or saw Milner while he was sick and that Milner was given top billing in the series as a virtual unknown, while Maharis had been the one who appeared in the Naked City episode that spawned Route 66.

While it may be fair to question Maharis' choices post-hospitalization, one also wonders, given his very recent physical ailments, why Leonard and Silliphant continued to have his character plunging into water for extended periods of time, such as the early Season 3 episode "Journey to Nineveh" (September 28, 1962) in which it is Buz rather than Tod who gets into a fishing boat with Buster Keaton's character Jonah Butler, only to have the boat sink in the lake. And in "Ever Ride the Waves in Oklahoma?" (October 12, 1962), it is Buz rather than Tod who decides to challenge Santa Monica surf king Hob Harrell, which requires him take surfing lessons for a week before attempting to shoot the pier (though, granted, the surfing scenes with Buz actually on a board are fake). Both characters are required to get wet in "Poor Little Kangaroo Rat" (November 23, 1962) when they go to work for a scientific researcher who captures sharks for tests on the cause of arterial thrombosis, though Buz is limited to diving into a waist-high holding tank while Tod is the one who jumps overboard to save the researcher's son. But Maharis recounts that by the time they filmed "Hey, Moth, Come Eat the Flame" (November 30, 1962) in St. Louis, he had suffered a relapse due to the heavy workload, which had not abated after his return, and he was advised by a doctor to go home, which is what he did. Given that episodes were not shown in the exact order in which they were filmed, he shows up again in the next episode, "Only by Cunning Glimpses" (December 7, 1962), which ironically revolves around a spiritual medium predicting that Buz would be killed by Tod and was the last episode in which Maharis appeared except for another out-of-sequence early 1963 episode, "A Gift for a Warrior" (January 18, 1963). His name would appear in the opening credits for another 3 episodes, suggesting that there may have been some attempt to keep him on the series even after his last performance. During both of Maharis' absences, the production team also tried keeping his character in the minds of viewers by having Tod periodically call in to the hospital where Buz was supposedly recovering from a virus while being attended to by attractive nurses. In the Season 3 episodes in which this ploy is used, Buz is suffering from an "echo virus," which Tod describes as a ringing in the ears, though today echovirus is a gastrointestinal malady while a ringing in the ears is known as tinnitus and does not require hospitalization. In any case, Maharis' replacement Glenn Corbett as Vietnam War veteran Linc Case made his first appearance in the March 22, 1963 episode "Fifty Miles From Home," but the series never again achieved the popularity it enjoyed when Maharis was aboard.

Aside from the off-screen drama, the 1962 episodes themselves are a mixed bag of timely or even prescient themes offset by overwrought melodrama and Silliphant's penchant for giving characters unrealistic dialogue that admirers of his style have called poetic but this author finds pompous. In the prescient category is the first episode of the year, "To Walk With the Serpent" (January 5, 1962) centered around anti-immigrant, Nazi-esque demagogue John Westerbrook who rails about how today's citizens lack the moral fiber of the original American patriots. Sound familiar? While the theme is certainly a timely one, the episode is hampered by ham-fisted dialogue and acting. Also of note: though such political positions may win the allegiance of tens of millions of Americans today, Westerbrook's retinue in this episode consists of less than 10 people. On the other side of the ledger, the aforementioned episode "Even the Stones Have Eyes" is noteworthy for its sensitive treatment of the sight-impaired after Buz suffers a workplace injury that leaves him blind and he is sent to a retreat for teaching the sight-impaired how to cope in a sighted world. The sight-impaired characters in this episode, particularly Buz's instructor Celia Monteros, demonstrate that they are not the subject of pity but have alternate ways of experiencing the world. Had the story played out merely with this theme, it would have been satisfying and entertaining, but instead we are given a melodramatic unrequited love story in which Celia falls in love with Buz but he does not return her feeling, leading to the ill-fated rescue from the freezing river that led to Maharis' bout of hepatitis. "Only by Cunning Glimpses" is another episode ahead of its time, playing out like a 1962 version of The X-Files with its tale of a fortune-telling medium who seems to be the real deal, leaving just enough uncertainty between her uncanny predictions and the impossibility of seeing the future to keep us in suspense while also examining the self-fulfilling prophecy syndrome, wherein the receiver of the prophecy is influenced to make choices that help it come true. But while The X-Files would probably leave us wondering whether Brycie Koseloff had true extra-sensory powers, Route 66 makes Brycie a phony who only pretends to be psychic in order to punish her father, whom she blames for her mother's death.

Undoubtedly the best character study amongst the 1962 episodes is "Welcome to the Wedding" (November 8, 1962) in which we meet psychopathic murderer Justin Lezama, played brilliantly by Rod Steiger (it's worth noting that Steiger would star in Silliphant's Oscar-winning screenplay In the Heat of the Night years later). Steiger is chilling in depicting how Lezama says he never felt anything, neither remorse nor joy, after killing his victim, but he is even better in showing how a psychopath can manipulate others for his own benefit when he makes Tod feel guilty about refusing to go fetch his brother so they can have a face-to-face talk before Lezama is transferred to prison. At first Tod sees no reason to help Lezama out, until Lezama starts playing on his emotions by describing his life in prison since the age of 17, how he has had no privacy 24 hours a day, and then mocks Tod by saying he must feel good about himself for refusing to help someone else. Lezama's tactics work, and Tod gives in, setting off the chain of events that lead to him being taken hostage by Lezama when the supposed brother turns out to be a fellow criminal with a gun. Unfortunately, the hostage angle is not new, even for Route 66, because the Season 2 episode "Aren't You Surprised to See Me?" (February 16, 1962) has Buz being taken hostage by a Biblically inspired serial killer Caine, who makes the ridiculous demand that the entire population of Dallas refrain from anything he considers immoral for 24 hours or he will blow Buz up with a bomb. Given how absurd the Caine character is in the earlier episode, we can at least give the series credit for presenting a more realistic, believable psychopath in Steiger's Lezama.

Less sympathetic are the fragile male egos depicted in episodes such as "From an Enchantress Fleeing" (June 1, 1962) in which inventor Dr. Lawrence Martin feels compelled to run away from his more successful wife Dr. Anna Martin because he accuses her of wanting to be self-sufficient and tells a group of like-minded belly-achers at a men-only retreat that he knew he was defeated after she insisted on putting a framed print he had bought in the bathroom after he had initially hung it in his study. Anna Martin's pediatric dental clinic is also depicted as shielding children from the unpleasant realities of the pain they are going to experience undergoing her treatments, which makes Tod, who works there, jump on the bandwagon of males complaining that women try to over-manage their lives. Another fragile male ego is millionaire cotton trader Franck Bridenbaugh in "Give the Old Cat a Tender Mouse" (December 21, 1962) whose bank has tried to match him with free-spirited millionaire heiress Vicki Russell, one of the few repeating guest characters in the series. While the two hit it off splendidly and seem headed for the altar, Bridenbaugh comes to realize that Vicki is a better dancer and equestrian than he is, and he says he doesn't like that. He just wants a woman he can come home to and relax with, perhaps like a drink of scotch, rather than a real, multi-dimensional human being with her own interests and aspirations. Tod, however, is head over heels about Vicki, spending the entire episode chasing after her and repeatedly getting ticketed or thrown in jail, which we are supposed to find humorous. Tod and Vicki first met in the Season 2 episode "How Much a Pound Is Albatross?" (February 9, 1962) when she buzzed past them into Tucson on her motorbike. Vicki is an independently wealthy young woman in search of herself who speaks like an obtuse beatnik, which is why Tod is so enamored of her--she is a female version of himself, except he actually has to work for money once in a while. And yet after she is ordered to leave Tucson at the end of their first episode together, he lets her leave, only asking how he can find her in the future, while she seems more interested in the Bridenbaugh type and is heartbroken when he breaks off their engagement, telling the private investigator sent by her bank to follow her around that even she, wild and impulsive as she is, wants someone to love. But you also have to wonder how serious Tod really is about her when the previous week he was pining over former big band singer and exotic dancer Ellen Barnes in "Where Is Chick Lorimer, Where Has She Gone?" (December 14, 1962). She also leaves him behind, abandoning her old home town that she had hoped to settle down in until her sordid past is exposed. With all the various characters running amok and never seeming to find happiness, also exposed is the myth that the place where we belong is somewhere down the open road, as if reaching a physical location or meeting one particular person will answer all the questions about who we are and should be. The characters who do seem to find resolution and contentment, such as the father-and-son duo Muddy and Arnie Mullins in "Hey, Moth, Come Eat the Flame," don't have to travel anywhere--they just look at what they already have in each other. That's an answer Tod and Buz don't seem likely to find anytime soon.

The Actors

For the biographies of Martin Milner and George Maharis, see the 1961 post on Route 66.

Notable Guest Stars

Season 2, Episode 14, "To Walk With the Serpent": Dan O'Herlihy (shown on the left, played "Doc" Sardius McPheeters on The Travels of Jamie McPheeters, "Boss" Will Varner #2 on The Long, Hot Summer, Lt. Col. Max Dodd on Colditz, The Director on A Man Called Sloane, and Andrew Packard on Twin Peaks) plays anti-immigrant demagogue John Westerbrook. Frank Sutton (appeared in Marty, Town Without Pity, and The Satan Bug and played Eric Raddison on Tom Corbett, Space Cadet and Sgt. Vince Carter on Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.) plays his bodyguard Jack Davis. DeAnn Mears (Emily Bullock on Beacon Hill and Judge Maria Gance on Law & Order) plays his girlfriend Amelia Van Ness. Logan Ramsey (Warden Wilbur Poindexter on On the Rocks and Joseph Anthony on The Young and the Restless) plays Westerbrook follower Emery Williams. Judson Laire (Lars Hanson on Mama and Thomas Henry on The Doctors and the Nurses) plays Westerbrook's father Henry. Simon Oakland (starred in Psycho, West Side Story, and Follow That Dream and played Inspector Spooner on Toma, Tony Vincenzo on Kolchak: The Night Stalker, Brig. Gen. Thomas Moore on Black Sheep Squadron, and Sgt. Abrams on David Cassidy - Man Undercover) plays FBI Special Agent Ben Newcombe. Joseph Campanella (Dr. Ted Steffen on The Doctors and the Nurses, Brian Darrell on The Bold Ones: The Lawyers, Lew Wickersham on Mannix, Ed Cooper on One Day at a Time, Hutch Corrigan on The Colbys, Harper Deveraux on Days of Our Lives, Joe on That's Life, Judge Joseph Camp on The Practice, and Jonathan Young on The Bold and the Beautiful) plays FBI agent Perry Hall.

Season 2, Episode 15, "A Long Piece of Mischief": Albert Salmi (Yadkin on Daniel Boone and Pete Ritter on Petrocelli) plays rodeo clown Ollie Crump. Audrey Totter (shown on the right, starred in The Postman Always Rings Twice, Lady in the Lake, The Set-up, and Any Number Can Play and played Beth Purcell on Cimarron City, Alice MacRoberts on Our Man Higgins, and Nurse Wilcox on Medical Center) plays trick rider Babe Hunter. Ben Johnson (starred in Shane, The Wild Bunch, Chisum, and The Getaway and played Sleeve on The Monroes) plays rodeo rider Del McNab. Slim Pickens (starred in The Story of Will Rogers, Dr. Strangelove, Blazing Saddles, The Apple Dumpling Gang, Beyond the Poseidon Adventure, and The Howling and played Slim on Outlaws, Slim Walker on The Wide Country, California Joe Milner on Custer, and Sgt. Beauregard Wiley on B.J. & the Bear) plays McNab's pal Jud. Denver Pyle (Ben Thompson on The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp, Grandpa Tarleton on Tammy, Briscoe Darling on The Andy Griffith Show, Buck Webb on The Doris Day Show, Mad Jack on The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams, and Uncle Jesse on The Dukes of Hazzard) plays rodeo owner Joe Wylie. Neal Gay (Rodeo Hall of Fame stock contractor and producer) plays a rodeo official.

Season 2, Episodes 16, "1800 Days to Justice": John Ericson (starred in Bad Day at Black Rock, Pretty Boy Floyd, The Bamboo Saucer, and Bedknobs and Broomsticks and played Sam Bolt on Burke's Law and Honey West) plays falsely accused bank robber David Job. Roger Torrey (Nils Torvald on Iron Horse and Mark Templeton on The Beverly Hillbillies) plays his henchman Candy. Marion Ross (shown on the left, played Nora on Life With Father, Susan Green on The Gertrude Berg Show, Marion Cunningham on Happy Days and Joanie Loves Chachi, Emily Heywod/Hayward on The Love Boat, Sophie Berger on Brooklyn Bridge, Beulah Carey on The Drew Carey Show, and the voice of Mrs. Lopart on Handy Manny) plays David's former girlfriend Annie O'Neil. Noah Beery, Jr. (see the biography section for the 1960 post on Riverboat) plays David's brother Emlyn. DeForest Kelley (Dr. McCoy on Star Trek) plays David's accuser Bob Harcourt, Jr. Patrick Cranshaw (Andy on Alice, Jake Loomis on Mork & Mindy, and Bob Scannell on AfterMASH) plays Harcourt, TX resident Luke. Oliver McGowan (Harvey Welk on Empire) plays Harcourt Sheriff Hank Drake.

Season 2, Episodes 17, "City of Wheels": Steven Hill (shown on the right, appeared in The Slender Thread, Yentl, Legal Eagles, Brighton Beach Memoirs, and The Firm and played Daniel Briggs on Mission: Impossible and D.A. Adam Schiff on Law & Order) plays paraplegic Korean War veteran Frank Madera. James T. Callahan (see the biography section for the 1962 post on Dr. Kildare) plays his friend Matt "Smudge" Hicks. Bethel Leslie (appeared in 15 episodes of The Richard Boone Show and played Dr. Maggie Powers on The Doctors, Claudia Conner on All My Children, and Ethel Crawford on One Life to Live) plays sympathetic nurse Lori Barton. Jacqueline Scott (starred in House of Women, Empire of the Ants, and Telefon and played Donna Kimble Taft on The Fugitive) plays her colleague Midge Duran. John Lasell (Dr. Peter Guthrie on Dark Shadows) plays VA hospital pool supervisor Dan. Henry Beckman (Commander Paul Richards on Flash Gordon, Mulligan on I'm Dickens, He's Fenster, George Anderson on Peyton Place, Colonel Harrigan on McHale's Navy, Capt. Roland Frances Clancey on Here Come the Brides, Pat Harwell on Funny Face, Harry Mark on Bronk, and Alf Scully on Check It Out) plays a nightclub masher.

Season 2, Episode 18, "How Much a Pound Is Albatross?": Julie Newmar (shown on the left, appeared in The Rookie, Li'l Abner, Mackenna's Gold, and The Maltese Bippy and played Rhoda Miller on My Living Doll and The Catwoman on Batman) plays free-spirited millionaire heiress Vicki Russell. Ray Teal (see the biography section for the 1961 post on Bonanza) plays Tucson Sheriff Ames. Med Flory (played clarinet in the Ray Anthony orchestra and founded and played alto sax in the group Super Sax, appeared in Gun Street, The Nutty Professor (1963), and The Gumball Rally, and played Sheriff Mike McBride on High Mountain Rangers) plays police patrolman Jim. Frank McHugh (appeared in The Front Page, The Crowd Roars, One Way Passage, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Going My Way, and State Fair and played Willis Walter on The Bing Crosby Show) plays barfly Landers. Thann Wyenn (Licenciado Piña on Zorro) plays a judge. Phil Arnold (vaudeville actor, appeared in Little Miss Broadway, Deadline, G.I. Jane, The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell, and Robin and the 7 Hoods and played Dr. Zerbo on Cowboy G-Men) plays bail bondsman Larry. Ted Thorpe (casting director for Hawaii Five-O) plays a store owner.

Season 2, Episode 19, "Aren't You Surprised to See Me?": David Wayne (shown on the right, starred in Adam's Rib, M, How to Marry a Millionaire, The Three Faces of Eve, and The Andromeda Strain and played Preston Norby on Norby, The Mad Hatter on Batman, Charles Dutton on The Good Life, Inspector Richard Queen on Ellery Queen, and Doctor Amos Weatherby on House Calls) plays religious serial killer Caine. James Brown (appeared in Going My Way, Sands of Iwo Jima, The Sea Hornet, and A Star Is Born (1954) and played Lt. Rip Masters on The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin and Det. Harry McSween on Dallas) plays Dallas police Capt. Strode. K Callan (appeared in Joe, A Touch of Class, American Gigolo, and Knives Out and played Katie Wabash on Joe's World, Connie Buford on Cutter to Houston, Marion Williamson on Coach, Martha Kent on Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Eleanor McGill on Carnivale, Miss Daisy on Meet the Browns, and Judy Sherman on Veep) plays a Western Union agent. Stockton Briggle (producer of Capitol) plays stockroom worker Harry.

Season 2, Episode 20, "You Never Had It So Good": Peter Graves (shown on the left, see the biography section for the 1961 post on Whiplash) plays real estate developer Lee Fisk. Patricia Barry (Kate Harris on Harris Against the World, Lydia McGuire on Dr. Kildare, Adelaide Horton Williams on Days of Our Lives, Peg English on All My Children, and Sally Gleason on Guiding Light) plays his comptroller Terry Prentiss. Lynda Day George (wife of actor Christopher George, starred in The Gentle Rain, Chisum, and Beyond Evil and played Amelia Cole on The Silent Force and Lisa Casey on Mission: Impossible) plays Buz's date Bibi.

Season 2, Episode 21, "Shoulder the Sky, My Son": Ed Asner (shown on the right, appeared in The Satan Bug, The Slender Thread, The Venetian Affair, El Dorado, Change of Habit, They Call Me Mr. Tibbs!, JFK, and Up! and played Lou Grant on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Rhoda, and Lou Grant, Sam Waltman on Off the Rack, Principal Joe Danzig on The Bronx Zoo, Walter Kovacs on The Trials of Rosie O'Neill, George Lahti on Hearts Afire, Gil Jones on Thunder Alley, Carl Dobson on The Closer, Art Barnett on Center of the Universe, Wilson White on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Patrick on The Line, Hank Greziak on Working Class, and Dr. Wasserman on Michael: Tuesdays and Thursdays) plays machine shop supervisor Carl Selman. Michael McGreevey (see the biography section for the 1960 post on Riverboat) plays his 13-year-old son Davey. Susan Gordon (appeared in Attack of the Puppet People, Tormented, The Five Pennies, and Picture Mommy Dead) plays Davey's friend Rosie Corbello. H.M. Wynant (Lt. Bauer on The Young Marrieds, Frosty on Batman, and Ed Chapman on Dallas) plays the Selmans' Rabbi Harris.

Season 2, Episode 22, "Blues for the Left Foot": Elizabeth Seal (shown on the left, Tony-winning actress, appeared in Town on Trial, Trouble in the Sky, and Vampire Circus) plays former dancer Rosemarie Brown. Akim Tamiroff (starred in The Lives of a Bengal Lancer, The Way of All Flesh, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Touch of Evil, and Ocean's 11) plays CBS producer Sam Benjamin. Zack Matalon (first husband of Elizabeth Seal) plays TV star Peter Martin. Harvey Lembeck (appeared in You're in the Navy Now, Stalag 17, and The Unsinkable Molly Brown, played Eric Von Zipper in 5 beach movies--Beach Party, Bikini Beach, Pajama Party, Beach Blanket Bingo, and How to Stuff a Wild Bikini, and played Chips Collins on Make Room for Daddy, Cpl. Rocco Barbella on The Phil Silvers Show, and Seaman Gabby di Julio on Ensign O'Toole) plays Martin's comic sidekick Zip. Elaine Joyce (appeared in West Side Story, How to Frame a Figg, and Motel Hell and played Marsha on City of Angels and Alexandra on Mr. Merlin) plays chorus girl Maxine. Larri Thomas (the Billboard Girl on The Hollywood Palace and a regular performer on The Dean Martin Show) plays chorus girl Joy. Zeme North (appeared in Zotz!, Palm Springs Weekend, and That Funny Feeling and played Judy Kimball on The Secret Life of Henry Phyfe) plays chorus girl Rhoda. Joseph Mell (Bill Pence on Gunsmoke) plays Rosemarie's late husband's manager Marty Epstein.

Season 2, Episode 23, "Go Read the River": John Larch (starred in The Wrecking Crew, Play Misty for Me, and Dirty Harry and played Deputy District Attorney Jerry Miller on Arrest and Trial, Gerald Wilson on Dynasty, and Arlen & Atticus Ward on Dallas) plays speed-boat designer Sandy Mason. Lois Smith (shown on the right, appeared in East of Eden, Five Easy Pieces, Fatal Attraction, Fried Green Tomatoes, Twister, and Minority Report and played Mrs. Bendarik on Love of Life, Eleanor Conrad on The Doctors, Mrs. Oates on The Edge of Night, Aunt Betsy Cramer on One Life to Live, Ruth on Ruth & Erica, Adele Stackhouse on True Blood, and Jeanne Anne McCullough on The Son) plays his daughter Dana. Russell Johnson (starred in It Came From Outer Space, This Island Earth, and Johnny Dark and played Marshal Gib Scott on Black Saddle, Professor Roy Hinkley on Gilligan's Island, and Assistant D.A. Brenton Grant on Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law) plays metallurgist Bob Keel. Frank Maxwell (Duncan MacRoberts on Our Man Higgins, Henry Coleman on The Young Marrieds, Col. Garraway on The Second Hundred Years, Capt. Nye on Felony Squad, and Dan Rooney on General Hospital) plays Mason employee George Mills. Elizabeth MacRae (Lou-Ann Poovie on Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C., Meg Bentley on General Hospital, Phyllis Anderson and Barbara Randolph on Days of Our Lives, and Jozie on Search for Tomorrow) plays rival engineer Jean Cory. John Astin (appeared in That Touch of Mink, The Wheeler Dealers, Move Over, Darling, Viva Max, and Freaky Friday and played Harry Dickens on I'm Dickens, He's Fenster, Gomez Addams on The Addams Family, Rudy Pruitt on The Phyllis Diller Show, Lt. Cmdr. Matthew Sherman on Operation Petticoat, Ed LaSalle on Mary, Buddy Ryan on Night Court, Radford on Eerie, Indiana, and Prof. Albert Wickwire on The Adventures of Briscoe County, Jr.) plays security guard Benson. Harold Gould (Bowman Chamberlain on The Long Hot Summer, Harry Danton on The Feather and Father Gang, Martin Morgenstern on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Rhoda, Jonah Foot on Foot in the Door, Ben Sprague on Spencer, and Miles Webber on The Golden Girls) plays company president Edward Crane.

Season 2, Episode 24, "Even Stones Have Eyes": Barbara Barrie (shown on the left, played Ginny Crandall on Love of Life, Norma Brodnik on Diana, Elizabeth Miller on Barney Miller, Evelyn Stoller on Breaking Away, Ellen Hobbes on Tucker's Witch, Elizabeth Potter on Reggie, Aunt Margo on Double Trouble, and Helen Keane on Suddenly Susan) plays blind instructor Celia Monteros. Paul Tripp (host of children's shows Mr. I. Magination and On the Carousel and co-creator of Tubby the Tuba) plays Lions Club camp manager Frank Robinson. Booth Colman (Zaius on Planet of the Apes, Prof. Hector Jerrold on General Hospital, and Dr. Felix Burke on The Young and the Restless) plays Austin physician Dr. Snyder. Dallas Mitchell (Det. Fisher on The Asphalt Jungle) plays Buz's roommate Chet Hollis.

Season 2, Episode 25, "Love Is a Skinny Kid": Tuesday Weld (shown on the right, see the biography section for the 1960 post on The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis) plays former mental patient Miriam Moore. Cloris Leachman (starred in The Last Picture Show, Charley and the Angel, Dillinger, and Young Frankenstein and played Effie Perrine on Charlie Wild, Private Detective, Ruth Martin on Lassie, Rhoda Kirsh on Dr. Kildare, Phyllis Lindstrom on Mary Tyler Moore, Rhoda, and Phyllis, Beverly Ann Stickle on The Facts of Life, Mrs. Frick on The Nutt House, Emily Collins on Walter & Emily, Grammy Winthrop on Thanks, Dot Richmond on The Ellen Show, Ida on Malcolm in the Middle, Maw Maw on Raising Hope, and Mrs. Mandelbaum on Mad About You) plays her mother Lydia Manning. Burt Reynolds (see the biography section for the 1960 post on Riverboat) plays local bully Tommy. Veronica Cartwright (starred in The Birds, The Children's Hour, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978), Alien, The Right Stuff, and The Witches of Eastwick and played Jemima Boone on Daniel Boone, Molly Hark on Tanner '88, A.D.A. Margaret Flanagan on L.A. Law, Cassandra Spender on The X-Files, Valerie Shenkman on Invasion, and Bun Waverly on Eastwick) plays Miriam at age 9. Harry Townes (starred in The Brothers Karamazov, Screaming Mimi, and Sanctuary) plays newspaper publisher Jason Palmer.  Malcolm Atterbury (starred in I Was a Teenage Werewolf, The Birds, and The Learning Tree and played John Bixby on Wagon Train and Grandfather Aldon on Apple's Way) plays Kilkenny, TX Sheriff Jim Bruner. Patrick Cranshaw (see "1800 Days to Justice" above) plays boarding house proprietor Alfred.

Season 2, Episode 26, "Kiss the Maiden All Forlorn": Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. (shown on the left, son of silent film star Douglas Fairbanks and first husband of Joan Crawford, starred in Little Caesar, The Prisoner of Zenda, Gunga Din, Angles Over Broadway, and Sinbad, the Sailor) plays fugitive Charles Clayton. Zina Bethune (Robin Lang on Guiding Light, Lisha Steele on Young Doctor Malone, Gail Lucas on The Doctors and the Nurses, and Barbara Sterling on Love of Life) plays his daughter Bonnie. James Brown (see "Aren't You Surprised to See Me?" above) plays the Dallas sheriff. Elena Verdugo (appeared in House of Frankenstein, Gene Autry and the Mounties, The Pathfinder, and Angel in My Pocket and played Millie Bronson on Meet Millie, Gerry on Redigo, Audrey on The New Phil Silvers Show, Lynn Hall on Many Happy Returns, Alice on Mona McCluskey, and Consuelo Lopez on Marcus Welby, M.D.) plays Clayton's mistress Elena Madragarra. Michael Tolan (Dr. Alan Tazinski on The Doctors and the Nurses, Jordan Boyle on The Bold Ones: The Senator, and Dan Whitfield on The Mary Tyler Moore Show) plays her brother Antonio. Arthur Hill (starred in The Deep Blue Sea, Harper, The Andromeda Strain, and A Bridge Too Far and played Owen Marshall on Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law and Charles Hardwick on Glitter) plays newspaper reporter Howard Davis. Duke Farley (Sgt. Reilly on Car 54, Where Are You?) plays his editor. Beatrice Straight (starred in Patterns, Network, Endless Love, and Poltergeist and played Vinnie Phillips on Love of Life, Mrs. Hacker on Beacon Hill, and Louisa Beauchamp on King's Crossing) plays convent leader Mother Teresa. Bobby Hargis (motorcycle police officer riding alongside John F. Kennedy's limousine during assassination in Dallas) plays a police officer.

Season 2, Episode 27, "Two on the House": Ralph Meeker (shown on the right, starred in The Naked Spur, Kiss Me Deadly, Paths of Glory, and The Dirty Dozen and played Sgt. Steve Dekker on Not for Hire) plays construction mogul Willard McIntyre. Katherine Meskill (Marian Winters on Guiding Light, Agnes Metcalf on Search for Tomorrow, Mattie Lane Grimsley on The Edge of Night, and Mavis Fleming on Love of Life) plays his secretary Miss Clevinger. Henry Jones (Dean Fred Baker on Channing, Owen Metcalf on The Girl With Something Extra, Judge Jonathan Dexter on Phyllis, Josh Alden on Mrs. Columbo, Homer McCoy on Gun Shy, B. Riley Wicker on Falcon Crest, and Hughes Whitney Lennox on I Married Dora) plays tour boat captain Asa Turnbull. Patricia Smith (Charlotte Landers on The Debbie Reynolds Show and Margaret Hoover on The Bob Newhart Show) plays school teacher Evelyn Aubrey. Herb Voland (appeared in The Shakiest Gun in the West, The Love God?, and Airplane! and played Fred Hammond on Love on a Rooftop, Henry Masterson on Mister Deeds Goes to Town, Neil Oglivie on Arnie, J.J. McNish on The Paul Lynde Show, and Gen. Crandell Clayton on M*A*S*H) plays Cleveland police Lt. Bill Garrison. Barnard Hughes (appeared in Hamlet, Midnight Cowboy, TRON, and The Lost Boys and played Dr. Bruce Banning on Guiding Light, Wilfred Hollister on The Secret Storm, Mr. Barton on As the World Turns, Dr. Joe Bogert on Doc, Max Merlin on Mr. Merlin, Francis Cavanaugh on The Cavanaughs, and Buzz Richman on Blossom) plays transient Al Forrester. Fred Stromsoe (Officer Jerry Woods on Adam-12, stunt coordinator on Petrocelli and Logan's Run, and first assistant director on Dallas) plays a grocery delivery van driver.

Season 2, Episode 28, "There I Am -- There I Always Am": Joanna Moore (shown on the left, see the biography section for the 1962 post on The Andy Griffith Show) plays bored socialite Lola. Emile Genest (Napoleon Plouffe on La famille Plouffe and Charles Gougier on Monsieur le ministre) plays her boyfriend Emil Barraux. Larry Tucker (Paul Mazursky's writing partner, co-wrote I Love You, Alice B. Toklas!, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, and Alice in Wonderland (1970), co-created The Monkees, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, Mr. Merlin, and Stir Crazy) plays a pool-playing bartender.

Season 2, Episode 29, "Between Hello and Goodbye": Susan Oliver (shown on the right, played Ann Howard on Peyton Place and Laura Horton on Days of Our Lives) plays split personality Chris Sinclair/Claire Richard. Herschel Bernardi (see the biography section for the 1960 post on Peter Gunn) plays her therapist Dr. Arthur Reisman. Joan Tompkins (Trudy Wagner on Sam Benedict, Mrs. Brahms on Occasional Wife, and Lorraine Miller on My Three Sons) plays realtor Mrs. Thomas. Ruth Enders (Ruth on Birthday House) plays real estate client Mrs. Martin.

Season 2, Episode 30, "A Feat of Strength": Jack Warden (shown on the left, starred in From Here to Eternity, 12 Angry Men, and Run Silent, Run Deep and played Matt Gower on The Asphalt Jungle, Major Simon Butcher on The Wackiest Ship in the Army, Lt. Mike Haines on N.Y.P.D., Morris Buttermaker on The Bad News Bears, and Harry Fox, Sr. on Crazy Like a Fox) plays Hungarian wrestler and freedom fighter Sandor Biro. Signe Hasso (appeared in Heaven Can Wait (1943), The House on 92nd Street, and To the Ends of the Earth) plays his wife Eva. Joe De Santis (appeared in Deadline - U.S.A., I Want to Live!, Al Capone, and Madame X) plays wrestling promoter Rudy Steiner. Norman Grabowski (appeared in Girls Town, College Confidential, Sex Kittens Go to College, Roustabout, The Monkey's Uncle, and The Towering Inferno and played Padowski on Hank) plays wrestler Georgie. Harriet E. MacGibbon (see the biography section for the 1962 post on The Beverly Hillbillies) plays a hospital nurse. Jesslyn Fax (appeared in Rear Window, The Music Man, The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, and The Love God? and played Angela Devon on Our Miss Brooks, Emma the fan club VP on The Jack Benny Program, and Wilma Fritter on Many Happy Returns) plays wrestling fan Birdie.

Season 2, Episode 31, "Hell Is Empty, All the Devils Are Here": Peter Graves (see "You Never Had It So Good" above) plays zoo owner Peter Hale. Michael Pate (shown on the right, starred in Face to Face, Julius Caesar, Hondo, and Tower of London and played Chief Vittoro on Hondo and Det. Sgt. Vic Maddern on Matlock) plays agent Philip Tager. Henry Beckman (see "City of Wheels" above) plays contractor Wasson.

Season 2, Episode 32, "From an Enchantress Fleeing": June Vincent (starred in Honeymoon Lodge, Black Angel, Shed No Tears, and The Creeper and played Dr. Amanda Winninger on Bright Promise) plays prominent dentist Dr. Anna Martin. Arthur O'Connell (shown on the left, appeared in Picnic, Bus Stop, Gidget, Anatomy of a Murder, The Reluctant Astronaut, and The Poseidon Adventure and played Edwin Carpenter on The Second Hundred Years) plays her husband, inventor Dr. Lawrence Martin. Anne Helm (starred in Follow That Dream, The Interns, and Honeymoon Hotel and played Molly Pierce on Run for Your Life and Mary Briggs on General Hospital) plays their daughter Lorre. Bobby Horan (Paul Garret on The Hero) plays dental patient Mark Bradley. Biff Elliot (starred in I, the Jury, House of Bamboo, and Pork Chop Hill) plays former boxer Ames. Milton Selzer (Parker on Get Smart, Jake Winkelman on The Harvey Korman Show, Abe Werkfinder on The Famous Teddy Z, and Manny Henry on Valley of the Dolls) plays movie producer Gunther. Thayer Roberts (Thomas on The Living Bible) plays business executive Mr. Anderson. Josie Lloyd (Nurse Roth on Dr. Kildare) plays test subject Janie Sanders. Robert Biheller (Corky on Here Come the Brides) plays her boyfriend.

Season 3, Episode 1, "One Tiger to a Hill": David Janssen (shown on the right, starred in To Hell and Back, Hell to Eternity, King of the Roaring '20's, The Green Berets, and The Shoes of the Fisherman and played Richard Diamond on Richard Diamond, Private Detective, Dr. Richard Kimble on The Fugitive, Jim O'Hara on O'Hara, U.S. Treasury, and Harry Orwell on Harry O) plays World War II veteran Karno Starling. Signe Hasso (see "A Feat of Strength" above) plays seafood company owner Anna Gustafson. Laura Devon (wife of film composer Maurice Jarre, appeared in Goodbye Charlie, Chamber of Horrors, and Gunn, played Sister Benjamin on Dr. Kildare, and made 25 appearances on The Richard Boone Show) plays her daughter Toika.

Season 3, Episode 2, "Journey to Ninevah": Buster Keaton (shown on the left, iconic silent-film comedian, starred in Sherlock Jr., Go West, The General, Steamboat Bill, Jr., Sunset Boulevard, and Beach Blanket Bingo and hosted The Buster Keaton Show) plays alleged jinx Jonah Butler. Joe E. Brown (starred in Elmer, the Great, Alibi Ike, Show Boat, and Some Like It Hot) plays his brother Sam. Edgar Buchanan (Uncle Joe Carson on The Beverly Hillbillies, Green Acres, and Petticoat Junction, Red Connors on Hopalong Cassidy, Judge Roy Bean on Judge Roy Bean, Doc Burrage on The Rifleman, and J.J. Jackson on Cade's County) plays Gladstone, MO magistrate Abe Chumley. Guy Raymond (Martin Perkins on Ichabod and Me, Cliff Murdock on Harris Against the World and Karen, and Mr. Peevey on The Ghost and Mrs. Muir) plays Gladstone constable Lauderbeck. John Davis Chandler (appeared in Mad Dog Coll, The Young Savages, Ride the High Country, and The Good Guys and the Bad Guys) plays his son Frank. Russell Horton (Junior Hocker on Petticoat Junction and voiced Kat's Father on Kenny the Shark and the Trix rabbit in Trix cereal commercials) plays Frank's friend Jake. John Astin (see "Go Read the River" above) plays a gas station attendant.

Season 3, Episode 3, "Man Out of Time": Luther Adler (shown on the right, appeared in House of Strangers, M (1951), D.O.A., and Absence of Malice) plays Prohibition-era beer distributor Harry Wender. Glenda Farrell (starred in Little Caesar, I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang, Johnny Eager, The Talk of the Town, and Kissin' Cousins and played Torchy Blane in 7 feature films) plays his ex-wife Laverne. Bruce Gordon (see the biography section for the 1961 post on The Untouchables) plays former associate Jake the Hook. Frank McHugh (see "How Much a Pound Is Albatross?" above) plays former newspaper columnist Sandy Leeds. Jack Hollander (Snell on The Edge of Night) plays a train station baggage handler.

Season 3, Episode 4, "Ever Ride the Waves in Oklahoma?": Jeremy Slate (shown on the left, starred in The Sons of Katie Elder, The Devil's Brigade, and True Grit and played Larry Lahr on The Aquanauts and Chuck Wilson on One Life to Live) plays surf champion Hob Harrell. Bruce Watson (voiced Phineas Fogg, Jr. on Cattanooga Cats and played D'Artagnan on The Banana Splits Adventure Hour) plays hitchhiker Jimmy Mills. Dolores Michaels (appeared in The Wayward Bus, April Love, and Warlock) plays surfer nightspot owner Medrith. James Westmoreland (Ruel Jaxon on The Monroes and Teddy Holmes on General Hospital) plays a surfer.

Season 3, Episode 5, "Voice at the End of the Line": Sorrell Booke (shown on the right, played D.A. Ira Newton on The Guiding Light and Boss Hogg on The Dukes of Hazzard) plays timid warehouse clerk Sam Frazier. Frank Campanella (appeared in The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight, Heaven Can Wait (1978), The Flamingo Kid, and Dick Tracy and played Mook the Moon Man on Captain Video and His Video Rangers and Paczka on Skag) plays his workplace antagonist Jack. Martha Greenhouse (Rose Henderson on Car 54, Where Are You?) plays answering service worker Ruthie.

Season 3, Episode 6, "Lizard's Leg and Owlet's Wing": Boris Karloff (shown on the near left, see the biography section for the 1960 post on Thriller) plays himself. Lon Chaney, Jr. (shown on the middle left, starred in The Wolfman, Of Mice and Men, High Noon, The Ghost of Frankenstein, The Curse of Dracula, Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman, and many others, and played Chief Eagle Shadow on Pistols 'n' Petticoats and Chingachgook on Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans) plays himself. Peter Lorre (shown on the far left, starred in M, Crime and Punishment, eight Mr. Moto movies, The Maltese Falcon, Casablanca, Arsenic and Old Lace, and The Beast With Five Fingers) plays himself. Martita Hunt (appeared in The Mill on the Floss, Great Expectations, Anastasia, The Brides of Dracula, Becket, The Unsinkable Molly Brown, and Bunny Lake Is Missing) plays their business advisor Mrs. Baxter. Conrad Nagel (starred in Little Women (1918), What Every Woman Knows, Lawful Larceny, and Tess of the D'urbervilles) plays motel manager Mr. Pavis. Jeannine Riley (appeared in Strike Me Deadly, The Big Mouth, and Electra Glide in Blue and played Billie Jo Bradley on Petticoat Junction, Lulu McQueen on Dusty's Trail, and was a regular on Hee Haw) plays former executive secretary Molly Cross. Betsy Jones-Moreland (Judge Elinor Harrelson in 7 Perry Mason TV movies) plays secretaries group president Lila Bain. Sally Gracie (Pat Steel on The Nurses, Martha Allen on The Doctors, and Ina Hopkins on One Life to Live) plays her colleague Beth Traymore. William Berger (starred in Ringo's Big Night, Cisco, The Sinister Eyes of Dr. Orloff, and Tough Guys and played Capt. Farrell on The Clear Horizon) plays Molly's former boss Charles Stevenson.

Season 3, Episode 7, "Across Walnuts and Wine": Nina Foch (shown on the near right, starred in The Return of the Vampire, The Cry of the Werewolf, An American in Paris, The Ten Commandments, and Spartacus and played Madeline on Bull) plays former Milwaukee school teacher Autumn Ely. Betty Field (shown on the far right, starred in Kings Row, Of Mice and Men, Victory, The Great Gatsby (1949), Picnic, Bus Stop, Birdman of Alcatraz, and Coogan's Bluff) plays her sister Maggie Carter. James Dunn (Earl Morgan on It's a Great Life) plays Maggie's husband Van. Sindee Ann Richards (Jennie on The Doctors) plays their daughter Corinne. Robert Walker, Jr. (starred in The Ceremony, Ensign Pulver, Easy Rider, and Young Billy Young) plays their nephew Michael Ely.

Season 3, Episode 8, "Welcome to the Wedding": Rod Steiger (shown on the left, Oscar winner, starred in On the Waterfront, Oklahoma!, The Pawnbroker, The Brothers Karamazov, Doctor Zhivago, and In the Heat of the Night) plays convicted murderer Justin Lezama. Ed Asner (see "Shoulder the Sky, My Son" above) plays his custody officer Lincoln Peers. David Clarke (Abel Bingley on The Waltons and Tiso Novotny on Ryan's Hope) plays Lezama's supposed brother Stanley. Penny Fuller (Fran Delaney on The Doctors, Gerry McGrath Pollock on The Edge of Night, Marilyn Carter on Melrose Place, and Theresa Stemple on Mad About You) plays a bride about to be married. Brandon Maggart (Buddy on Sesame Street, George Elliot on Jennifer Slept Here, Lou Waters on Brothers, and Mike Donovan on Chicken Soup) plays her groom.

Season 3, Episode 9, "Every Father's Daughter": Jack Kruschen (appeared in The War of the Worlds, The Apartment, Lover Come Back, and Freebie and the Bean and played Tully on Hong Kong, Sam Markowitz on Busting Loose, Papa Papadapolis on Webster, and Fred Avery on Material World) plays construction tycoon John Rados. Madlyn Rhue (shown on the right, played Marjorie Grant on Bracken's World, Angela Schwartz on Fame, Daphne DiMera on Days of Our Lives, Hilary Mason/Madison on Executive Suite, and Annie Hartung on Houston Knights) plays his daughter Ara. Robert Drivas (Brad Robinson on Our Private World) plays her brother Nick.

Season 3, Episode 10, "Poor Little Kangaroo Rat": Leslie Nielsen (shown on the left, starred in Forbidden Planet, The Opposite Sex, The Poseidon Adventure, Airplane!, and the Naked Gun trilogy and played Lt. Price Adams on The New Breed, Victor & Kenneth Markham on Peyton Place, Harry Kleber on Dr. Kildare, Sam Danforth on The Bold Ones: The Protectors, John Bracken on Bracken's World, and Det. Frank Drebin on Police Squad!) plays research scientist Walter "Doc" Duncan. Joanne Linville (Amy Sinclair on The Guiding Light) plays his wife Helen. Ron Howard (see the biography section for the 1961 post on The Andy Griffith Show) plays his son Chet. Maggie Pierce (Barbara Crabtree on My Mother the Car) plays his research assistant Liz Penfold.

Season 3, Episode 11, "Hey, Moth, Come Eat the Flame": Harry Guardino (shown on the right, starred in Houseboat, Pork Chop Hill, The Five Pennies, Hell Is for Heroes, Madigan, Dirty Harry, and The Enforcer and played Danny Taylor on The Reporter, Monty Nash on Monty Nash, and Hamilton Burger on The New Perry Mason plays alcoholic pianist Muddy Mullins. Mickey Sholdar (Steve Morley on The Farmer's Daughter) plays his 13-year-old son Arnie. Mike Kellin (appeared in At War With the Army, The Wackiest Ship in the Army, The Boston Strangler, and Midnight Express and played C.P.O. Willie Miller on The Wackiest Ship in the Army) plays heist leader Art Hannibal. Percy James (percussionist with Quartette Trés Bien) plays himself. Marilyn Rogers (cast member of the original Broadway productions of The Sound of Music and Fiddler on the Roof) plays a girl at a children of alcoholics support group. Jennifer Billingsley (starred in Lady in a Cage, C.C. and Company, and White Lightning and played Polly Prentiss on General Hospital) plays Tod's date Janie.

Season 3, Episode 12, "Only by Cunning Glimpses": Lois Smith (see "Go Read the River" above) plays mentalist Brycie Koseloff. Theodore Bikel (shown on the left, starred in Moulin Rouge, The Defiant Ones, A Dog of Flanders, My Fair Lady, and The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! and played Marin Dimitrov on Falcon Crest) plays her father Dr. Anton Koseloff. Dan Frazer (Capt. Frank McNeil on Kojak and Lt. McCloskey on As the World Turns) plays a drunk audience member. George L. Smith (Det. Ernie Cadman on The Doctors) plays fraud investigator Lt. Cory. Lu Leonard (Gertrude Reilly on Jake and the Fatman) plays phony medium Madame Thornton. Lee Aaker (appeared in The Atomic City, Hondo, and Destry and played Cpl. Rusty on The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin) plays her son Tony. Del Thorne (nightclub singer and organist who recorded one single for Excello Records in 1953) appears as herself.

Season 3, Episode 13, "Where Is Chick Lorimer, Where Has She Gone?": Vera Miles (shown on the right, starred in Wichita, The Searchers, The Wrong Man, The FBI Story, and Psycho) plays former singer Ellen Barnes. Martha Scott (starred in Our Town, Stage Door Canteen, The Ten Commandments, Sayonara, Ben-Hur, and The Turning Point and played Jennifer Talbot on General Hospital, Helen Elgin on The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman, Mrs. Martha Hartley on The Bob Newhart Show, Margaret Millington on Secrets of Midland Heights, and Patricia Shepard on Dallas) plays her sister Ruth O'Brien. Brenda Scott (married and divorced actor Andrew Prine three times, now married to producer Dean Hargrove, played Midge Pride on The Road West and Dr. Gina Dante Lansing on General Hospital) plays Ruth's daughter Jeannie. Stephen Brooks (Special Agent Jim Rhodes on The F.B.I., Dr. Greg Pettit on The Interns, and Joshua Fallon on Days of Our Lives) plays Jeannie's new husband Ralph. Frank Overton (starred in Desire Under the Elms, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Fail-Safe and played Major Harvey Stovall on 12 O'Clock High) plays Ellen's former boyfriend Peter Graham. Robert Emhardt (Sgt. Vinton on The Kids From C.A.P.E.R. and Willard Masefield on The Edge of Night) plays bail bondsman Jackson Harris. John Marriott (appeared in The Little Foxes, The Joe Louis Story, Black Like Me, and Dog Day Afternoon) plays a fisherman. Fred Stromsoe (see "Two on the House" above) plays a garage mechanic.

Season 3, Episode 14, "Give the Old Cat a Tender Mouse": Julie Newmar (see "How Much a Pound Is Albatross?" above) returns as free-spirited millionaire heiress Vicki Russell. Lou Criscuolo (Danny Micelli on The Edge of Night, Maggio on Popi, and Milt D'Angelo on Stockard Channing and Friends) plays private investigator Pogo Popkin. Robert Webber (shown on the left, appeared in The Sandpiper, The Silencers, The Dirty Dozen, 10, Private Benjamin, and S.O.B. and played Alexander Hayes on Moonlighting) plays millionaire cotton trader Franck Bridenbaugh. Murray Matheson (Felix Mulholland on Banacek) plays his father John. Natalie Schafer (appeared in The Snake Pit, Callaway Went Thataway, and Anastasia and played Lovey Howell on Gilligan's Island) plays his mother Emily.